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Comment trouver un bon nom de marque, de produit ou d'entreprise? Clothing Brand Name Ideas: The Infographic. The task of finding a name for your personalised clothing brand may seem like something you could leave as an afterthought, after all, you have your product, you know your market and everything is set to go.

Clothing Brand Name Ideas: The Infographic

Think of choosing your clothing company name as important as naming your child – it’s going to be with you forever and will certainly impact on the way that people respond and interact with them. Unfortunately, there is no simple baby name book to the rescue in the case of your brand and believe us, it’s a jungle out there. That’s why we’ve put together a guide, to help you navigate your way through and recognise the potential pitfalls.

How to Pick the Perfect Brand Name. Even more than the crazy wigs and high-protein clothing, it’s the name that makes Lady Gaga.

How to Pick the Perfect Brand Name

If her name were Bethany Cranston (or, say, Stefani Germanotta), forget about it. Everybody wants a Gaga name for their new product/website/startup. But if you’ve ever brainstormed about names, you know how deflating the process can be. The URLs for every four-letter word in the English language have long since been snatched up. Yet you crave something unique, something legally protectable.