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Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project. The Archivist By Mix Online. Virtual Training Suite. UK’s open access full-text search engine to aid research. Open access research is now more accessible as Jisc has developed a new search engine to help academics, students and the general public navigate papers held in the UK’s open access repositories.

UK’s open access full-text search engine to aid research

Jisc has funded the Open University’s Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) to create an innovative new search facility which searches not just the abstract but the full text of the article. When researchers use current systems like Google Scholar to search academic papers they can find themselves denied access to the full article, particularly when subscription fees are required. They also typically have to search across a number of open access repositories or use searches that harvest data from different sources. But now, using the COnnecting REpositories tool or CORE, people can search the full text of items held in 142 approved Open Access repositories. “UK repositories contain a wealth of high quality research papers. Search CORE with your research question. Turnitin. Technologies. State Of The Internet Now. Search-cube. Search Results by reading age.

Seamlessly Move Your Browser Tabs Between Computers Using The Surfon Plugin. Save your tabs in one browser; open them in another.

Seamlessly Move Your Browser Tabs Between Computers Using The Surfon Plugin

Surfon aims to make jumping between different browsers and devices easier, and it works. Siteopsys: SEO Tools. Smarter online research. Sciweavers - Explore State-of-the-art in your Research Field. Bilingual Search Engine. Search EBooks - An eBook Search Engine. Free Reference Manager - Academic Software For Research. Qwiki. Paper vs digital: Why you can’t flog a dead encyclopaedia. visual search engine. visual search engine. Open your eyes to the web. New Video: Plagiarism Explained by Common Craft. M-library support project - information gathering Survey. LSIS inherits the NLN materials. Published: 22 July 2011 We are pleased to announce that the NLN materials, a huge range of well-respected online teaching and learning resources, have been transferred to LSIS this week.

LSIS inherits the NLN materials

Originally funded by the Skills Funding Agency, the materials represent one of the most substantial and wide-ranging collections of e-learning materials in the UK. Some of the key features that make the resources so popular are: Supporting the m-library community. ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online! Technologies. Libraries lead the way providing tools for visually impaired students. EIFL-sponsored project nominated for prestigious UN award According to the World Health Organization, across the world, there are 285 million visually impaired persons (VIP); 90% of them are living in developing countries.

Libraries lead the way providing tools for visually impaired students

The librarians at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) wanted to better serve the students with visual impairments at their university. In collaboration with the EIFL-FOSS programme, they formed a partnership with UZ’s Disability Resource Centre (DRC) to implement real solutions resulting in increased access to online resources for the UZ’s students with disabilities. Their success was recognized by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Public Affairs, and the project has been nominated for a UN award. Students learn about access tools during new student orientation week (30 August 2011) The University of Zimbabwe, located in the country’s capital city of Harare, is the oldest and largest university in Zimbabwe, with ten faculties offering a wide range of degrees.

Kindle Cloud Reader. JISC Content. JISC Collections - The trusted experts in negotiating, procuring, and licensing digital content for libraries. Library 2.0. Poll Results: What Technologies will impact libraries in 2-5 years? There were an amazing 395 responses to last week’s poll question: Which new technology(ies) do you think will have the most impact on libraries over the next 2-5 years?

Poll Results: What Technologies will impact libraries in 2-5 years?

E-Books, mobile, and cloud computing technologies dominated the responses. Here are the results: e-Books: 79 votes, 20%Mobile Apps: 68 votes, 17.22%Cloud Computing: 60 votes, 15.19%Semantic Web: 31 votes, 7.85%Social Publishing Applications (blogs, wikis, Twitter, YouTube): 30 votes, 7.59%RFID: 25 votes, 6.33%Social Networking Applications (Facebook): 23 votes, 5.82%Augmented Reality Apps: 19 votes, 4.81%QR Codes: 18 votes, 4.56%Social Bookmarking (Pinterest): 18 votes, 4.56%Location-Aware Technology (Foursquare): 12 votes, 3.04%Other: 12 votes, 3.04% Introducing the Knowledge Graph. Humanities Resource List. Hubii. Publishers If you are a publisher we are interested in talking to you to describe our revenue model.


This matters to you as we want to create an environment to provide a sustainable revenue model for all parts involved, therefore please send us an email to If you would like to add Publications to Hubii you can do that on this form. How to do research - The KYVL Research Portal. How can we legally lend digital content to our students via a Kindle? > JISC Legal > ManageContent. Amazon encourages multiple purchase of their Kindles for use in education, however at present this does not extend to multiple use of digital content bought from the Kindle store.

How can we legally lend digital content to our students via a Kindle? > JISC Legal > ManageContent

The digital content may be downloaded for personal use only which would not include the loan of individual items to multiple users. Our FAQ on Copyright issues in lending Kindles for more detail on this. There is material which it may be possible to use and lend freely such as: · Out of copyright material. However the current Kindle terms and conditions of use apply to all material acquired via the Kindle store whether out of copyright or not but it might be worth seeking consent, as often the out of copyright material is provided at no cost.

The British Newspaper Archive. British Library's early newspaper archive goes online. The British Library's newspaper archive, previously kept in decent obscurity in north London, is now available to browse online.

British Library's early newspaper archive goes online

Photograph: Jack Sullivan/Alamy As the Leveson inquiry reveals fresh horrors about press behaviour every day, the British Library's archive of early newspapers, which has gone online, shows there is nothing new under the Sun – or, perhaps, in it. How To Cite A Tweet In Academic Papers. Twitter is a big part of education and technology.

How To Cite A Tweet In Academic Papers

Google The Right Way [Infographic] Google Inside Search · Playground. Glean Comparison Search: An Educational Research and Search Tool. Digital experience and social curation window. Einstein Archives. Famous Scientists: Get Information On Famous Scientists, Mathematicians & Inventors. Without the scientists, mathematicians, and inventors of the past, we would today be without the technology that we see surrounding us. If you are interested in learning more about the people who greatly contributed to scientific advances in our technology, then check out a site called Famous Scientists. Famous Scientists is a free to use website that provides informative details about notable scientists, mathematicians, and inventors of the past and present. On the site’s homepage you will find the list of people sorted alphabetically. Simply click on a person to view their details that includes their bio and contributions. The site also features a blog that provides you with science news and articles.

Five Handy Things You Can Do with Google's New Knowledge Graph Search. - Watch free documentaries online. Digital Literacy - Education. Digital literacy. Capturing the Impact of Libraries. Chrome Browser on a USB Flash Drive – With Accessibility. Earlier this year, I wrote about several add-ins for Google’s Chrome Browser that enhance its accessibility as a web browser.

Chrome Browser on a USB Flash Drive – With Accessibility

Today, I’m writing about how to use Chrome, with these add-ins, on PC’s where Chrome has not been installed. The Google Chrome Browser is one of a large number of programs available in a “portable” version that can be downloaded, loaded on a USB flash drive and then run directly from the flash drive. This means that Chrome can be run on computers in libraries and schools, or on computers at work sites, where Google’s browser would not otherwise be available. Running Chrome from a USB flash drive also means that the person who needs text-to-speech, voice recognition, support for low vision, or any one of the other many tools available for Chrome, can use these tools wherever he or she needs to go online.

Digital literacy projects « Web n' Circle. November 30, 2011 Jin Higher Education, Teaching&Learning Resources e-learning CASCADE is designed to focus on the digital literacy of researchers – building on the University’s strengths in research-led teaching. Cambridge Digital Library - University of Cambridge. Bloomin' Android by Kathy Schrock. Search High Quality Flickr Images. Apture. Cheater_full. Bible reference shortener and site linker. Are you an Accidental Outlaw? Take the test .... > JISC Legal > ManageContent. Adult and Community Learning News. 18 Usability Resources for Librarians. 21 Useful Cloud Computing Resources for Librarians. 10 Trends on Information Literacy and LILAC 2011. WhoIs Project: A Tool to Investigate Information Authority, Authenticity, Ownership and Perspective. Technologies.

Best Websites in One Start Page. 200,000 Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Go Online. What better way to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.? World Digital Library Home. World Development Indicators - Definitions and Visualizations. What are the copyright issues in lending Kindles and ebooks to our students? > JISC Legal > ManageContent. Wiki Summarizer. What is a browser?