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Solar Kids Course. SchoolExpress. Room 108. Worksheet Library. Resources for Beginning Readers. Technology Links. Shape, Position and Movement, Maths, Key Stage 1 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources. Symmetry MatchingTablet friendly Symmetry matching game involving mirroring pictures, shapes and patterns along lines of symmetry.

Shape, Position and Movement, Maths, Key Stage 1 - Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Symmetry SortingTablet friendly Sort the pictures, shapes and letters into symmetrical and not symmetrical sets. Sort the ShapesFlash Sort the shapes on a Carroll diagram. Sort 2D ShapesFlash Sort the shapes depending on whether they have no right angles, some right angles or all right angles. Polygon PlaygroundFlash A drag and drop activity where you can experiment with symmetry, tessellations or just design crazy patterns or pictures using shapes.

Calamity's QuestFlash Children need to solve the mathematical problems on shapes, symmetry and position to help Captain Calamity rescue Princess Amber. Triangle SortFlash Children can learn about how Venn diagrams work here as well as sorting shapes into two groups: triangles and other shapes. TessellationsFlash A teacher demonstration tool to show how shapes or combinations of shapes tesselate. Shape LabFlash Billy BugFlash. YouTube Kids Provides Kid-Friendly Content and Easy Parental Controls. The BIGGEST List of FREE HOMESCHOOL LAPBOOKS - Ever! Homeschool Lapbooks Lapbooking in our homeschool is a creative way to flesh out homeschool studies.


Most importantly making lapbooks in our homeschool is just plain fun! I know that moms who are new to homeschooling with lapbooks have questions about how to get started with lapbooks. I’m always interested in where to find free homeschool lapbooks. Plus lots of homeschool moms want to know how this whole lapbooking this is supposed to work. How To Lapbook Lapbooking is super easy, usually messy, and a whole lot of fun! The web resource by teachers, for teachers. Scratch. SIXTY SEVEN Minecraft activities for learning, all FREE! Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools. Shirleys Preschool Home Page. Six Top Sources for Free Images, Video, and Audio. I’ve written about a number of video, audio, and collage creation tools, with WeVideo, Audacity, and PicMonkey topping some of my lists.

Six Top Sources for Free Images, Video, and Audio

However, it can be a challenge for students to locate copyright-friendly media when using these tools for presentations or idea sharing. It’s always best for students to create materials or use ones that are in the public domain. Here are some of the best resources I’ve found for the latter. Copyright-cleared video is challenging to track it down. Fortunately, there are some great places to locate it. The Public Domain Review website features collections of images, books, essays, audio recordings, and films that are in the public domain. Students creating podcasts often need a little bit of bumper music for the intro or wrap up of their recordings. Should your students be seeking common sounds like doorbells ringing, dogs barking, or car horns honking, they could try to record them live—or turn to SoundGator for free, downloadable recordings.

Student Materials: Picture Match. Study Skills - Life Skills Resources. Lesson: Study Skills In this lesson written by Rob Nicholas, students discuss tips to help them study effectively and consider how they can improve their study and approach to research through using reliable information.

Study Skills - Life Skills Resources

Download the lesson For Fun: Learning Styles Quiz What learning style are you? Find out by taking our quick quiz and see what revision techniques suit your style of learning best. Download the quiz Get your students thinking about how they approach their studies. Download the lesson Lesson: Changing Your Mindset Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?

Useful links. Ultimate List for Homeschool Rabbit Trails {Completely Free Reso. Teaching Resources. Resources for teachers. Teacher Resources. Teacher's Resources. Technology resources. Useful SITES. Teach Kids Programming with These 7 iOS Apps. Learning how to code is now more important than ever before.

Teach Kids Programming with These 7 iOS Apps

Technology is going to play a big role in our lives in upcoming decades. It is a very good idea to teach young kids foundations of good coding for the future. These 7 iPhone and iPad apps make it easier to teach young children some coding without boring them: Hopscotch: teaches kids to code with simple building blocks. Kids can create games, animations, and programs with this interactive app. Cato’s Hike: a fun game that teaches your child the basics of programming (e.g. loops, branches, go to, …).

Light-bot Hour of Code: a universal application that introduces kids to programing. Move The Turtle: a universal game that teaches your kids how to create programs with intuitive commands. Kodable: a free application that teaches your child how to solve problems in sequential steps. iLogo: a cool application for teaching programming. Daisy the Dinosaur: teaches your child the basics of programming in a fun fashion. Teachable: Top Quality Teaching Resources. Teacher Resources.