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The raw cashew cheesecake experiment. As the saying goes, three times a charm.

The raw cashew cheesecake experiment

No kidding! After having only minor success creating a raw blueberry pie and a strawberry cheesecake, I decided it was time to find a recipe that has already generated a lot of positive feedback. I found one on the Raw Food Talk forum, but I ended up modifying it slightly. Raw Strawberry Cheesecake – I Am A Pink Lady. Directions In order to make the crust you should take the ingredients from the crust (1c of almonds, 2c walnuts, 1c dates) and soak them for at least 1 hour.

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake – I Am A Pink Lady

Then drain and put in the food processor, add 1 pinch of Himalayan salt and some cinammon to taste. Process until you get a sticky paste. Free Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes - Raw Food Recipes. The Raw Food World. Raw Food Diet. Yummy Avocados. Living and Raw Foods: The largest community on the internet for living and raw food information. Food Cravings? Here Is What Your Body Really Wants~

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