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RapidWeaver Themes. Free Stock Textures - High Resolution Free Photos. Kuler Solutions - Email Newsletter. Wazala + RapidWeaver: The Dream-Team. DropCMS. Setup The first stage of using DropCMS is to create your content and store it in a public-accessible folder using one of the following services.


If you will be the only content author, DropBox is probably best to use. If a small team of authors intend to collaborate and collectively edit content, InSync or your own web server could probably be the best options to store content.DropBoxIn Finder, open your DropBox folder and navigate into the 'Public' folder. Create a new folder in here (call it something like 'web-content'). From this point onwards, any plain text, HTML or Markdown files for inclusion into the DropCMS stack should be stored here. Pages of Interest. About Me Hi!

Pages of Interest

My name is Michael Robinson, and I'm a programmer. I currently work at PANmedia, and run Code of Interest. I'm passionate about programming and particularly enjoy challenging myself to constantly find ways to improve. Introducing The Blueball FontStylr User's Choice Stacks! Setting up your FontStylr User's Choice stack's custom styling using the built-in HUD interface features.

Introducing The Blueball FontStylr User's Choice Stacks!

Each of the 3 FontStylr User's Choice stacks hud controls are identical to the one shown to the right except for the stack name and the "Font Style Name" menu options which are different on each of the 3 FontStylr User's Choice stacks. 1 - Include jQuery Javascript: This box is unchecked to not call jQuery by default. If your theme is already using jQuery then you will not need to check this box. If you are not sure if the theme is using jQuery, preview your page in Rapidweaver, and if your FontStylr User's Choice stacks display the font style you have selected correctly in the Preview window, then your theme is using jQuery. Stacks4Stacks - Quality RapidWeaver stacks to empower your creativity. Kuler Solutions. Rapidweaver Stacks by Doobox. NCD Themes: V ienna. Features. Stack Bundles by Maik Barz. 1LD Premium Rapidweaver Themes & Stacks. RapidWeaver Themes To Make Your Creativity Flow.

ListMate Stack for RapidWeaver. Henk Vrieselaar provides themes, styles and snippets for the RapidWeaver platform. CRE4MY Ultimate by seyDoggy. Web hosting provider - The Rapidweaver Book - Coming Summer 2012. Rapidweaver Stacks. Introduction. Professional RapidWeaver Themes and Stacks. Rapidweaver download, free Rapidweaver on software download - Flood RapidWeaver Theme.

Introduction At first glance, you would probably question why you need a theme like Flood in your collection.

Flood RapidWeaver Theme

After all, it looks rather bland and boring on the surface; not exactly a design that shouts at you. One word - minimalist. This is a design concept web designers all over the world are engaging with right now. Minimalist design is all about doing-away with unnecessary clutter. Less is more. El Dorado. This is the lightbox stack that kicks other lightbox stacks right in their burro!

This section allows you to customize the lightbox background.

This is the lightbox stack that kicks other lightbox stacks right in their burro!

You select the color you want to use for the background overlay. Then you select the opacity of that overlay (less opacity means more "see-through")Finally, you decide if you want a background image displayed in the overlay. If you check the box for the Custom background image, you will be provided more options: Once this option is selected, you can either drag an image into the image well provided or click the "browse" button and navigate to the image. By default, the selected background image will repeat in both the x and y directions. You can select from the dropdown menu for either:Repeat X orRepeat Y.

Products - SymfoniP. Kuler Solutions. SupportCasts - Screencasts and video tutorials on Mac Stuff, RapidWeaver, web design. NIMBLEHOST. PlusKit Mash up your site with PlusKit PlusKit is a new type of RapidWeaver® plugin.


Traditionally plugins have added new pages styles (such as Sitemap or Blocks), PlusKit is a different It can automatically convert your photos to 'lighbox' or 'FancyZoom' format (this is super-slick)It provides a powerful importing function (@import(())), from any Styled Text you can import another RW page A great use for this is if you want your Rapidflickr photos inside a sidebar, or perhaps you want an Accordian in a sidebarIt provides a useful global find feature. Good for tracking down where things wentSeamlessly integrate Google Docs & SpreadsheetsIt makes your Style better with powerful new tags (<bash>, and <markdown>)Plus much more -- You might want to watch the screencast here to get a better sense.

Always up so you don't have to be. Gravity RapidWeaver Theme by NimbleHost. RapidWeaver Themes, Plugins, & Stacks. 10 Useful Mac Apps For Web Designer & Developer. As a web designer & developer, we just love it when people put together good apps that make our life easier.

10 Useful Mac Apps For Web Designer & Developer

Since I know there are more web designers & developers out there who just can’t live without their Mac, so here are 10 Useful Mac Apps For Web Designer & Developer, enjoy. Radi is a Mac app that can produce pretty much any kind of visual content for the web. Images, animations, vector graphics, video clips, realtime visual effects, JavaScript programming… Either you’re a web developer, blogger or anyone with a website, you probably use Google Analytics to collect and process crucial data about your site’s visitors.

Preview mobile websites, design mockups, and local HTML on Mac or PC. A simple and useful app for Mac OS X to help web designers speed up the creation of CSS gradients. PSDBreaker: PSD to HTML, CSS & XHTML conversion tool. Photoshop to HTML. RapidWeaver Design Kwix Add-ons. RapidWeaver Design Kwix Add-ons Site last published: 03/23/10 All Kwix Add-ons are for the RapidWeaver plugin made by YourHead. Each unique style adds a special touch to your website and makes your website look even more "profesh" than it already does. You receive the beautiful .kwix style files that you can easily drag and drop into your Kwix window as well as screenshots for your reference. Welcome to the RW Vault Theme Gallery. WeaverDetect for RapidWeaver. ToThePoint Software - Affordable Macintosh Software.

Home SymfoniP - Plugins and Stacks for RapidWeaver, custom development services for Mac & Web. FlowPlayer Plugin for RapidWeaver (Video / Audio) Home 3rd Party. Realmac Addons - RapidWeaver Plug-in - PlusKit by Loghound Software. Realmac Addons - RapidWeaver Stack - Markdown by joeworkman. Codafy RapidWeaver Plugin by NimbleHost. There comes a time when RapidWeaver users want to do more with the themes they have, tweaking them for certain projects and customizing the finer details to give a unique feel to their websites.

Codafy RapidWeaver Plugin by NimbleHost

To date, one of the most popular tools to help users do this was the free Firebug plugin for Firefox, which made it tremendously easy to understand the underlying code so that css customizations were easier to figure out. But that involves previewing your site in Firefox, and then constantly switching between Firefox and RapidWeaver. What. A. Hassle. Brandon Lee Theme Design ★ Attraction Leveraged. Welcome to - my online store for RapidWeaver users - A site name you'll remember! Dyno Text Stack. Welcome to Stack-Its RapidWeaver Stack Development. RapidWeaver Stack Add-on. Rows Stack for Rapidweaver. Bigfoot ★ Big Footers For RapidWeaver Projects, brought to you by RapidWeaver Central. Bigfoot Legend is more than just the sum of its parts — it's a concept, a different way of seeing and utilising footers in RapidWeaver projects.

Bigfoot ★ Big Footers For RapidWeaver Projects, brought to you by RapidWeaver Central

While many websites ignore their footers' potential or treat them like something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of their shoes, we at RapidWeaver Central see them as vital elements of a website's structure and design, with a powerful role to play, not least in SEO internal linking terms. Footers are present on every page, which means they are the ideal place for sign-up forms, business and contact info, social network icons, sitemap navigation links and links to valuable resources, legal and privacy pages.

Combined with a good content strategy big footers have the capability to become a nexus for directing and redirecting the flow of visitors through your site, reinforcing a company's image while increasing visitors' stay and activity on your site. In purely SEO terms the question is, can you afford not to have a big footer? Komodo Edit is a Free Open Source Editor for Perl, Python, Tcl, PHP, Ruby & Javascript. Espresso - The Web Editor. 8 Free HTML And CSS Tools For Mac OS Users. Hey Readers, Win 25 Citrify Premium Licenses How to Participate and Win!!!

8 Free HTML And CSS Tools For Mac OS Users

:-D . Stay tuned for more premium giveaways coming next by subscribing toRSS feed or Subscribe to App Sheriff - Sworn To Serve by Email. Good Luck Guys! There are web developers is every platform; be it Linux, Windows or Macs and each have a strong following. Here we will take a look in to some of the 10 best tools that MAC has to offer. BBEdit is a leading HTML and text editor for Macintosh based systems. TextWrangler If you cannot afford BBEDIT 9, you may as well turn to TextWrangler from Bare Bones software.

PageLime Stacks for Rapidweaver. PlayMore → Pro → Themes → products. ExtraContent Tutorials. Home. Brandon Lee Theme Design ★ Attraction Leveraged. Rapidweaver Stacks by Doobox. Professional RapidWeaver Themes by seyDesign - home. BannerZest:RapidWeaver - Aquafadas Wiki. Rapidweaver Basics: Themes, Tutorials, Plugins, Hosting, Domains, Tools, & More #Rapidweaver. Stacks. RapidWeaver Design Free Stuff. I don't know if this should actually be classified as "free stuff" when the stuff on this page is mainly intended for those who want to spread the word about this site. Anyways, we decided we would put some little RapidWeaver Design banners on here and buttons... if you will.

Hopefully you will be gracious enough to put them on your site with a link straight back at us! :) If you ever have any requests for custom add-ons we would be more than happy to help you out. Actually, now that that I think about it, it might be fun to let you in on a little secret. Premium Graphic Design Resources. Premium Graphic Design Resources. Free iWeb Templates & iWeb Themes for Apple’s iWeb! Create Cross-Platform iPad/Android Apps. How can you create cross-platform business applications without coding that run natively on iOS and Android and work great offline? Forget Mobile Application Development The diversity of powerful mobile devices in the marketplace poses a significant challenge for businesses wanting to create custom mobile applications.

Each competing device type — iOS, Android, Windows Mobile — requires a different set of tools and programming skills. Each supported platform will multiply the cost and complexity of designing developing, debugging, testing and deploying custom mobile applications. When it comes time to update the mobile application, you can count on even modest design changes turning into significant development projects. Businesses looking for cross-platform mobile business solutions often turn first to browser-based apps, because a mobile browser represents the lowest common denominator among different mobile devices with different operating systems. Multithemes. RWmultitool. Introducing the Blueball FreeStack Theme & Stacks! Multithemes. RapidWeaver Web Hosting, RapidWeaver Hosting, RapidWeaver, Mac Hosting, Mac Web Hosting - Little Oak Hosting. Elixir Graphics. Rapidweaver Tutorials from Rapidweaver Basics: A Resource for Rapidweaver Themes, Rapidweaver Plugins, Rapidweaver Hosting, Rapidweaver Domains, Rapidweaver Tools, Rapidweaver Reviews.

Mac Tutorials : ScreenCastsOnline. RapidWeaver FAQ - Tutorials, Tips & Tricks. RapidWeaver FAQ - Tutorials, Tips & Tricks. RapidWeaver Pro — Become a master of RapidWeaver web design. Rapidweaver Tutorial - Rapidweaver installation, Rapidweaver configuration, Blog with RapidWeaver, Photo Album with RapidWeaver, Contact us page with RapidWeaver. RapidWeaver Central ★ RapidWeaver's Premier Resource Portal and Consultancy Service.