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Introducing The Blueball FontStylr User's Choice Stacks! Setting up your FontStylr User's Choice stack's custom styling using the built-in HUD interface features. Each of the 3 FontStylr User's Choice stacks hud controls are identical to the one shown to the right except for the stack name and the "Font Style Name" menu options which are different on each of the 3 FontStylr User's Choice stacks. 1 - Include jQuery Javascript: This box is unchecked to not call jQuery by default. The Future of Archives in a Digital Age Scholarship and teaching in the humanities are undergoing a seismic shift, from a culture once based almost entirely on in-person and printed exchange to one reliant on a combination of traditional communications and digital technologies. It is a time of excitement for many and of skepticism for others. What does it mean that for many the most used "libraries" have become "digital"?

Codafy RapidWeaver Plugin by NimbleHost There comes a time when RapidWeaver users want to do more with the themes they have, tweaking them for certain projects and customizing the finer details to give a unique feel to their websites. To date, one of the most popular tools to help users do this was the free Firebug plugin for Firefox, which made it tremendously easy to understand the underlying code so that css customizations were easier to figure out. But that involves previewing your site in Firefox, and then constantly switching between Firefox and RapidWeaver. What. A. Hassle.

Shipping & Returns Information Only from €7 for delivery of the order to any country in the World! Shipping prices are flexable and depend on the weight of all items in your order: Approximate weight of The Mountain T-shirt - 0.24kgApproximate weight of The Mountain Hoodie - 0,63kg Which means, if you order: DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Spring 2011 Articles Computational Stylistic Analysis of Popular Songs of Japanese Female Singer-songwritersTakafumi Suzuki, Toyo University; Mai Hosoya, Tokyo University This study analyzes popular songs composed by Japanese female singer-songwriters. Popular songs are a good representation of modern culture and society. Songs by female singer-songwriters account for a large portion of the current Japanese hit charts and particularly play an important role in understanding the Japanese language and communication style.

Bigfoot ★ Big Footers For RapidWeaver Projects, brought to you by RapidWeaver Central Bigfoot Legend is more than just the sum of its parts — it's a concept, a different way of seeing and utilising footers in RapidWeaver projects. While many websites ignore their footers' potential or treat them like something unpleasant stuck to the bottom of their shoes, we at RapidWeaver Central see them as vital elements of a website's structure and design, with a powerful role to play, not least in SEO internal linking terms. Footers are present on every page, which means they are the ideal place for sign-up forms, business and contact info, social network icons, sitemap navigation links and links to valuable resources, legal and privacy pages. Combined with a good content strategy big footers have the capability to become a nexus for directing and redirecting the flow of visitors through your site, reinforcing a company's image while increasing visitors' stay and activity on your site.

JAH - The Promise of Digital History This “Interchange” discussion took place online over the course of several months in the winter of 2008. We wanted the “Interchange” to be free flowing; therefore we encouraged participants not only to respond to questions posed by the JAH but also to communicate with each other directly. What follows is an edited version of the very lively online conversation that resulted. We hope JAH readers find it of interest. The JAH is indebted to all of the participants for their willingness to enter into an online conversation: Daniel J. 8 Free HTML And CSS Tools For Mac OS Users Hey Readers, Win 25 Citrify Premium Licenses How to Participate and Win!!! :-D . Stay tuned for more premium giveaways coming next by subscribing toRSS feed or Subscribe to App Sheriff - Sworn To Serve by Email.

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