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CLAMEURS est le média audio, géolocalisé et participatif. A Private Realtime Platform for Location Sharing. Public Alerts The Hawthorne Bridge will be closed Saturday from 9am to Noon.

A Private Realtime Platform for Location Sharing

Energy Saver. Telling stories through Foursquare: Derby 2061. Richard Birkin of production company Mudlark is experimenting with using Foursquare as a storytelling platform, turning it into a wormhole to the future.

Telling stories through Foursquare: Derby 2061

The project is called Derby 2061, and imagines a future where a company has used the vast amounts of personal data being made public online to allow people to experience the memories of other people. The result is a memory economy, where people's emotions, thoughts and feelings can be bought and sold. Birkin has set up more than 50 Foursquare locations around Derby city centre and Darley Abbey, exploring what the city might look like in half a century's time. They're organised into a list, which you can find here.

Animaps. About // broadcastr. Use Tripline for history and social studies projects. Pachube - data infrastructure for the Internet of Things. RDTN.ORG. Карта Радиации/ Radiation map. GeoCommons. My Favorite App at SXSW. There are many apps on your smart phone.

My Favorite App at SXSW

How many do you really use? Me: Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post, Lastfm, and Google maps. My 100 other ones collect dust because they don’t solve a problem or are a bad imitation. At SXSW I discovered an unique app called iTouru: remember listening to an audio tour at a museum, now imagine if the entire world had an audio tour. These stories could provide new perspectives for a city. The witness, le transmedia dont vous êtes le héros « ubimedia garden. Ideascanners: Invisible Cities is a transmedia... - Explore Media. La ville est un roman.

7scenes. The Welikia Project, formerly known as Mannahata,... - An Artful Tumblrful of Odd. Blog.walking-the-edit. Walking the Edit - Home. A totally new medium for storytelling. 6,000 Stories You Can Take With You (And Counting) With the Broadcastr app, there is a new story to discover around every corner.

A totally new medium for storytelling

Available for free download on the iPhone, the location-aware app allows users to automatically stream stories about their surroundings. Or, if you feel moved by the muse, you can record your own stories and pin them to the map for other users to enjoy. Download your Broadcastr app here! Broadcastr, a project of Electric Literature, is a social media platform for audio-storytelling shared on an interactive map. 5 Ways a Filmmaker Could Use Broadcastr to Promote Their Film » Beyond the Box Office. As some of you may have seen from my tweet during DIY DAYS I was impressed by Broadcastr and its capabilities.

5 Ways a Filmmaker Could Use Broadcastr to Promote Their Film » Beyond the Box Office

Scott Macauley, editor of Filmmaker Magazine (who was nice enough to allow me to pick his brain for a bit after the talk) had a fireside chat with Scott Lindenbaum of Broadcastr and Electric Lit. Broadcastr is a mashup (remember when those were novel?) Space + Time + Story = Intersect (and Why I Like it!) Geoloqi - A secure, real-time mobile and web platform for location sharing.