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Python Programming Language – Official Website. Package Index : PyPI. How to Configure Python. After you’ve installed Python, you may want to configure some system settings that impact the way Python runs your code.

How to Configure Python

(If you are just getting started with the language, you can probably skip this section completely; there is usually no need to specify any system settings for basic programs.) Generally speaking, parts of the Python interpreter’s behavior can be configured with environment variable settings and command-line options. In this section, we’ll take a brief look at both, but be sure to see other documentation sources for more details on the topics we introduce here. Python Environment Variables Environment variables—known to some as shell variables, or DOS variables—are system-wide settings that live outside Python and thus can be used to customize the interpreter’s behavior each time it is run on a given computer. Learn Python in 10 minutes.

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Learn Python in 10 minutes

This tutorial is available as a short ebook. The e-book features extra content from follow-up posts on various Python best practices, all in a convenient, self-contained format. All future updates are free for people who purchase it. The Django Book. Plongez au coeur de Python. BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers.

Nullege: A Search Engine for Python source code.