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Language agnostic - Learning to write a compiler. PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook. Npm. The comp.compilers newsgroup. Comp.compilers is a moderated usenet news group addressing the topics of compilers in particular and programming language design and implementation in general.

The comp.compilers newsgroup

It started in 1986 as a moderated mailing list, but interest quickly grew to the point where it was promoted to a news group. Recent topics have included optimization techniques, language design issues, announcements of new compiler tools, and book reviews. Messages come from a wide variety of people ranging from undergraduate students to well-known experts in industry and academia.

Authors live all over the world -- there are regular messages from the U.S, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan, with occasional ones from as far away as Malaysia. The estimated total readership is over 100,000, which makes it by far the most widely read medium on the topic in the world. Compiler Topics Links to Sites Related to Compilers.

Computer Languages History. Loads of Linux Links: Programming Links. Resources for Programming Language Research. Writing A Procedural Language Handler. All calls to functions that are written in a language other than the current "version 1" interface for compiled languages (this includes functions in user-defined procedural languages, functions written in SQL, and functions using the version 0 compiled language interface) go through a call handler function for the specific language.

Writing A Procedural Language Handler

It is the responsibility of the call handler to execute the function in a meaningful way, such as by interpreting the supplied source text. This chapter outlines how a new procedural language's call handler can be written. The call handler for a procedural language is a "normal" function that must be written in a compiled language such as C, using the version-1 interface, and registered with PostgreSQL as taking no arguments and returning the type language_handler. This special pseudotype identifies the function as a call handler and prevents it from being called directly in SQL commands. Often, the same function is called many times per SQL statement.

/interpreter / Repositories. /compiler / Repositories. List of languages that compile to JS · jashkenas/coffee-script Wiki. Guillaume Marceau: The speed, size and dependability of programming languages. The Computer Language Benchmarks Game is a collection of 429 programs, consisting of 13 benchmark reimplemented across 33 programming languages.

Guillaume Marceau: The speed, size and dependability of programming languages

It is a fantastic resource if you are trying to compare programming languages quantitatively. Which, oddly, very few people seems to be interested in doing. The Benchmark Game spends a lot of efforts justifying itself against claims that the benchmarks are always flawed and that the whole exercise is pointless. I don't think it is. In fact, I've found that The Game is remarkably effective at predicting which forum hosts programmers annoyed at the slowness of their language, and that's good enough for me.

I was happy to find that in addition to speed The Game also publishes a source-code-size metric for each benchmark programs in each language. If you drew the benchmark results on an XY chart you could name the four corners. The center of the star is Scala's average performance, and the branches shoot out to the individual benchmarks. Source code. Online computing dictionary. Online computing dictionary dictionary help.

online computing dictionary

Interpreted Languages: Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby (Sheet One) - Hyperpolyglot. A side-by-side reference sheet sheet one: version | grammar and execution | variables and expressions | arithmetic and logic | strings | regexes | dates and time | arrays | dictionaries | functions | execution control | exceptions | threads sheet two: streams | asynchronous events | files | file formats | directories | processes and environment | option parsing | libraries and namespaces | objects | inheritance and polymorphism | reflection | net and web | gui | databases | unit tests | logging | debugging sheet two: streams | asynchronous events | files | directories | processes and environment | option parsing | libraries and namespaces | objects | inheritance and polymorphism | reflection | net and web | gui | databases | unit tests | logging | debugging version used The versions used for testing code in the reference sheet.

Interpreted Languages: Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby (Sheet One) - Hyperpolyglot

3code. Other Languages: COW | Whirl | 3code | Taxi Important news! [06/26/05] Fixed a bug which prevented usage of the =[] function (oops). [06/26/05] Added support for running a program from a file instead of always in interactive mode. [06/26/05] Implemented 99 Bottles of Beer in 3code! [09/22/05] Kang Seonghoon sent me a quine and a Python version of the interpreter awhile back (sorry this update took so long). Sweet! Check out the downloads section below. The Language Guide. Download Free Interpreters Open Source Software - SourceForge.

Download Free Compilers Open Source Software - SourceForge. Programming language. Other Families of Languages. Scriptometer: measuring the ease of SOP (Script-Oriented Programming) of programming languages. The Scriptometer tries to measure whether a programming language can be easily used for SOP (Script-Oriented Programming).

Scriptometer: measuring the ease of SOP (Script-Oriented Programming) of programming languages

A script is here a command line program, mostly used in a terminal. (more scripting stuff (GUI, web...) could be added...) 99 Bottles of Beer. Other Scripting Languages. Timeline of programming languages. Computer Languages History. Category:.NET programming languages. Language list. Languages Programming Computers. Computer Languages. Wouter's Wiki : Language Design Overview. This page basically gives a historical overview of all the programming languages I have designed (and sometimes implemented) over the years. Some of them, notably E, False, Bla, Aardappel, SHEEP and Lobster have their own pages. Lobster (2011-2013) A game programming language with pythonesque syntax, very terse blocks/anonymous functions, multimethods and lots of other neat features, see here Restructor (oct 2004-2010) A tree based graphical programming language/environment whose primary aim is to do away with explicit abstractions completely.

The environment allows programming by cut&paste, keeping code factored automatically, with no need to create “functions” explicitly. Two prototype implementations. If you look through the list, you'll notice that many design relate to each other and that there are many reoccurring themes. Wouter's Wiki : Programming Languages. One of my all time great hobbies is designing and implementing programming languages, I have been doing this for over 20 years now. I wrote my first compiler on the C16, followed by several more on the Amiga, most well known of which is Amiga E, and suprisingly, my False Language.

For my Masters and PhD respectively, I embarked on 2 language projects, first the Bla Language (around the concept of first class environments) and the Aardappel Language which is about graphical tree rewriting and distributed computing. WadC editor: A programming language / procedural map editor for Doom 1 & 2 I created the SHEEP Language for Amiga Inc, which was intended to be the central system scripting language, and CryScript for CryTek. Cat's Eye Technologies: Project Space. Category Programming Language. Pages to do with ProgrammingLanguages (contrast CategoryNaturalLanguage). The convention is to append 'Language' for the WikiName and to expand single letters according to the WikiAlphabet. However, sometimes that doesn't work and you have to improvise. Some less obvious or WikiUnFriendlyNames are listed here (seems to me that all are listed here; should we clean this up?)

Query language. Query languages are computer languages used to make queries into databases and information systems.

Query language

Broadly, query languages can be classified according to whether they are database query languages or information retrieval query languages. The difference is that a database query language attempts to give factual answers to factual questions, while an information retrieval query language attempts to find documents containing information that is relevant to an area of inquiry. Examples include: Computers: Programming: Languages. Search Results for “language”: SourceForge.

Search Results for “interpreter”: SourceForge. Search Results for “compiler”: SourceForge. List of Programming Languages in Alphabetical Order. Language list. Most of the language descriptions have been snipped from resource pages conserning them.

Language list

If you are looking for a development enviroment for a given language and can not find one on the one of the relevant pages listed below, the links on the index page might prove helpful. Back to index. List of programming languages used by programmer scientists. The Retrocomputing Museum. The Retrocomputing Museum is dedicated to programs that induce sensations that hover somewhere between nostalgia and nausea — the freaks, jokes, and fossils of computing history.

The Retrocomputing Museum

Our exhibits include many languages, some machine emulators, and a few games. Most are living history — environments that were once important, but are now merely antiques. A few never previously existed except as thought experiments or pranks. Most, we hope, convey the hacker spirit — and if not that, then at least a hint of what life was like back when programmers were real men and sheep were nervous. The curators of the Museum are Eric S. If you've visited before, check out the what's new section. We link to Pete Friedrich's Spiked Punch project. The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project. Projects built with LLVM This page is an incomplete list of the projects built with LLVM, sorted in reverse chronological order.

The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project

The idea of this list is to show some of the things that have been done with LLVM for various course projects or for other purposes, which can be used as a source of ideas for future projects. Another good place to look is the list of published papers and theses that use LLVM. Note that this page is not intended to reflect that current state of LLVM or show endorsement of any particular project over another. This is just a showcase of the hard work various people have done. Language List. Project Directory. Eagle. Generational list of programming languages. Free Compilers and Interpreters. List of programming languages by type. Free Compilers and Interpreters for Programming Languages. Catalog of compilers: master_index. Project Hosting. Computer Programming Languages in the Yahoo.

Dictionary of Programming Languages. Welcome to the Dictionary of Programming Languages, a compendium of computer coding methods assembled to provide information and aid your appreciation for computer science history. Browse the dictionary by clicking on a section: A B C D E F G H I JK L M N O P QR S T UV WXYZ+ Get a full dump of the dictionary: List of Names Short Form Full Form 3. Ada 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. 10. 11. 14. List of programming languages. Resources for Programming Language Research. Category:Free compilers and interpreters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Subcategories This category has only the following subcategory. List of JVM languages. SAL- Programming - Languages & Compilers. [an error occurred while processing this directive] Computer languages are symbolic systems that computers eventually understand.

They help your programs serve your needs. Compilers are programs that help to make this "understanding" happen. Languages – Parrot. There are many languages that have been built using the Parrot Compiler Tools (PCT) all of which are in various stages of development. This page tracks the status of these projects and provides information on where to find them. List of CLI languages. History of programming languages concepts. News/graphics/prog_lang_poster.pdf.