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ACCEPT. This is the documentation for ACCEPT, an approximate compiler for C and C++ programs based on Clang.


Think of it as your assistant in breaking your program in small ways to trade off correctness for performance. This is also the home for ACCEPT’s benchmark suite of approximate C/C++ applications. Please direct comments or questions to Adrian Sampson or to a GitHub issue. Building. The ATS Programming Language. Albatross. Wiki: Adenine. And is essentially a LISP for graphs.

Wiki: Adenine

It features a RDF data model, Pythonic syntax, and is implemented for the JVM. It compiles to Java bytecode, RDF, and (I think) Java source. Adding a JavaScript generator could make this a really useful language. I have extricated it's implementation. Home : AUTOSAR. Software Engineering and Programming Languages. 2OPM is our simplified alternative to official x86-64 assembly. 2OPM (`two-operand pseudo MIPS') is inspired by MIPS assembly and re-names the x86-64 operations and registers to match those of MIPS.

Software Engineering and Programming Languages

It introduces register swap operations automatically in a few instances in which x86-64 has special hardwired registers (e.g., mul) but otherwise tries to map each 2OPM instruction to a single machine instruction. AttoVM AttoVM implements the object oriented language AttoL. Index. Agar GUI. The Avail Programming Language. A++ An Educational Programming Language Based on the Lambda Calculus. AgentSheets. Apricot-lang/apricot. Ambi - Ambi Calculator and Programming Language. Try out latest version.

ambi - Ambi Calculator and Programming Language

Ambi Calculator and Programming in your browser. *New* Now a Full Screen Chrome App and Chrome Popup Extension Author. Atalan. Free Science & Engineering software downloads. Aphid - Home. Avian. Avian is a lightweight virtual machine and class library designed to provide a useful subset of Java's features, suitable for building self-contained applications.


Efficient The VM is implemented from scratch and designed to be both fast and small. Asymptote. Autokey - Desktop automation utility for Linux and X11. AutoKey is a desktop automation utility for Linux and X11.

autokey - Desktop automation utility for Linux and X11

It allows you to manage collection of scripts and phrases, and assign abbreviations and hotkeys to these. This allows you to execute a script or insert text on demand in whatever program you are using. AutoKey features a subset of the capabilities of the popular Windows-based AutoHotkey, but is not intended as a full replacement.

For a Linux-based implementation of AutoHotkey, see IronAHK. AutoKey's GUI features a number of concepts and features inspired by the Windows program PhraseExpress. Project Status AutoKey has now reached v0.90 and is (from the point of view of the developer) feature complete. Features Getting it Source archives are available on the downloads page. Getting Started Hopefully, AutoKey's UI should be easy enough for everyone up to and including beginners to understand. There is also an nice tutorial available on YouTube. Avian. Arcueid – Freecode. The ACCENT Compiler Compiler. Amber Smalltalk.

Home · adampingel/axle Wiki. The Avail Programming Language. Alblang Programming Language. AgileLang - Index. Aha-programming-language - Aha! Programming Language. Aha!

aha-programming-language - Aha! Programming Language

Is a new general-purpose programming language aimed to raise software quality to a higher level. It is: declarative (programs consist of statements that set goals, but do not directly specify steps needed to achieve them) pure (computations have no side effects) strict (computations are 'eager' by default) total (every computation terminates) parallel (program logic easily translates to multiple concurrent processes) statically typed modular It features powerful data structures (arrays, sequences, first-class functions, objects and composites), success/failure logic, sequence generators, high-level array/sequence operations, generic modules with separate code and specification, abstract data types, type inference and much more, all within elegant and highly readable syntax.

Aha! The following is impossible in Aha! Aha! If you are one of these, you will enjoy browsing the Wiki pages and will surely go "Aha! " Aha! Please use the Discussion Group to submit your feedback. Aha! The Aha! Archetype Programming Language - Home. Ala, A Programming Language - Home. AutoIt - AutoItScript. AutoIt v3 is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting.

AutoIt - AutoItScript

It uses a combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement and window/control manipulation in order to automate tasks in a way not possible or reliable with other languages (e.g. VBScript and SendKeys). Alvyn Basic. Towards an Imperative Constraint Programming Language. Algol 68 Genie - Algol 68 Compiler, Interpreter and Revised Report. Alambik. Agora. Atom Virtual Machine. APLX: The advanced object-oriented implementation of APL. What is APLX? APL is a unique, general-purpose high level programming language used in application areas such as financial planning, market research, statistics, management information and for all types of scientific and engineering work. APLX is an advanced, second generation implementation of the APL language, closely based on IBM's APL2, but with a number of important enhancements (see the APLX Language Specification). For a practical introduction to APL, see our APL tutorial. The latest release version of APLX is Version 5 with support for object-oriented programming (classes written in APL) and the ability to use .Net, Java, Ruby, R and other classes directly from APL.

Free downloads available! The AMC Compiler. The ALF System. AKL, AGENTS, and Penny by SICS Intelligent Systems Laboratory. The ABCL family of languages. Project overview Publications on the ABCL project Available implementations ABCL/f (in Japanese) The tenet of our ABCL research project is to exploit both parallelism and object orientation. Parallelism is ubiquitous in our problem domains; parallelism is not only the source of computational power, but also promotes structural simplicity/naturalness in design and algorithm.

The ABC Programming Language: a short introduction. (Also available in Japanese) The ABC Programmer's Handbook is available from Bosko Books. ABC is an interactive programming language and environment for personal computing, originally intended as a good replacement for BASIC. It was designed by first doing a task analysis of the programming task.

ABC is easy to learn (an hour or so for someone who has already programmed), and yet easy to use. APE - The Array Processor Experiment web site in Rome. Active since 1984, APE("ah-pei") is the collective name of several generations of massively parallel super-computers, optimized for Theoretical Physics simulations, mainly LGT Simulations. They are built on custom processors connected by a high bandwidth, low latency communication network. The APE machines are recognized as a leading platform for LQCD, a most demanding High Performance Computing (HPC) application. apeNEXT is the latest generation of APE super-computers and is a joint project of INFN, DESY and Université Paris-Sud 11. It is currently in the mass production and deployment phase. apeNEXT development sites are: INFN Rome, INFN Ferrara, INFN Parma, DESY Zeuthen, Université Paris-Sud 11 in Orsay.

Free Development software downloads at SourceForge. Wouter's Wiki : Aardappel Language. Concurrent Tree Space Transformation The research I've done for my PhD involves designing and implementing a new language, which computes by concurrently reducing trees (using a form of tree-rewriting) which sit together in tree-spaces (bags) and communicate amongst eachother (exchanging parts of themselves, in Linda-like fashion). The language is 100% graphical and linear as well. My thesis on this topic: (pdf, 1310k), and the first public version of the implementation (zip, 367k). I have removed all papers at the bottom of this page as they are all superseded by the thesis.

Acheron Lisp User Manual. The Amsterdam Compiler Kit. Aldor. Anubis Language OpenSource Community. Wiki: Adenine. Boost your Java application performance - Ateji PX for Java - Ateji. ACL2 Version 4.3. Matt Kaufmann and J Strother MooreUniversity of Texas at Austin January 9, 2014 Welcome to the ACL2 home page!

ACL2 Version 4.3

We highlight a few aspects of ACL2: Libraries (Books).Libraries of books (files containing definitions and theorems) extend the code that we have written. The installation instructions explain how to fetch the community books, which are contributed and maintained by the members of the ACL2 community. For more information, see the acl2-books project page. We gratefully acknowledge substantial support from the following. The User's Manual ACL2's user manual is a vast hypertext document. The ACL2+books combined manual includes not only ACL2 User's Manual, but also documents many of the community books (libraries). The following links take you to these two manuals.

Once you have installed ACL2, you can browse the ACL2 User's Manual locally by opening the home page in your browser to view the file doc/home-page.html in your ACL2 sources directory. ADAMO Welcome. The Agda Wiki - Agda. Avian. ARLOGO (ARABIC UCBLOGO)- The First Open Souce Arabic Programming Language Project. Ambi - Ambi Calculator and Programming Language. Try out latest version. Atalan - Programming language compiler for 8-bit processors. Ambienttalk - An Object-oriented Event-driven Programming Language for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. AmbientTalk is an experimental object-oriented distributed programming language developed at the Software Languages Lab at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

The language is primarily targeted at writing programs deployed in mobile ad hoc networks. AmbientTalk is a research platform to experiment with new language features or programming abstractions to facilitate the construction of software that has to run in highly volatile networks exhibiting intermittent connectivity and little infrastructure. Argile Programming Language. Compiler for actsl. AFNIX Writing System. Aluminium - Home. Alfa: Alfa programming language. Alice. Alice. Apoo. Libaime. Home of ActiveVFP - Foxpro on the World Wide Web. Aurora Programming Language. Alcis in Launchpad. AIMLpad Home Page. Apeirogon - scato - Apeirogon: new step in the development of the language. - Programming language. Designed to plot fractals (IFS), L-systems, and other self-similar curves, and not just their.

Apeirogon является логическим развитием проекта Scato. Пока Apeirogon находится в процессе развития. Проект размещается на этом же сайте. Отличия от Scato Язык Унифицированы встроенные и пользовательские функции: теперь любой вызов возвращает результат. Это позволяет в большинстве случаев обойтись без временных переменных. Требования к системе Python 3 PyQt 4 Установка Dowload Программу можно взять из SVN: ACL2 Version 4.3. Arbrelang - Arbre is a tree-oriented parallel programming language. The Agena programming language. Axiom Computer Algebra System. Aikido project page. Argile Programming Language. Alore Programming Language. The Algae Programming Language.