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Penolo Penolo One of the early chapters in my book (A Practical Guide to Web App Success) discusses the factors that influence the success of an app, such as the idea, the quality and speed of execution, and the wider context in which it’s situated: the competitive landscape, the levels of technology adoption, the financial climate and so on. While the book includes some quick and easy ways to validate a concept, I don’t really talk a great deal about the initial genesis of ideas, as I assume that most people who buy the book already know what they want to build. This post fills that gap.
Write and Draw Here! Write and Draw Here! DabbleDraw - Kids can Write, Draw, and Publish! DabbleDraw is a new online drawing, writing and educational publishing resource for students of all ages. Dabble draw is fun but it is educational software too. It allows students to draw, paint, write and create documents, pages,and pictures. Tools for creating on screen include the marker (like a paint brush), the shape tool (includes squares, rectangles, circles, ovals, stars), the straight line drawing tool. - welcome
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Digital Doodle
Digital Doodle
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Your website should have the drawing tool that is easy to use and grows with you. Even if you know only a little javascript or you don't have the resources to do it in-house, you can increase signups, lower churn, or simplify ordering by letting your users draw. You should take advantage of years of experience and features to handle any situation. Change a few settings and you get a completely different look for your unique application. Zwibbler - Quickly scribble your ideas online
Street to Studio: The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, presented by JPMorganChase
The modern technological advancement has instilled a new era of civilisation in the information technological sector. This is clearly demonstrated by the number of applications that is hosted in electronic devices. By the end of 2013, millions of applications had been developed and distributed in both the Google and the Apple stores. Both stores recorded over fifty billion download marks. The presence of applications has been felt across a swathe of sectors from the publishing sectors, to the entertainment and games industries.

Pixuffle - Shuffle pixels to create unique compositions!

Pixuffle - Shuffle pixels to create unique compositions!
Play - Create / Sand Castles Play - Create / Sand Castles Project: Sand Castles (untitled) One of a series of pieces experimenting with particle build up in 3-D space. The aim is to emulate the kind of dynamics involved in manipulating sand type materials When I was younger I was an avid pottery enthusiast.
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Click and drag within the rectangle below...(or click the demo button) What's this all about? On GRL's website, there was a project called "the Drip Sessions" where they would use light to paint graffiti on the sides of entire buildings and structures. I just wanted to create something like that... except with code for the web. Recoding: Andrew Hoyer Andrew Hoyer
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Create Your Own Cards,eCards,Animated Greetings | Personalize your MySpace profile and layout with sparkling pictures!
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Flowpaint version 0.2 is now released! It adds undo, detailed parameters for brushes, a 'recent brushes' - feature, dramatical speedup by dynamically compiling code, and a new set of default brushes. In addition tablets with pressure are now supported also with the Java Webstart version. Flowpaint is still in Beta phase, use with care. Undo Flowpaint


Free Online Graphic Design Software (dtp) and Photo Editor | Fatpaint

Free Online Graphic Design Software (dtp) and Photo Editor | Fatpaint

At, we offer an online video production service, that let you make stunning animated explainer videos for promoting a business, event or product. It's super easy to produce your own web video, and it takes only 30 minutes. We host the video and we also provide a video player so it's very easy to put the video on your website. Online video marketing works, and now it's easier than ever before to produce a professional business video that will help you increase sales and make your visitors stay longer on your website. Visit our web video production website today and make a promotional video for your business website. You can try to make an animated explainer video or corporate video for free.
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room Lobby - the real online drawing chat with your friends!

room Lobby - the real online drawing chat with your friends!

What is DoodleToo about? is an online drawing tool and chat room in one. Enter one of our rooms and draw your messages, ideas, moods, express yourself or post pictures to share with others! Everyone sees your pen and can join you, help you, challenge you or maybe become your friend. The whole world can now see your paintings as they are being created.
SketchPad : Requires the latest java plugin


On the current state of piq Hello everyone, The past months have been a difficult time for the people behind piq.