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Online music composition tools

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Delay Time Calculator. Online Drum Machine. Drumbot is the next best thing to a real drummer.

Online Drum Machine

Full song loops and tons of grooves. Designed specifically for non-drummers for use as backing tracks during song composition. We've partnered with real drummers, (can you think of a better beat maker?) Who've created entire songs, from intro to outro, then organized everything to help you discover that perfect groove. Each of the hand-crafted "songs" consists of a collection of loops (loop set) that all run at the same BPM and are all inter-related.

Most loop sets have multiple intro's, verses, chorus', fills, crashes and outros. You can organize these basic building blocks into a unique arrangement that suits your needs. Each of the loop previews (on the left-hand side of drumbot) are about 5-10 seconds -- just long enough to give you a feel for the groove.

When you find a groove you like, double-click on it, or click the "Test Drive" button to load the "loop set" into drumbot. Keyboard Shortcuts. Chord Progression Generator. Scales to Chords guitar tool. METRONOME ONLINE - free! Guitar KnowledgeNet Chord Progression Generator. WolframTones - music generator. Beatlab - make music together.

Audiotool. Chord Progression Generator. Matrix. Tonematrix. Create Music Beats - The online music factory - Jam, remix, chords, loops. Online Drum Machine. Online MP3 Splitter, trimming mp3 music, crop songs, cutter melodies, cut sounds. Guitar Jam Machine. Otomata. 16 Jul 2011 Click on the grid below to add cells, click on cells to change their direction, and press play to listen to your music.


Update: Click here to get Otomata for your iPhone / iPod / iPad! Official facebook page: Also this reddit page has many examples: And there is a subreddit for Otomata: Otomata is a generative sequencer. Each alive cell has 4 states: Up, right, down, left. at each cycle, the cells move themselves in the direction of their internal states. This set of rules produces chaotic results in some settings, therefore you can end up with never repeating, gradually evolving sequences. If you encounter something you like, just press “Copy Piece Link” and save it somewhere, or better, share it! Here is something from me to start with: And here is an action video: Here are replies to some common questions: Q: Will you add feature X? A: I really strived for simplicity for this instrument. there are a lot of things that can be added, but I don’t want to clutter things. Chords to Scale guitar tool. KeyFinder. KeyFinder is an open source key detection tool, for DJs interested in harmonic and tonal mixing.


Designed primarily for electronic and dance music, it is highly configurable and can be applied to many genres. It supports a huge range of codecs thanks to LibAV, and writes to metadata tags using TagLib. It's intended to be very focused: no library management, no track suggestions, no media player. Just a fast, efficient workflow tool. The accuracy of the algorithm is pretty good. The standard KeyFinder interface performs batch jobs, detecting the keys of a group of files quickly and simply. I originally developed KeyFinder in 2011 as part of my MSc in Computer Science. Please contact me if you have any questions, or if you want to get involved. KeyFinder is licensed under the GPL version 3, and is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Convertisseur de fichier audio au format WAV. Calibrated Background Noise Generators.