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Architecture of the Universe. Meher Baba: The Truth Of The Unity Of All Life. Armstrongism. Armstrongism is a term, usually considered derisive, used to refer to the teachings and doctrines of Herbert W.


Armstrong while leader of the Worldwide Church of God (WCG),[1][2] and is professed by him and his followers to be the restored true Gospel of the Bible. Armstrong said they were revealed to him by God during his study of the Bible.[3][4] The term Armstrongite is sometimes used to refer to those that follow Armstrong's teachings. Armstrongism and Armstrongite are generally considered derogatory by those to whom it is applied,[5] who prefer to be known as members of the Church of God (COG). Armstrong taught that most of the basic doctrines and teachings of Mainstream Christianity were based on traditions, including absorbed pagan concepts and rituals (i.e. religious syncretism), rather than the Judeo-Christian Bible.

His teachings have consequently been the source of much controversy. Doctrinal differences[edit] God Family[edit] Church authority[edit] British Israelism[edit] The Kybalion: Chapter II. The Seven Hermetic Principles. Sacred Texts Esoteric Index Previous Next Buy this Book at The Kybalion, by Three Initiates, [1912], at

The Kybalion: Chapter II. The Seven Hermetic Principles

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Un cerebro en cambio constante hasta la adolescencia. Que los niños son como esponjas no es ningún secreto para quien haya visto a un pequeño aprender palabras y habilidades con sólo repetirlas un par de veces.

Un cerebro en cambio constante hasta la adolescencia

Sin embargo, esa plasticidad y esa capacidad de aprendizaje durante los primeros años de la vida sigue siendo un misterio para la neurología. Un nuevo trabajo, con participación española, podría ayudar a desvelarlo. La clave, según puede leerse esta semana en la revista 'Science', está en el epigenoma, las instrucciones químicas que les dicen a los genes cuándo encenderse o apagarse y cómo comportarse, en definitiva.

BCNeurociencia : "Haikus, origami y neurociencia"... Neurociencias. Memoria para el futuro. Un cierto número de estudios recientes muestran que imaginar el futuro se basa en los mismos mecanismos neuronales que se usan para recordar el pasado.

Memoria para el futuro

Estos hallazgos conducen a un concepto denominado como “el cerebro prospectivo”: la idea de que una función crucial del cerebro es utilizar información almacenada para imaginar, simular y predecir posibles eventos futuros. El estudio de la memoria se ha centrado tradicionalmente en el pasado y se han identificado las estructuras, especialmente el hipocampo, que son el sustrato de esta capacidad.

Pero hay una función de la memoria que se ha pasado por alto que es su papel para permitirnos imaginar eventos futuros. Cada vez hay más datos de que la memoria - especialmente la memoria episódica- está implicada en imaginar eventos que no existen y en simular futuros acontecimientos. De esta nueva visión de la memoria es de lo que voy a hablar en este post , así como de su posible relevancia para ayudarnos a pensar sobre la conciencia.

The World Peace Plan. Pdpday. Email from Google. Free office and productivity software - Sign In to get Your Personalized Recommendations. TED: Ideas worth spreading. The Right Brain vs Left Brain test. VS Ramachandran on your mind.

Thank you janetmyers, You know my father taught me the basics of meditation when I was just 17 and diagnosed with "viral encephalitis" - the sleeping sickness that I probably picked up from a mosquito. The sleeping sickness hit many people and many either died or became a "veggie". My respect and love goes to all who suffered this terrible infection. I was extremely lucky because I was a super-fit rugby league footy player, and through that I met many many friends. The power of working together as a team is an inspiration to the self, not just from the sports perspective of winning but it's equal element of loosing. I have been a looser, looser many times, but this is where the humanity reveals potential for someone like me to finally realize that I am a winner JUST because I am participating and sharing. I survived VE only to move onto something else to experience, some times something quite dramatic. I am sure there is more for me to share with you. I love you because you are me and I love me. Big steps are not impossible, and they do happen. Forgive others Forgive self. A chance to clear you karmic debt, ready to participate in this new era of creation. Be compassion practice kindness Until next time Wu wei, namaste, Greg – jeggsey
Thankyou missnikkiann, firstly, let me tell you that we can learn from others' and our own misfortunes and their ability to "bounce back" into life. I don't consider my profound life (& NDEs) as earth shattering, and others have been through far worse than I have. For example I have recently lost my best friend (I will keep his name private, out of respect of his family) "TopCat". He was the same age as me, and we went to school together, played footy, cricket, and snooker together. We were very very close. He broke his C4-C5 vertebrae, rendering him as a quadriplegic at the young age of 19. He said to me some years back that he was very very fortunate compared to others (Christopher Reeve) who needed full-time breathing apparatus for the rest of his life. Look at his work on stem-cell research. Look at the brilliance of Steven Hawking. People survive and contribute to humanity. My story does not compare and I am humbled to even suggest that my experiences matter one iota. But it is out of a pact I made with "TopCat" before he passed, that together we could give credence to the value of life, no matter what the cards you have been dealt in this life. That's an intro. That's my intro, an introduction to my good good friend. – jeggsey
Dear dr—oropeza, Sorry for the hyphen, can't find the underscore key!!! Thank you for your very kind expression of love towards, just another human, like me. I think that is the key to life with meaning. We are all, just another human. We need to acknowledge the love we have for each other, no matter what age, what color, what beliefs, what preferences, what Favs, what what-Evers. We are *ALL here right now, with each other, and in my mind with our own God whoever he / she, he&she or even a no-God, what-ever. The people matter, God doesn't matter, for that Devine entity can look after "it-self" Sorry for rambling on, Let me climb down off this soap box. I don't like soap box ramblers. But you have struck a chord within me. Thanks for that. God Bless and Namaste Greg – jeggsey

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