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This pearl is a work in progress. My intention is to have a resource where anyone can have a path to learn about money, currencies and the future.

I am receiving people in the team whom I personally know or who have been part of TheTransitioner seminars. Its not a matter of exclusion but the sharing of a common language and ways of looking at the currency world.

Thank you for your visit. I appreciate it dearly. fer_ananda Feb 25

Video of the Day: Art Brock on the MetaCurrency Living Systems Model
Complementary currencies

Currencies (non tradeable wealth)



Create your money

Monnaies complémentaires & alternatives - Future of money

Leading edge


Colllaborative consumption (sharing ec)

Money: what doesnt work

Thank you Ken for including me in this adventure by pdk117 Aug 14

Thank you fer_ananda for introducing me to pearltrees as well as this tree. I am hoping to turn my years of experience working for a Fortune 100 technology company to good use in building the Next Economy.

Gracias fer_ananda para presentar pearltrees a mí, además para este árbol. Tengo ganas de someter mis años trabajando por una compañía Fortune 100 de tecnología a buen uso en construir la Economía Próxima. by ken_howard Feb 8

Recomiendo la siguiente secuencia:

* Money: What doesn´t work ...Ahi pueden encontrar el video de 'Money fix' y una pieza de Zeitgeist que se refiere a la pieza del dinero (ambos con subtitulos en español). Para los que quieran una muy buena explicación sobre la mecánica del dinero entonces vean 'Renaissance' (inglés)

* Create your own money Hay mucho material, buenos videos. El único que he encontrado con subtitulo es 'create your money' que vimos en la conferencia.

* Alternative currencies tiene referencias a monedas alternativas para los que quieran ver diseños concretos. (recién inicié esta sección)

* Collaborative consumption Recomiendo iniciar con el video de 'collaborative consumption' que fue el inicio de mi curación en el tema. Otro nombre que se le da es 'Sharing economy'

* Crowdfunding Recomiendo iniciar por la descripción de wikipedia y/o el video de 'us now'. Lo demás son sitios web para lanzar campañas de crowdfunding. by fer_ananda May 16

Warms my heart to read what people express about my pearl tree...yum by fer_ananda Apr 5

As I read about community currencies.. came to realize I designed a multi-vendor smart-card based loyalty solution 5 years ago having similar attributes described.

In essence it is an electronic purse that carried 255 currencies within. Each vendor issue their currency to customers as loyalty points that translate to discounts on future purchases.

Glad to see how that fits into a bigger theme here. Thanks for sharing. by charles.chng Apr 4

It takes a team effort to gather this information,Enjoy them. by ixgagbalamvucub Apr 3

Fantastic links! I am excited to see what the future holds. These links are what i have been needing to add to my database of knowledge and innovation... thanks! by genuinestranger Apr 3

thank you for this wonderfull pearl. by milamuriel Mar 11

thank you for this pearl! I added to my Internet trends pearl by marcocar Mar 1

thank you Fernanda, not only a wealthy tree, but also my discovery of this tool. Thanks again for your sharing, by iratxe Feb 10