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Raw Food Australia. Excalibur Australia Products. Dehydrators and Accessories. Power Mill Blender | Healthy Raw Food Blenders. Enter the Cart Code 'BCblenderPROMO' for $50 discount in Checkout on your BioChef Blender! The Bio Chef Blender is the newest and most advanced high powered blender that continues to surpass blender standards globally. At a substantially lower price point than like-for-like blenders on the market, the BioChef Blender is delivering unbelievable value for money for our customers across the world. The Bio Chef Blender brings to you unparalleled quality in one affordable machine. With a high powered motor, uniquely designed blades, super tough jug and easy to use controls, the BioChef will quickly replace majority of your current kitchen appliances and become your all-in-one kitchen machine.

The Bio Chef Blender features a 3 Horsepower motor, making it an incredibly powerful and heavy-duty kitchen machine. While being incredibly powerful, the BioChef Blender is also energy efficient with a maximum power usage of 950W (max workpower for machine longevity). Hate cleaning? JUICERS AUSTRALIA, Juicers, Blenders, Distillers.