Motor Magnético

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Motor magnetico. Magnetic field Demonstration. Instructions Note that red indicates a current out of the page, while blue represents a current into the page.

Magnetic field Demonstration

If you double-click on any point you will see the field line that passes through that point. You can click-and-drag any wire to change its position, as well as to see the force per unit length it experiences due to the magnetic field. Pushing the "Current In" or "Current Out" buttons will add a straight wire carrying current either into the page or out of the page. Renewable Energy World - Renewable Energy News, Jobs, Events, Companies, and more. Chava Energy. Kohei Minato: Magnet Motor. Hokei MINATO Magnet Motor John Dodd: "The Techno Maestro's Amazing Machine" (Japan, Inc., March 2004) Kohei Minato: US Patent # 4,751,486 K.

Kohei Minato: Magnet Motor

Minato: US Patent # 5,594,289 Henry Curtis: KeelyNet BBS Posts Michael Randall Emails Padrak: INE Press Release Photos The Techno Maestro's Amazing Machine Kohei Minato and the Japan Magnetic Fan Company A maverick inventor's breakthrough electric motor uses permanent magnets to make power -- and has investors salivating by John Dodd When we first got the call from an excited colleague that he'd just seen the most amazing invention -- a magnetic motor that consumed almost no electricity -- we were so skeptical that we declined an invitation to go see it.

If the technology was so good, we thought, how come they didn't have any customers yet? We forgot about the invitation and the company until several months later, when our friend called again. Main Page. Magneet motor 2010 gratis energie. Motor magnético. FREE ENERGY # 18-2 True Working Magnet Motor Disassembled.

Os ímans mais fortes do mundo. Free Energy - Strona startowa. Steorn Orbo - Proving Overunity 2/2. Ultra Motor (US) Welcome to Swallow Command. Professor John R.R.Searl's life in Pictures and Videos. Mozilla Firefox. Fig.1.

Mozilla Firefox

Variant of one-ring converter. / Fig.2. Sprocket effect of magnetic stator and roller inserts. The ratio of parameters of the stator 1 and the rotor 2 in Fig.2 is chosen so that the relation of stator diameter D to the roller diameter d is an integer equal to or greater than 12. Canal de KundelMagnetics. Canal de Eltimple. O motor magnético vem aí? Muammer Yildiz - Magnet Motor Demo-3 ( FREE ENERGY ) Magnetic Motor. Canal de theENERGYDREAM. Stephen Kundel's Motor. From PESWiki Quickly vibrating motor, with electrical input.

Stephen Kundel's Motor

As it accelerates, less electrical input required. Over-unity not documented. While a typical motor oscillates electrical current to the electro-magnet, causing rotation, the Kundel Motor physically oscillates a permanent magnet. 1/6 UFO BUILT & FLOWN 3500KMH..Moon in 1hr PROF John Searl SEG Free Energy Magnet Generator. Welcome to Swallow Command. Professor John R.R.Searl's life in Pictures and Videos. John Searl Solution : The Law of the Squares. "You can not have different matter in the same space, but you can have different matter in different spaces at the same time, or have different matter in the same space at different times.

John Searl Solution : The Law of the Squares

" Canal de theENERGYDREAM. STEORN ORBO replication.wmv. Magnetic motor (Magnet wheel) The "Ossie motor" self-running, self-charging in closed loop.