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100% Electric Motorcycle : Brammo Empulse and Enertia Home. 1. July 2008. MotArt: Motorcycle. All images © John Lindesay Small Push start of the 250 race at French Grand Prix at Le Mans, 1979 Graeme Crosby overtakes Sedge Deste on the straight at Oran Park during the '78 '79 summer Swann Series International meeting.

MotArt: Motorcycle

Rick Perry on the Team Kawasaki H2R 750. Oran Park 1979. Season 2 Airing on Velocity! Yamaha XV750. Yamaha’s underrated Virago from the 1980s is really gaining favor as a custom base.

Yamaha XV750

Classified Moto have already shown the way, and here’s another terrific example—this time from Greg Hageman of Doc’s Chops. It’s a 1982 Yamaha XV750, and it was built for Season Two of Discovery Channel’s Cafe Racer TV show. Hageman built a new subframe to support the lovely, wasp-like seat unit, and lowered the forks by two inches to improve the stance. Garage Project Motorcycles. Roland Sands Design. POSTED Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Blog 23 COMPLETE Here’s a few shots of the new owner and her brand new KTM.

Roland Sands Design

Lucky girl….and if you ask us, lucky bike too. Blog 22. La boîte au Zèbre. Restoration Werks. Le blog de Thomas. Busters Accessories - Home. S MOTOR AB. The AUTOSPORT Bulletin Board > The cutaway drawing and its artists. Onelung, on Nov 10 2010, 10:27, said: There you go!

The AUTOSPORT Bulletin Board > The cutaway drawing and its artists

If I was to be really picky I would say it need another 2° clockwise, but there is no guarantee that Jim drew it with 'vertical verticals'! We used to have long discussions about how to present cutaways with a bit of difference, and I remember specifically cajolling Jim into drawing the Cooper with the front wheels on full lock. I thought it worked, but Jim wasn't so sure, and although he did, I think, one more with a bit of lock, he reverted to 'straight ahead'. Mombaerts-race. Ryca Motors - About the CS-1. The Kneeslider — Motorcycle News for Positive People. The Return of the Cafe Racers. Miob's bikes. Cafe Beemers. Moto GP en direct - MotoGP - RTL Info.

CAFE RACER CULTURE. BellaDonna Trackers. High Voltage. LE CONTAINER. Le Dépassionné. Paris Motorcycle Daily. Foutraque Garage. Twin Zone. Ottonero Cafe Racer. Le Blog Moto. [Fédération Française des Motards en Colère] 1979 Honda Cb650 Cafe Racer. What more do you need on a friday afternoon than a little relaxing video with beautiful scenery and fantastic looking machinery.

1979 Honda Cb650 Cafe Racer

While you're here check out this other video produced by the same people. Obviously Italian, and really just a beautiful video of a woman riding through the countryside on another great looking motorcycle. Check out this video of Genki Hagata's recovery from a near high side. Him floating in the air for a few seconds is really surreal. Can only imagine what it was like for him. Corpses From Hell MG. Motorcycle.