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Paysannerie, rebonds et sursis (3/4) : Bayer-Monsanto : la fusion de tous les dangers. Malgré la contestation, la firme américaine s’apprête à devenir plus puissante encore.

Paysannerie, rebonds et sursis (3/4) : Bayer-Monsanto : la fusion de tous les dangers

OGM: questions sur le «méga deal» entre Bayer et Monsanto - Page 2. Monsanto is About to Get Away With Poisoning Communities With PCBs. Pull up a chair.

Monsanto is About to Get Away With Poisoning Communities With PCBs

You might want to sit down for this news. You’ve probably heard of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). For those who haven’t here’s a quick summary: PCBs were used in the 1930s through the 1970s in electrical equipment, plastics, flooring and many other industrial products, until they were later banned in 1979. They have been linked to cancer in animals, endocrine damage, fertility and other reproductive damage, as well as memory, learning and other neurological effects. Almost all of the PCBs sold in the U.S. where created by, you guessed it, Monsanto.

While Monsanto defends itself against potential legal charges, the United States House of Representatives intends to give Monsanto the ultimate gift in such a situation—immunity against what is anticipated to be millions of dollars’ worth of damages the company faces linked to its development and distribution of PCBs. Fusion Monsanto-Syngenta : moins d’impôts pour plus de pesticides. Monsanto, entreprise symbole mondial des OGM, confirmait dans un communiqué de presse en date du 8 mai [1], avoir fait une offre privée d’achat à Syngenta, une multinationale dont le siège social est à Bâle, en Suisse.

Fusion Monsanto-Syngenta : moins d’impôts pour plus de pesticides

Take the Monsanto Stock Plunge. Dear Investment / Pension Fund Managers, cc: Ned Johnson, CEO Fidelity Abigail Johnson, President Fidelity Bill Mcnabb, CEO Vanguard Josephy Hooley, CEO State Street I urgently request that you permanently remove Monsanto’s stock from investment portfolios under your management.

Take the Monsanto Stock Plunge

In its 100-year history, Monsanto has proven itself to be one of the most destructive companies on the planet, regularly creating toxic chemical products that cause severe harm to human health and the environment. As the manufacturers of Agent Orange, DDT, and PCBs, Monsanto’s corporate executives intentionally ignored the warning of their own scientists for decades about the harmful and even deadly effects that these products had on their employees, the communities where their chemicals were manufactured and even on America’s veterans.

Tragically, under current U.S. law, Monsanto and other seed and chemical biotech companies are allowed to sell their products unlabeled in grocery stores across America. Le bio selon Monsanto. Meet Monsanto’s newest vegetables. Monsanto, everyone’s favorite food villain, is rolling out a new crop of improved veggies — but none of them are GMOs.

Meet Monsanto’s newest vegetables

Or rather, their genes are modified, but in the old-fashioned way: careful cross-breeding to promote desirable traits. Meet the new veggies: Broccoli with up to three times the antioxidantsTeeny-tiny bell peppers (which means less waste)Winter cantaloupe that’s 30 percent sweeterOnions that don’t make you cryLettuce with more nutrients and a longer shelf life. Fungi could help boost crops and slow global warming. If not for an underground love affair between the fungal and plant kingdoms, today’s planet would be a far less hospitable place.

Fungi could help boost crops and slow global warming

Mycorrhizal fungi are critical for more varieties of crops than are bees — nine out of 10 crops have roots that are encrusted with these fungal tentacles. The fungi rummage through soil, fetching water and nutrients and delivering them to the roots of crops and other plants, receiving carbon-rich sugars produced through photosynthesis in return. The fungi protect the plants, which they are basically farming for sugar, from diseases and drought. The myco relationship was formed some 460 million years ago, allowing plants to migrate from the sea onto land, where they started helpfully drawing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, stowing carbon in the soil, and releasing oxygen into the air.

Monsanto just dropped $1 billion on better weather forecasts. Congressional paralysis is freezing or slashing national spending on weather forecasting and monitoring.

Monsanto just dropped $1 billion on better weather forecasts

Plans to deploy a next-generation array of satellites known as COSMIC-2 could be cut by lawmakers as part of the sequester spending cuts — if only they would pass a budget. Are GMOs worth their weight in gold? To farmers, not exactly. Harn Soper has a real-world laboratory to test the benefits of farming with genetically modified (GM) seed.

Are GMOs worth their weight in gold? To farmers, not exactly

Soper’s family owns seven farms near Emmetsburg, Iowa, with organic crops on 410 acres and GM crops on some 300 acres. The farms are all in the same microclimate: If a torrential cloudburst hits one farm, it hits them all. So Soper can compare the economics of one farming style against the other. Monsanto ponies up and Big Ag pulls ahead in GMO labeling horse race. If the GM food labeling battle is a horse race, Big Ag just upgraded to a genetically modified super horse.

Monsanto ponies up and Big Ag pulls ahead in GMO labeling horse race

With wings. Just a few weeks ago those in favor of GMO labeling in Washington state were in the lead, having raised $3.5 million, nearly four times as much as those opposed. But, as we noted at the time: The relative weight of contributions, however, is likely to shift rapidly as the Washington initiative approaches its Nov. 5 moment of truth at the ballot box. Last year, the campaign against the California proposition spent $42 million in the six weeks before the vote.

Academi (ex-Blackwater), la plus grande armée du monde, racheté par Monsanto. GMOs Make Cows & Pigs Sick. What About Humans? By now you’ve probably heard the words Genetically Modified Organism or GMO.

GMOs Make Cows & Pigs Sick. What About Humans?

You’ve probably gotten a good sense of what that means by now, too. You’ve also probably been told that only extremists are getting all worked up over the health risks of plants and foods that contain GMOs. After all, the government says these foods are safe. Should the “Nobel prize for food” go to a Monsanto exec? In a move that has disturbed many anti-hunger advocates, including the 81 global leaders of the World Future Council and laureates of the Right Livelihood Award, the World Food Prize — often known as the Nobel prize for food and agriculture — has given this year’s award to three chemical company executives, including Monsanto executive vice president and chief technology officer, Robert Fraley.

Fraley shares the prize with two other scientists responsible for launching the “technology” behind the biotech business three decades ago, after developing a method for inserting foreign genes into plants. For an award that claims to honor those who contribute to a “nutritious and sustainable food supply,” genetically modified organisms miss the mark on both counts. Compagnies qui utilisent les produits de monsanto. En Inde, coton et OGM. OGM : suicide " collectif " de 1500 fermiers indiens. La vérité émerge lentement: un rapport du Ministère (indien) de l’Intérieur sur les morts par suicide, indique que, jusqu’à 2003, environ 100 000 fermiers se sont suicidés en six ans en Inde. Ces dernières semaines, 1500 fermiers se sont suicidés collectivement en Inde, dans la province de Chattisgarh.

Inde: 250 000 agriculteurs se suicident par an à cause du prix Nobel « Monsanto » ! Monsanto puise dans nos impôts pour s'installer en Europe. Voilà un sujet qui devrait intéresser les associations écologistes. Il met en cause deux acteurs de poids : Monsanto et la BERD - Banque Européenne pour la Reconstruction et le Développement. Monsanto est une entreprise née en 1901 comme notre loi associative.

Utilisation de semences OGM/USA : la Cour suprême étudiera le recours d'un agriculteur contre Monsanto. La Cour suprême des Etats-Unis s'est saisie du recours d'un agriculteur américain contre Monsanto concernant l'utilisation de semences OGM du groupe agrochimique résistantes à l'herbicide RoundUp qu'il produit également. UCS Exposes Lies Behind Monsanto's Claims. Monsanto pours millions of dollars into campaigns to buy the support of governments and farmers and even children. They claim only their genetically modified seeds can save the world’s growing population from hunger. Care2′s bloggers have taken them to task for the escape of GMO canola into wild plantsbuying the research firm that blamed them for bee deathstargeting kids with a pro-GMO coloring bookdeveloping a sweet corn that will not be labeled GMOcausing a root fungus with their Roundup pesticide The list goes on.

Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawai'i: Genetic Engineering Chemical Warfare. Association Kokopelli.