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Calibre - E-book management. Scrivener Features. Ebook Editor For Windows, Mac and Linux - Epub, Kindle books and more. Top 10 Ebook Creator Tools. Every entrepreneur and business owner should have an ebook in their back pocket.

Top 10 Ebook Creator Tools

Nothing beats the credibility and authority of writing an ebook in your area of expertise. More readers than ever are choosing to consume their content online versus the traditional print option. However, writing the content is one thing and creating a visually appealing medium is another. You could hire a high-end ebook interior formatting professional. Or, you could do-it-yourself. But the options to do it yourself can be overwhelming. Before we jump into the list of creator tools, let’s make sure we’re familiar with the three common formats ebooks can come in.

What is the best format for your ebook? There are three common types of ebook formats. PDF – Portable Document Format The PDF is the most common ebook format today by far. Authors who format their ebooks into PDFs have the ability to deliver their ebook however they please. ePub – ePublication Mobi – Mobipocket Reader Choosing software that works for you. E-book management.

Formatting for other retailers. Jutoh Ebook Editor For Windows, Mac and Linux - Epub, Kindle books and more. Welcome to Open Library. LibreTexts - Free The Textbook. Embedded Multimedia Interactive videos are a simple, yet effective way to make your content feel more dynamic.

LibreTexts - Free The Textbook

Whether you chose to embed an existing video or make your own, interactive videos are a great way to present and visualize even the most complex topics. Dynamic Figures Sometimes text and still images just aren't enough to model our 3D world. With dynamic figures, students can manipulate 3D objects in order to get a new perspective and understanding. Jupyter With Jupyter, code can be embedded right into the page for students to try. Hypothesis Hypothesis is a annotation overlay that allows for both public and class-based collaboration. Print on Demand If you like having something tangible to study off of, every page has an option to download and print a PDF version. Complete Printed Version - New!

Want an entire LibreText as a physical copy? One Minute Import into LMS Using the LTI Common Cartridge system, it is possible to import a LibreText into your new course as a set of links. Open Educational Resources (OER) The links below are OER mega sites that offer books as well as other teaching tools.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Assayer – Largest catalogue of open sources textbooks. Also is a good place to find free books about math, science and computers. AU Press – Athabasca University Press – free pdf and low cost print version of mainly Canadian books. BC Campus OER – BC Campus open movement including textbooks. BCcampus SOL*R-Shareable Online Learning Resources – Shareable, browseable and searchable open resources Boundless – high quality content and resources build by a community of educators and experts.

College Open Textbooks – Lists open textbooks by subjects, many of which are peer reviewed. Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources – Advocacy, training, and links to college level open textbooks and other courseware. Open Textbook Library: Journalism, Media Studies & Communications Textbooks. Open Textbook Library: Tools for Podcasting. Jill Olmstead's book included both a breadth and depth of material about the audio podcasting process.

Open Textbook Library: Tools for Podcasting

The book explains the history and current state of podcasting. It goes on to describes step by step how to make podcasts from initial ideas through production, editing, and dissemination. Chapter 6 suggests different ways to script a podcast providing a prototype and also referring students to podcast examples. Chapter 8 covers methods of editing, while Chapter 9 describes how to publish a podcast. The book has clear chapter headings and three helpful Appendices, including Appendix C that describes eight assignments for students.

The book presented very accurate information in an accessible way. Current students are very attuned to podcasts. The book was clearly written. The book lays out terminology very clearly, even for beginners. The organization of the book is excellent. The book is replete with easy to navigate links that both explain and reinforce the material presented. Open Textbook Collections - Open Education - Research Guides at Virginia Tech. OASIS. OpenStax. Gutenberg.