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Unbelievable! Man rides drone to deliver game ball at Portuguese Cup final match! 28/05/2017. Uber Hires Veteran NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars - Bloomberg. The man who inspired Google’s co-founder will join the ride-hailing startup’s nascent project.

Uber Hires Veteran NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars - Bloomberg

In 2010, an advanced aircraft engineer at NASA’s Langley Research Center named Mark Moore published a white paper outlining the feasibility of electric aircrafts that could take off and land like helicopters but were smaller and quieter. The vehicles would be capable of providing a speedy alternative to the dreary morning commute. Moore’s research (PDF) into so-called VTOL—short for vertical takeoff and landing, or more colloquially, flying cars—inspired at least one billionaire technologist. After reading the white paper, Google co-founder Larry Page secretly started and financed two Silicon Valley startups, Zee Aero and Kitty Hawk, to develop the technology, Bloomberg Businessweek reported last summer. Now Moore is leaving the confines of the U.S. Uber isn’t constructing a flying car yet. ”Létající auto” pro města otestujeme do konce roku, prohlásil šéf Airbusu.

Man Straps Drones Together To Create A DIY Hovercraft. Drones are defined as a non-piloted aircraft, controlled remotely by the user.

Man Straps Drones Together To Create A DIY Hovercraft

Viewed as an innocent pastime by some, and an annoying invasive toy to others, drones have become increasingly popular in recent years with models hitting the market for as little as $40 (£25). AVE Mizar. Development[edit]

AVE Mizar

3.0 prototype revealed. Wednesday 29 October, 2014 — A beautifully designed fully functional prototype of a flying car was revealed today.

3.0 prototype revealed

This new multi-modal vehicle prototype was developed and built in only 10 months. (Vienna, Wednesday 29 October, 2014) – An advanced prototype of the flying roadster AeroMobil 3.0 was unveiled today in Vienna during the Pioneers Festival that celebrates entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. AeroMobil 3.0 prototype was designed and manufactured by engineers led by chief designer and CTO Stefan Klein and CEO Juraj Vaculik, co-founders of the company, in just 10 months after the release of the previous and much more basic pre-prototype of the flying car, the AeroMobil 2.5. Flying like a bird. Létající kolo vzlétlo v Letňanech. Sen Jana Tleskače se stal skutečností –

Středa 12. června 2013, 15:08 - Praha.

Létající kolo vzlétlo v Letňanech. Sen Jana Tleskače se stal skutečností –

I Was Promised Flying Cars. Photo Gray Matter By ADAM FRANK AS an astronomy-obsessed kid in the 1970s, I subsisted on a steady diet of science fiction.

I Was Promised Flying Cars

It promised a future filled with technological wonders: talking computers, bionic limbs, flying cars. Where's Our Future Technology? The Flying Car Will Be Here In 3 Years - Business Insider. Terrafugia The term “flying car” brings to mind images from “The Jetsons” and “Blade Runner,” where the skies are crowded with vehicles and the average driver spends more time aloft than on the ground.

The Flying Car Will Be Here In 3 Years - Business Insider

That reality remains in the distant future, but it’s hardly unimaginable. Real flying cars should be on the market in the next few years, but the first wave will be designed for pilots who sometimes want to drive — not ordinary drivers who want to fly above traffic. The Driving Plane Leading the way is Terrafugia, founded in 2006 by five MIT-trained engineers, all of them pilots.

They came up with four, he said: Small aircraft can’t fly in bad weather. These are all serious limits to the practicality and enjoyment of flying as a hobby. The Transition is a small aircraft whose wings can fold up so it can drive on the road. It’s efficient: Flying at 100 mph, it gets an outstanding 20 miles per gallon. World's only JetPack flies in New York. Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit. A secret question hovers over us, a sense of disappointment, a broken promise we were given as children about what our adult world was supposed to be like.

Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit

I am referring not to the standard false promises that children are always given (about how the world is fair, or how those who work hard shall be rewarded), but to a particular generational promise—given to those who were children in the fifties, sixties, seventies, or eighties—one that was never quite articulated as a promise but rather as a set of assumptions about what our adult world would be like. Emirates: #HelloJetman. The World's Only Jetpack Soars Past the Statue of Liberty New York.

NEW YORK, Nov. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Science Fiction became science fact in New York today when for the first time in history, an aviator flew by jetpack in a controlled and sustained flight around Statue of Liberty.

The World's Only Jetpack Soars Past the Statue of Liberty New York

Soaring high across the Hudson River, Australian entrepreneur David Mayman became the first person to prove the viability of personal flying devices. Mayman’s flight was the culmination of a 10 year challenge to design and build a light-weight, wearable flying device that will allow people to take to the skies. The JB-9 is small enough to sit in the back seat of a car but powerful enough to fly thousands of feet high. The JB-9 jetpack, approved for the flight by the FAA and US Coast Guard was developed by legendary Hollywood inventor (and winner of 3 Academy Awards), Nelson Tyler and Mayman.