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This pearltree has so far been a compilation of recommended reading lists of multiple genres. Enjoy!

The Next America: Boomers, Millennials, and the Looming Generational Showdown:Amazon:Books. Greatest Books Ever Written - Esquire's 75 Books Every Man Should Read. 100 Best Novels « Modern Library. 10 works of fiction that might change the way you look at nature.

The 10 Greatest Apocalyptic Novels Of All Time. After scouring book reviews and Wikipedia, a list of the Top Ten Best Apocalyptic Novels was born. The books on this list take you down the darkest paths in uncivilized worlds, from cannibalistic gangs to vampire infected corpses. If this list doesn't get you thinking on the quickest way stock your basement full of water, canned goods and rifles, I don't know what will! Enjoy! The Books That Changed Your Lives. I have a feeling that many of these are favourite books rather than life-changing.

The Books That Changed Your Lives

Certainly I love "The Hitch-hikers Guide ... ", "Ender" and "Dune" but I don't think they have changed my life. 15 Books You Should Have Read in 2010 - Culture. Image by Jane Mount, Courtesy 20x200 Yes, we read Freedom this year and yes, it was good.

15 Books You Should Have Read in 2010 - Culture

As Esquire put it, it “was one great slab of a book, at a time when most books have given up on greatness.” But there were other books in 2010, books that had to compete for our ever more challenged attention spans and won. 50 Most Influential Books of the Last 50 (or so) Years. In compiling the books on this list, the editors at SuperScholar have tried to provide a window into the culture of the last 50 years.

50 Most Influential Books of the Last 50 (or so) Years

Ideally, if you read every book on this list, you will know how we got to where we are today. Not all the books on this list are “great.” The criterion for inclusion was not greatness but INFLUENCE. In Defense of Human Rights: A Non-Religious Grounding in a Pluralistic World (Routledge Innovations in Political Theory) (9780415479691): Ari Kohen. Books Every Social Entrepreneur Should Read. Books take us on an incredible journey—sometimes real, and sometimes not—that hopefully encourage us to be creative, to realize what is possible, and to imagine new possibilities.

Books Every Social Entrepreneur Should Read

What books inspire you? What books have really stuck with you? And what are you looking forward to reading? We asked the 2011 Echoing Green Finalists these questions and they shared books ranging from fiction, to how-to, to nonfiction and childhood favorites.