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Disclaimer: Online Learning Platforms in this post means products that are not affiliated with colleges for the award of degrees/ course credits. Hence, the #epic courses from universities like University of Phoenix do not qualify. However, products like Edufire, for instance, do qualify. Seven Reasons Online Learning Platforms Might Never Take Off Seven Reasons Online Learning Platforms Might Never Take Off
Removing The Stigma From Edutainment Removing The Stigma From Edutainment Education in general and education reform in particular abound in buzzwords. If you follow conversations concerning technology and its place in the realm of education reform, you’re bound to hear about "accountability," "data-driven assessment," "the flipped classroom," just to start. If you venture further into discussions around actual educational technologies, you’ll likely also come across terms such as “edutainment,” describing products that incorporate games or game-like features. The premise underlying these products implies that today’s students require entertainment in order to learn.

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11 Tech Factors That Changed Education in 2011
EcoTek - Science at Work! Our Program Our program is focused on providing academically gifted students in middle school and high school with opportunities to participate in international science research projects. The projects are very challenging and prepare the students for college-level opportunities. Below is a list of the type of research and development projects that our students are presently working on. Alternative Energy (biofuel, wind energy, hydrogen-fuel cell) Environmental Conservation (water conservation, waste management) Food Security Healthcare EcoTek - Science at Work!
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