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Log into Facebook. How to: Portfolio sites for journalists, GitHub makes them cheap and (kinda) easy. Time and time again, new journalists are told to market themselves and make a brand for themselves. The new media heroes of the day have all done it — Nate Silver and fivethirtyeight, Andrew Sullivan and The Daily Dish, Brian Stelter and TVNewser, Matt Thompson, Kat Chow, Touré, Danyel Smith — the list goes on. Sometimes, though, all you need is a static site to tell people who you are and what you do — a personal, or portfolio site with contact info and links to your work. The only problem is that hosting a website is hard work. Just registering a domain name requires navigating a labyrinth of menus and navigation bars designed in the early 2000s that do more to confuse than inform. And for those looking to host full blogs on WordPress or other platforms, it requires syncing a web host to a domain registrar, which can get even more confusing.

At Medill School, students are instructed early to buy their own domain name and install a WordPress blog on it. Wait, what? Still here? Now What? Créer un site internet | Création de site web gratuit | WIX. Codez votre premier site web sur Le Wagon On Demand. Iframe Scaffolder. LightBox Technology & Marketing | Apply. 660+ Free Product Mockups ~ Placeit. Entrepreneurial Journalism by Jeremy Caplan | ZEEF. Career Blueprints. Just five years ago, I was where you are. In early 2009, I had just begun a new job at a digital agency.

Just 7 short weeks after starting, I was called in to a conference room and laid off. As I sat, listening to the CEO explain the situation, I looked around the room and noticed something: of the dozen employees being let go, only one of them was a developer. Everyone else was a strategist or a project manager (like myself). One thing was clear: in that tough economic climate, if you didn’t have hard technical skills, you were expendable.

So there I was, laid off, with no real skills to speak of, left staring at a $300 weekly unemployment check and the worst job climate in our nation’s history. Since then I have: So what did I do in order to go from laid off to where I am now? I started with one teeny tiny small step: I learned digital skills. It wasn’t easy. You too can transform your career. The Skillcrush Career Blueprints are the programs I wish I had. That’s my promise to you! Join us! Learn to code | Codecademy. Outil d'analyse de l'actualité et du référencement social | GraphyStories. Blockspring.

Social web: comment l'agence Storyful trouve "le signal au milieu du bruit" - Dublin Notes. Agence de presse branchée sur Twitter, YouTube ou Instagram, Storyful vend un flux vérifié de “contenus utilisateurs” aux rédactions du monde entier. Elle partage aussi outils et méthodes pour guider les journalistes dans la jungle du “social web.” Visite dans les bureaux de Dublin. Tempête de neige, chaton mignon ou scène de guerre… Le recours aux photos et vidéos amateurs a fait du chemin dans les rédactions. A la fin des années 2000, on réalisait qu’un anonyme avec un smartphone serait presque toujours plus rapide, plus proche et plus “authentique” que le plus réactif des reporters.

Désormais, on accepte même que les “contenus produits par les utilisateurs” (User generated content ou UGC) puissent servir un journalisme ambitieux. “Finding the signal…” La force de Storyful est d’avoir compris mieux que les autres cette extension irrésistible du domaine du journalisme. Elle a été créée en 2010 par Marc Little. Des flux Twitter dans le fil d’agence “Mieux vaut un retard qu’une erreur””

Tower - The most powerful Git client for Mac. Learn Git - Introduction. About Being Professional What does it take to be a professional? Is it about how much you know? About knowing your topic inside out? Of course it is. But it's only one part of the equation. The other part is about using the right tools and cultivating the right habits. You won't find a five-star chef who works with a cheap knife - he knows that he will produce better results and work safer with the best tool for the job. Just the same, you won't find a top programmer, web developer, or web designer who doesn't use version control.

Don't mind a little bit of sweat to learn version control. About This Book The goal of this book is to get you started with version control and Git as quickly and easily as possible. That being said, Git and version control in general remain highly technical topics. Since everyone comes with his own, unique background, it's hard to determine a common starting point for everybody. Have fun learning Git. CodeKit: THE Mac App For Web Developers. Sublime Text: The text editor you'll fall in love with. Blog (in) | Just another Evernote Blog site. Keeping record of everything they do may become a herculean task for journalists sometimes, owing to their busy and hectic schedules and always on-the-move lifestyles.

They will probably have to frantically check sent folders and try to scrounge through folders on their hard drive, if they had to look for a story they wrote last month. And this is only legit considering they deal with myriad documents and things every day, and it may become hard to organize things sometimes. Well, nothing to worry! Evernote helps you with all that without any hassle. Here’s how Evernote helps Journalists and make their work easier and more effective: Archive all your information If you’re a Journalist, you can use Evernote to take snapshots of your handwritten notes (or log your typed ones) or images, audio notes from all your interactions/ interviews and save them with relevant metadata.

Image courtesy: UrbanPixels Research effectively and easily Access everything from anywhere Share notes and Collaborate. Importez, partagez et découvrez des contenus sur SlideShare. Calaméo - Publiez et partagez vos documents. Scribd - Read Unlimited Books. Google publie un kit de développement web responsive. Le géant américain livre un kit reposant sur le template HTML5 Boilerplate. Objectif : faciliter un développement web auto-adaptatif ciblant les principaux formats d'écran.

Google propose un nouvel outil à destination des développeurs web multiplateforme. Il s'agit d'un kit d'outils, reposant sur le célèbre template HTML5 Boilerplate, conçu pour faciliter la création de sites en responsive design (ou auto-adaptatif) ciblant à la fois smartphones, tablettes et PC. Baptisé Web Starter Kit, l'outil vient compléter le site Web Fundamentals, à travers lequel Google propose une documentation de bonnes pratiques à destination des codeurs de pages web. Google précise avoir réalisé un gros travail pour assurer un rendu performant, en ligne avec ses recommandations. Web Fundamentals et Web Starter Kit sont disponibles sur GitHub. Sequence.js and Sequence Themes. Web Intents. By using Web Intents, you agree to the Developer Rules of the Road. Make it easy to bring interactivity to Tweets that you display on the web. Web Intents provide popup-optimized flows for working with Tweets & Twitter Users: Tweet, Reply, Retweet, Favorite, and Follow.

They make it possible for users to interact with Twitter content in the context of your site, without leaving the page or having to authorize a new app just for the interaction. Web intents are mobile friendly, and super easy to implement. Working with Web Intents Web Intents are the simplest way to make the Tweets you display on your website interactive. Web Intents automatically detect whether the end user is currently logged in to and asks for login when necessary. Web Intents don't require Javascript, but it makes it easier to pop them up most elegantly. Web Intents are also mobile browsing friendly and ready for use on iOS, Android, and most modern mobile devices. Images for Twitter birds, icons for replying &

4 responsive web design tools to add to your workflow | Web design. Perhaps it's taken you each and every day since Ethan Marcotte dropped the responsive web design (RWD) bomb. Maybe it happened instantly. Most likely, it was somewhere in between. Inevitably, you realised it. Responsive web design (RWD) is hard. Part of the difficulty is that it's tricky to communicate visually. How do you show a client or a developer your intention for a single element at multiple breakpoints, outside of actually building it?

Certainly HTML and CSS are great for implementing RWD and, for some, designing solely with code is a viable option. Until recently, such an environment was typically an image editor like Photoshop. Web design demands that our tools have fluid canvases, integrate web fonts and speak in the language of CSS. Let's take a closer look at four apps promising to aid responsive design that have managed to separate themselves from the rest. Webflow For Sergie and Vlad Magdalin, the need for a better web design tool came out of some brotherly frustration. La liste des meilleurs outils SEO. Depuis que je fais du référencement, j’ai trouvé beaucoup de sites proposant des outils SEO, mais rarement une liste complète de tools efficaces et utiles au quotidien.

Chacun défend évidemment ses propres outils, mais, du coup, il est parfois difficile de faire le tri et de ne conserver que les meilleurs. N’ayant pas de parti pris, je vais tenter de rester objectif, du moins autant que ça puisse exister. Voici donc une liste non exhaustive d’outils essentiels pour le référencement. Le premier constat à tirer est que le nombre d’outils est très grand et le lister en une fois seul billet sera dur, c’est pourquoi ce Tools Check-up est divisé en deux grandes parties.Le plus compliqué pour réaliser cet article, ce n’est pas de lister les outils, même si je suis persuadé d’en avoir oublié, mais bel et bien de les classer pour vous les présenter.

Les add-ons de FireFox On a va tout d’abord commencer par les outils les plus simples à mettre en place : les add-ons de votre navigateur. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML. Test Webpage Load Time. FileSquare - Make interactive mockups and collect feedback on design. Website wireframes: Mockingbird.

InVision – New Features. Mockups – Balsamiq. Take a second. Let it sink in. The first impression might be disorienting. There are very few interface elements on the screen. Start exploring however, and you'll find out that Mockups is filled with powerful yet only-visible-when-you-need-them features. Getting your ideas out should be effortless. We've been in business long enough that we think we have learned enough about ourselves, our product, our customers and our competitive space to be able to put a stake in the ground and tell the world what we're about. Our sweet spot: the ideation phase Mockups really shines during the early stages of designing a new interface. Mockups is zenware, meaning that it will help you get "in the zone", and stay there. Mockups offers the same speed and rough feel as sketching with pencil, with the advantage of the digital medium: drag & drop to resize and rearrange elements, make changes without starting over, and your work is clear enough that you'll make sense of them later.

Skin: Ready to try it out? Buy Premium Web UI Kits, Icons and Graphics - Shop. Ejfox/sStory. HTML5 donne de la profondeur à la narration. L’année dernière, le NY Times avait bluffé tout le monde en sortant un dossier superbement illustré et mis en scène grâce à HTML5, mais soulevait d’importantes questions quant à la viabilité de ce type de création : Le NY Times innove avec Snow Fall, mais illustre les limites de la narration multimédia.

Si l’on ne peut que s’émerveiller devant l’impeccable réalisation de Snow Fall, je m’étais interrogé sur la capacité des éditeurs de contenus en ligne à financer ce type de projet. Il faut croire que j’avais sous-estimé cette capacité : 12 wonderful examples of immersive online storytelling. Sur l’année passée, nous avons ainsi été les témoins de l’émergence d’une nouvelle forme de narration enrichie grâce à HTML5. Parmi les réalisations les plus marquantes, j’ai retenu : Laissez un commentaire. Flat UI colors » purple.