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5 Great iPad Apps for Running Surveys and Polls in Class. March 5, 2015 Surveys and polls can serve a wide variety of educational purposes.

5 Great iPad Apps for Running Surveys and Polls in Class

As a teacher, you can use them to initiate quick formative assessments, gather informal feedback on your students learning, run mock exams, learn about students interests and learning pace to mention a few. 64 Varied And Essential iPad Apps For Teachers. 64 Varied And Essential iPad Apps For Teachers by TeachThought Staff What exactly makes an app “essential” is open to interpretation.

64 Varied And Essential iPad Apps For Teachers

For pure productivity, you could consider the direction of Google Drive, Skype, Zoom Notes, iAnnotate–maybe a gradebook app, Class Dojo, etc. But what if your classroom if is full of open-ended projects and you need to constantly communicate with students, parents, and the community? Google+, Google Hangouts, Remind, DIY, and maybe Trello? College-prepping seniors in high school?

Which is what made the list below by Craig Nansen so interesting–its diversity. Kahoot- Excellent Web Tool for Creating and delivering Quizzes and Surveys to Students. July 28, 2014 Kahoot is another great student response system that teachers can use to create and deliver quizzes and surveys to students.

Kahoot- Excellent Web Tool for Creating and delivering Quizzes and Surveys to Students

Kahoot provides a learning environment that is ideal for engaging students for it incorporates the precepts of both game-based learning and inquiry-based learning. Kahoot allows teachers to create quizzes and surreys that include a wide variety of multimedia elements such as videos, pictures and text. Each quiz you create can be accessed by students across different devices . Also teachers have the possibility to create time-controlled quizzes. You can set a specific period of time for the answer of each question. Running Records on the iPad. Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.

Running Records on the iPad

-Harry S. Truman Powerful teaching happens when teachers take information gained from observations and assessments of children’s literacy development into consideration when planning instruction. Since observations can be subjective, it is important to include data from more formal observations as well. We use running records as assessment tools to assess students literacy progress. I have found an app called Record of Reading. Running records inform our instruction through capturing progress, assessing text difficulty, matching texts appropriately to students, and seeing and hearing reading behaviors directly.

Watching my students grow as readers is rewarding. Today, we will do exciting new things. Like this: Like Loading... Top Five iPad Apps for Teaching Across All Content Areas. Ever since I was a kid, I loathed back to school commercials.

Top Five iPad Apps for Teaching Across All Content Areas

They always showed parents gleefully skipping through aisles of pencils and notebooks as the kids, sullen and dejected, sluggishly followed along. 50 Fab Apps for Teachers. Less Is More You don’t need a one-to-one classroom (one device for every student) to integrate tablets into instruction.

50 Fab Apps for Teachers

Whether you have one tablet or five, possibilities for teaching with them abound. Single Tablet • Independent reading Load up your tablet with books in a reading app. Allow students to check out the tablet for the day or week for in-class use, just as they would a book from the class library. Have students sign a contract that they’ll handle the tablet properly. The iPad Effect: A Top-10 List » Third Graders, Dreaming Big. It’s only been a few months, but I’ve already noticed some drastic changes in our classroom when the iPads roll in….

The iPad Effect: A Top-10 List » Third Graders, Dreaming Big

I’ve labeled these Top-10 phenomena as being The iPad Effect, as they seem to occur every Tuesday and Thursday…. 1. Fewer Water Bubbler Visits Days when there are no iPads in the classroom, students seem to ask to leave to hydrate at the bubbler far more often than they do when the iPads ARE in the classroom. 9 Great iPad Apps for Teachers. We are back to you with another awesome list of some iPad apps we have meticulously handpicked for you.

9 Great iPad Apps for Teachers

Just keep in mind that the apps listed below are new apps that are featured for the first time here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, just in case some of you wonder why great apps like Dropbox, Evernote and several others have not been included. We have already reviewed those apps and you can access them Here. The commonality between all of these apps is that they were designed with teachers in mind. Teach with Your iPhone: Apps to Use in the Classroom. You don't need a class set of netbooks or iPads to integrate technology into your daily instruction.

Teach with Your iPhone: Apps to Use in the Classroom

There are some fantastic, free iPhone apps that are perfect for teachers who are looking to change up their daily routine. These apps can make everyday tasks easier, simplify what you're already doing, and maybe just inspire others to make an investment in technology at your school. Common Core MasteryConnect has designed a wonderful app to keep the Common Core State Standards at your fingertips. Navigate the app by choosing your students' grade and subject area to access detailed information about each standard.

20 Must Have iPad Apps for Teachers. More and more iPad apps are created everyday to the point that it becomes very hard to keep up with the new releases let alone sift through the piles to find the good ones.

20 Must Have iPad Apps for Teachers

Most teachers do not have that spare time to go online and conduct such a rigorous task . This is where list-posts come in handy. They not only provide you with the best options available out there but also save you some precious time you might need for something else. Again some are just enthralled by the idea of creating such posts when in fact there is nothing good about the lists they make except their shining title.

Through the experience we have accumulated here over a couple of years with reviewing educational web tools and apps, we succeeded in creating a network of trusted Edubloggers who have a very good reputation in this field and who really contribute to the advancement of educational technology through their laborious efforts and postings. 15 Great Free iPad Apps for Professional Development. With the advance of mobile technology into our life, the notion of professional development has been radically reshaped.To grow professionally is no longer limited to a certain geographic setting with a predefined set of resources, we can now learn wherever we are and on the go.

No more boundaries and this is certainly one of the biggest advantages in embracing this kind of technology. To expand this professional development notion to your iPad , I have compiled a list of some of the best free apps that you as a teacher and educator, can install on your iOS device. The list is not exhaustive and there might be other important apps not mentioned here but the ones below are a great stepping stone into the world of self learning.

Check them out. 1- Twitter This is Twitter official app that lets you follow your interests, instant updates from your friends, and many more. 2- Skype 3- Google Voice 4- Hey Tell This is an awesome iOS app that lets users instantly talk with friends and family. 8 Great Grading Apps for iPad. After posting about some of the best gradebook tools for teachers we got an email from one of our readers asking about some grading apps for iPad. We looked into our archive and found a post that we have published almost a year ago containing some great grading apps for iOS users but because thousands of apps have been created since the posting of that list we deemed it important that we do a general scan to review the new emerging grading apps. We found quite many but we only handpicked the ones mentioned below. Just bear in mind that for us to recommend apps to teachers and educators, we first review them' see if they are ranked and read people's comments about them, try some of them when possible , and check on them online which is a process that takes time but is worth the endeavour .