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Maria and Karla

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Smartphones, Tablets, E-readers, Impresoras 3D y Robótica educativa - BQ.

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FabLab IED Madrid - Laboratorio de Fabricación del IED Madrid - Fab Lab IED Madrid. Maker Faire. Epilog Laser Sample Club: Downloadable Project Files. Social network for kids focuses on sharing DIY creations. Free 3D Printable Files and Designs.

We like this web because it has a lot of 3D printers – mateandmarta

DIY Projects, Communities and Cultures. We adopt the Wikipedia definition of DIY (Do It Yourself) as any creation, modification or repair of objects without the aid of paid professionals.

DIY Projects, Communities and Cultures

DIY practices predate recorded history as human survival often relied on the ability to repair and repurpose tools and materials. Over the past few decades, new materials and sharing mechanisms have led to a wider adoption of DIY culture. One of the earliest “modern era” DIY communities formed among amateur radio hobbyists in the 1920’s. Ham radio communication continued even during World War II, when a ban was placed on amateur radio communication. Starting in the 1970's, enthusiasts created 'zines' to express the punk aesthetic. FabLab Madrid CEU. Fastcompany. You’ve found the perfect candidate and they’ve accepted. Congratulations! Having held all the cards throughout the hiring process, this can be an uncomfortable time for managers. When days tick by and there’s still no sign of a signed contract or confirmed start date, even the most trusting of hiring managers will grow suspicious.

Madrid Mini Maker Faire - 24-25 Septiembre 2016, Medialab-Prado.