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Pmarchive. Stories from female founders and women entrepreneurs – Join us for the PITCH Conference on February 14 in Mountain View, CA – Details at. Welcome to Strictly Startup blog ! Hands-on startup advice for emerging entrepreneurs. Business - Start a Startup. Ready to turn your ideas into a reality? The "Start a Startup" IntentPage provides the ins and outs of what is involved in Starting your own Startup Company, from idea conception to building your team, to raising money. To Start or Not This is part of my Startup Advice series I often have career discussions with entrepreneurs - both young and more mature - whether they should join company Added on 9/1/2011 Funding I've got two basic rules of thumb. Added on 7/8/2011 Team This post originally appeared on TechCrunch. Added on 5/28/2011 Note that we think of the VP Engineering role (as opposed to the CTO) as the person who makes software that gets built on schedule, on budget, in a reliable, scalable way etc.

Everything you ever wanted to know about advisors, Part 1. Nivi · January 31st, 2008 Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about advisors.

Everything you ever wanted to know about advisors, Part 1

If you have additional questions, email us at Table of Contents. Thoughts on startups by investors that fund them & entrepreneurs that run them. The two sites you mentioned are both secondary listing services, for later stage companies.

Thoughts on startups by investors that fund them & entrepreneurs that run them

For a new angel investor, by far the best thing to do is to join a local angel investor group that belongs to the Angel Capital Association. There are hundreds of them, with at least one in every state. Major metropolitan areas typically have more than one. Some groups specialize, investing primarily in life sciences or tech companies or women-led ventures or other areas. Some are wide open, investing in everything from real estate to films.

But regardless of the specifics, what they all have in common is bringing together a group of active Accredited Investors interested in supporting young startups. The typical US angel group will receive a dozen or more funding applications from startups each month; the most active ones, such as New York Angels will receive over 100. Guy Kawasaki: Get it out there & enchant. Startup2Startup's Channel. StartupCaffeine's Channel. Venture Hacks - Good advice for startups. Daniel R. Odio - A Tech Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Startups Wiki: Ask YC Archive. This pages is an archive of quality Hacker News "Ask YC" posts grouped by subject.

Startups Wiki: Ask YC Archive

"Quality" means posts that are a) generally relevant to startups and b) contain a decent amount of useful discussion/advice. All posts on this page have been looked at manually. Within groups (and sub-groups) stories are sorted in descending date order because newer stories are more timely (in addition to often having more comments). For a more up-to-date listing (that includes postings where this one left off), check out the Ask HN Archive.

When referencing this page, don't copy and paste the links to table of contents sections, as they are numerically designated and thus subject to change. Financial Can you defer student loans to start a company? Accounting. 5 reasons why the UNTHINK Experiment is over – and 6 pieces of advice for new start-ups « interacter. When I received an invitation to join the latest social network as it took its fledgling steps, I promised that I’d give it a month to see how it worked out.

5 reasons why the UNTHINK Experiment is over – and 6 pieces of advice for new start-ups « interacter

Fast forward six weeks – not only have I discontinued use but I’ve deleted my account as well. Here are the five reasons why – and some advice for future social media start-ups.Reason One: The technology wasn’t ready. When I originally blogged about UNTHINK, I criticised the load times. This hasn’t improved – today’s load for example took around 8seconds on IE over a 10mg broadband line. Firefox meanwhile took 9.522s. This wasn’t even to get logged in. Aside from the speed, there have been many other issues dogging the network. Reason 2: The User Interface wasn’t up to it. Look at the cleanliness of the Google+ UI, the ‘newnew’ Twitter or even (gasp) Facebook. I found the UNTHINK UI perpetually confusing. I simply don’t have time to learn something that isn’t intuitive and which might not take off anyway.

Nothing. (Founder Stories) Kevin Systrom On Instagram's Launch, "I Have Never Felt So Sick Ever" Best Questions on Startup Advice and Strategy. AppMakr Raises $1 Million To Help You Build Custom iPhone Apps. AppMakr, a service that makes it easy to generate your own custom, native iPhone application, has closed a $1 million seed round.

AppMakr Raises $1 Million To Help You Build Custom iPhone Apps

The round includes angel investors and VCs: Mitch Kapor (founder of Lotus), Bill Lee, Rich Chen, Charles River Ventures (George Zachary & Bill Tai), Brian McClendon (angel, VP of Engineering at Google), Kima Ventures (Jeremie Berrebi & Xavier Niel), Warren Hellman (previously at Lehman Bros), Ben Narasin (TriplePoint Ventures), Pietro Dova, Sean Glass (Top Floor), Transmedia Capital (Chris Redlitz & Peter Boboff, of Kicklabs incubator).

We’ve written about AppMakr a few times in the past — the startup launched in early 2010, allowing users to put together an iPhone application with a surprisingly small amount of work involved. COO Daniel Odio says that applications built using AppMakr now represent around 1% of the apps on the App Store — or around 3,000 applications. AppMakr dealt with this by establishing an “App Quality Index”. Steve Blank. Lessons Learned.