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Hirs. Voyager Golden Record. Hendrik Kerstens. STUDIO ERWIN OLAF. Jan-Dirk van der Burg. KUNST AUFRÄUMEN. Ursus Wehrli tidies up art. Tessa Farmer. Pawel Jaszczuk. CA7590 : Abraham Lake, Elliott Peak, Alberta, Canada : Emmanuel Coupe Photography. Thoughtful Photography. Own a Print Update 17th September 2012: 5 images in this series have been placed 2nd as a series in the 2012 IPA awards.

Thoughtful Photography

Update 20th June 2012: I am honoured and pleased to announce that three of my art pieces (Gerbera Exploded 01, Gerbera Exploded 02 and Pom Pom Exploded 01 are now available exclusively via Lux Archive in limited editions) Update 6th November: I have concluded this series today, with a set total of 20 exploded flowers in this particular series – Realised that there are many more flowers out there in the world, and I cannot possibly include them all! Flowers are indeed one of the most beautiful and complex structures found in nature, specifically designed to achieve the purpose of reproduction. This is a new series I have embarked on – exploded flowers which are images that show the radial symmetry of flowers, and also individual floral components.

Frauke thielking fotografie.


Amazon. Rode boom. SONS - Shoes Or No Shoes? ARTWORKS BY INVADER. Wim T. Schippers - Het is me wat, 1999. LA MACHINE - Constructeurs et créateurs de spectacle vivant - Nantes - Tournefeuille. Cultuurwijs - Reis door cultuur in Nederland. Create. MyMachine. Etoile Mécanique ontwerpbureau voor productontwikkeling & prototype design.