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Nadav Kander's Nudes Challenge Our Perception Of Beautiful Bodies The human body is a wonder of diversity. You wouldn’t know it from perusing your local magazine rack, though. In his latest exhibition, Nadav Kander offers a new view of the nude that’s at once classic and contemporary and one that also offers a corrective to the tyranny of airbrushing in popular media. "Bodies – 6 Women, 1 Man" opened in London last week at the Flowers Gallery, offering visitors a veritable feast of the flesh. Rather than utilize the visual auto-tuning that is fast becoming a society standard--one in which female celebrities are sometimes called "brave" for posing sans makeup--these images emphasize the natural idiosyncrasies of the human form.

Home page of Jacob Holdt Melody: "Climbing Jacob's ladder" Who am I? Due to the seriousness of American Pictures I am often perceived as a very serious person. So here on my personal homepage I will try to relax a bit and show some other - more teasing - sides of myself.... can always turn me off here:

all images (c) mehmet nevzat erdogan Next ASKWebsiteArchive see the complete story here Noell S. Oszvald [Fotografía] Noell S. Oszvald "Prejudice (Prejuicio)" © Noell Oszvald Poco sabemos de Noell S. Osvald, salvo que es una fotógrafa húngara y que ha realizado una hermosa serie de trabajos en blanco y negro sumamente llamativos. Edward Quinn. Photographer - Mozilla Firefox  Des photos rares d’un ghetto en Pologne, sous l’objectif du photographe de Hitler Par Alain Granat - Mardi 7 janvier 2014 Pourquoi Hugo Jaeger, célèbre photographe allemand dans les années 30, nazi de la première heure et l’un des rares photographes admis dans le cercle restreint des intimes d’Hitler pour immortaliser le Führer, a-t-il réalisé ces photos exceptionnelles de juifs du ghetto de Kutno en Pologne ? Exceptionnelles, ces photos le sont à plus d’un titre. D’abord en raison de la personnalité du photographe, familier d’Hitler, envoyé en Pologne sous l’uniforme comme correspondant de guerre pour fixer des images de propagande telles qu’on en a vu des centaines. Ensuite parce que Jaeger est l’un des rares photographes allemand à utiliser alors la nouvelle technologie des films couleurs produits par Kodak, ainsi qu’un procédé permettant de visionner ces photos en 3D.

Julianne Popa spring summer autumn winter échecs dogs of Romania Train of Thought: On the ‘Subway’ Photographs by Bruce Davidson In the spring of 1980, I began to photograph the New York subway system. Before beginning this project, I was devoting most of my time to commissioned assignments and to writing and producing a feature film based on Isaac Bashevis Singer’s novel, Enemies, A Love Story. When the final option expired on the film, I felt the need to return to my still photography—to my roots. I began to photograph the traffic islands that line Broadway. Damien Blottière’s Fifth Element Photography photo © Damien Blottière You may have heard of him lately if you so happen to be a part of Paris’ fashion and photography circles. Through the unique photographic ‘cut and paste’ technique that he uses, this is the photography of the future through the lens and hands of the French born photographer, Damien Blottière. Paris, March 2012: The design issue of Out Magazine falls into our hands featuring a cover story of our 80’s ‘Enfant terrible’ of fashion, Jean-Paul Gaultier in an image that evokes an impression of the past blending with the future.

Sweet and Sexually Charged Photography (20 photos) Originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Carlos Nunez is an LA-based photographer whose gorgeous shots can easily range from sweet and demure to downright sexy. You can tell that he has that rare ability to put his models at ease, making them feel free to express themselves and show us a side to them few people ever get to see. Take a look at Nunez's blog and you'll see shots we can't necessarily feature here on My Modern Met (in other words, NSFW). Sexually charged, the photos are a tribute to the empowered woman and her willingness to be unabashedly free. I was able to get in touch with the elusive Nunez to ask him a few questions.

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