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Announcing Ionic Vue - Ionic Blog. Today I am thrilled to announce the release of Ionic Vue, a native Vue version of Ionic Framework that makes it easy to build apps for iOS, Android, and the web as a Progressive Web App.

Announcing Ionic Vue - Ionic Blog

Ionic Vue has been written to take advantage of all the great new features that recently shipped in Vue 3. Ionic Vue represents a big milestone in Ionic Framework’s development after the release of our React integration earlier in 2020. This launch is the culmination of our “Ionic for Everyone” push that was kicked off in early 2019 with the release of Ionic Framework v4. As a result, I’d like to share some context as to how we got here and where we are going next. Click here if you just want to get started building with Ionic Vue, I won’t be offended. A bit about Ionic Framework If this is your first time hearing about Ionic, Hello there! Ionic Framework is an open source UI toolkit focused on building high quality mobile apps for native iOS, native Android, and the web! A Brief History A Big Milestone. Introduction à Vue.js et au framework Quasar - Ces dernières années, nous avons assisté à une prolifération d’outils et de frameworks JavaScript, tels que Angular et React .

Introduction à Vue.js et au framework Quasar -

Je me souviens quand j'ai acheté un livre sur Grunt.js : il était déjà abandonné par les développeurs, qui avaient commencé à utiliser d'autres outils comme Gulp «le système de construction en streaming». Quiconque sautait dans ce train risquait fort de changer de train très rapidement, car webpack était arrivé et les avait tous remplacés. Vue.js Showcase - Made With Vue.js. Vue.js Examples. Vue Native. Views on Vue Archive. Sarah Drasner - Animating Vue How capable and elegant is Vue js in terms of animation.

Vue Vixens - Workshops for Foxy People to Learn Vue.js. Latest posts - Vue.js Developers. Vue.js Examples. Learn Startup - Build a successful business and change the world. VueJS Course @ Vue School - Stay sharp in modern web development. Build Truly Native Mobile Apps with Vue. NativeScript and Vue.js The lightweight nature of Vue.js makes it perfect for mobile development.

Build Truly Native Mobile Apps with Vue

In addition, if you are already a Vue developer, much of the Vue syntax and app architecture will seem very familiar. All you need to do in a NativeScript-Vue app is switch the plugin you include at the start, change your app instantiation parameters, and write your front-end templates to use NativeScript modules, rather than web markup. Egoist/vuepack: A modern starter which uses Vue 2, Vuex, Vue-router and Webpack 2 (and even Electron) Egoist/poi: Delightful web development. Poi. NativeScript-Vue. Get Going with Kendo UI & Vue: a GIF Guide. In this short tutorial, learn how to install, create and style a Vue app quickly with Kendo UI.

Get Going with Kendo UI & Vue: a GIF Guide

And GIFs. I am a big fan of Vue.js so I was delighted when the team said we would be supporting Kendo UI component wrappers for it 👏. Let's jump in and create a Vue application with the Vue CLI and add a color picker component. Here's what we'll be covering: Installing & creating a Vue app with the Vue CLI Installing Kendo UI components Adding Kendo UI Default styling Implementing a Kendo UI ColorPicker component Where to go next :) Fun with Vue: A Quick Overview. Designed to be easy to get started, easy to use, but powerful enough for serious app development, Vue.js (Vue) is one of the fastest growing frameworks for JavaScript.

Fun with Vue: A Quick Overview

Let's take a quick look at what makes Vue tick. Vue.js, often referred to as just “Vue”, was created by Evan You and initially intended as “little Angular.” When he worked at Google, he saw several things within Angular that he liked but also didn’t think that everyone needed the full implementation. That was the original inspiration for him to create Vue. First commit was June 27, 2013 and since then it's gone through two major releases, and it’s currently on revision 2.5.13 as I write this. Vue is often just called a view library, but it's actually quite a bit more. Let’s start with some usage statistics. The Ultimate Learning Resource for Vue.js Developers. Vue.js Feed. Vue.js Showcase - Made With Vue.js. Vue.js courses – Learn Vue.js from our list of courses.

Vuejs/vue-devtools: Chrome devtools extension for debugging Vue.js applications. GitHub - vuejs/awesome-vue: A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js. Vue.js : Le Javascript que vous devez connaître – Laravel. Vue.js est une librairie Javascript qui permet de créer des interface web interactives.

Vue.js : Le Javascript que vous devez connaître – Laravel

Il existe de très nombreuses librairie qui proposent la même chose dont la plus célèbre est AngularJS. Pour avoir une idée de la richesse de l’offre vous pouvez jeter un coup d’œil sur cette page. Alors étant donné cette prolifération pourquoi utiliser particulièrement vue.js ? Si vous avez déjà utilisé AngularJS vous devez connaître la difficulté de prise en main qui est nécessaire, mais on a à disposition une grande richesse fonctionnelle. C’est le prix à payer. Je vous propose donc de découvrir cette librairie.

La première chose que nous allons faire est un peu de Javascript. Javascript est un langage dynamique orienté objet à prototype, ce qui signifie qu’il n’y a pas de classe. Lorsqu’on compare Javascript à d’autres langages comme C# ou Java la première impression est celle de la simplicité. Inclusion de Javascript Comment est-ce qu’on inclut du code javascript dans une page HTML ? Les variables. Vuejs/awesome-vue: A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js. GitHub - nacimux/ French translation for


Nuxt.js. Vuex. TUTORIELS, COURS, FORMATIONS ETC. Vue.js. Vue.js.