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Let’s harness the revolutionary optimism of the 1960s to counter dark times. Interactive Maps. Noam Chomsky Critiques of Capitalism. A World Without Work. 1.

A World Without Work

Youngstown, U.S.A. Skills for Future Jobs. Crafting collaborative places. School designs from around the globe My journey for understanding the transactional relationship between the learner and the learning environment began when I walked into a first and second grade public school as a teacher’s assistant in East Harlem, New York City.

Crafting collaborative places

This classroom was different from anything I had ever experienced; for, it was not a room with rows of seats facing a blackboard, rather it had been organised with a variety of activity settings (Tharp & Gallimore, 1997). These settings were defined zones where learners were engaged with others as they read, constructed objects, painted, built with blocks, explored the world of science, or were involved in dramatic play.

Given that these activity settings were located along the perimeter of the room, the centre became what I call the 'spaces-in-between'. The Limits of Communication by Jodi Dean. Political theorist Jodi Dean probes the contradictions and traps of nonstop information.

The Limits of Communication by Jodi Dean

Image courtesy of Noah Rabinowitz. Beyond capitalism and socialism: could a new economic approach save the planet? To avoid social, environmental and economic collapse, the world needs to move beyond the standard choices of capitalism or socialism.

Beyond capitalism and socialism: could a new economic approach save the planet?

That’s the conclusion of a new report released Wednesday by US think tank Capital Institute. 32 Websites That Will Make You a Genius. You just need the passion to become smarter.

32 Websites That Will Make You a Genius

Developing gives you an edge and here are the tools to help you: BBC — Future. Notion – Document Reimagined. A City Where Everyone Works, There Is No Police, And The Salary Is 1200 Euros. With virtually no police, crime or unemployment, meet the Spanish town described as a democratic, socialist utopia.

A City Where Everyone Works, There Is No Police, And The Salary Is 1200 Euros

Unemployment is non-existent in Marinaleda, an Andalusian village in southern Spain that is prosperous thanks to its farming cooperative. 17 Rare Images Tell the Real Story of Women in Tech. This sponsored post is the third story in our "History Begins Here" series — spotlighting young women who are are helping set a new course for our generation.

17 Rare Images Tell the Real Story of Women in Tech

Tech isn’t a male dominated field, in many respects. Women are responsible for some of the core innovations that drive the Internet today. It’s increasingly important to remember as we read the disquieting stats about the industry. Diversity seeds creativity and it’s possible that women approach the development of tech in slightly different ways that, when combined with others’, helps produce a more powerful Internet.

It’s why having more women in tech, and recognizing and celebrating their accomplishments that began over a century ago and continue today, is vital to producing a more powerful future. Eye Opening Images Of One Of America's Hippy Communes. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, a group women who were discontent with society and men who, upon returning form the Vietnam War, were unwelcome guests in their own country, decided to do something about their dissatisfaction.

Eye Opening Images Of One Of America's Hippy Communes

It probably sounds familiar: lots of college students and no good jobs, no equal rights in society, and raging segregation and inequality. These problems birthed the hippie movement, and along with that movement came communes. Communes were basically living spaces and villages where like-minded people lived a more agrarian lifestyle away from the madness that was the United States of America. Globalization. 10 Films Every Human Rights Advocate Should Watch. The 25th edition of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival is set to launch next month, bringing 11 days worth of visual storytelling to theaters in New York City.

10 Films Every Human Rights Advocate Should Watch

Centered around five themes -- Armed Conflict and the Arab Spring; Human Rights Defenders, Icons and Villains; LGBT Rights; Migrants’ Rights; and Women’s Rights and Children’s Rights -- the festival will pay homage to justice advocates and icons across the world. The festival began over two decades ago, as a series of films shown in a small NYC theater, but has since grown to accommodate over 100,000 viewers in 20 cities around the globe. According to the HRW, the festival's programming committee screens more than 500 films and videos to create the final program.

This year, the event will host 20 documentaries and two fiction films, including 16 features by women. Holistic. A. S. Neill - Founder of Summerhill School - 1964. 25+ apps that the TED staff swears make their everyday lives easier. At our small, fast-moving nonprofit company, everyone does a couple of jobs — and productivity apps help us manage roles that shift between coding, writing/designing and running a full-scale conference twice a year.

25+ apps that the TED staff swears make their everyday lives easier

We asked the TED staff what apps they can’t live without. And beyond the classics—Instagram, Google Maps, Spotify, Uber, Seamless—we found some great apps that might help you too. (A star denotes that the app is free, or at least has a free version.) For random life stuff… Dark SkyA weather app with startling accuracy, its interface tells you things like: “Light rain starting in 22 minutes.” *SunriseLike your Google Calendar with key improvements, several staffers swear by this app. *KeyMeCommunications manager Samantha Kelly was excited to download this app, as she recently got locked out of her apartment. Debunking the Myth of the 10,000-Hours Rule: What It Actually Takes to Reach Genius-Level Excellence. By Maria Popova. What I've Learned About Venture Funding. VC funding. Eros And Civilization (A Love Story) - Final Cut.

Howard rheingold's. Guided Inquiry graphic. Create your My2050 world for the UK: Can you reduce our CO2 emissions by 80% Who’s the architect? Parked in front of my computer, probably tweeting. :) Creative Thinking. Tinderbox. The Gabriel Institute – A new Technology of Teaming™ Christmas lectures will reveal how to 'hack your home' Danielle George, who will deliver the 2014 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Sparks Will Fly: How to Hack Your Home. Photograph: Paul Wilkinson How to hack household technology and turn everyday gadgets into radical new devices will be this year's theme of Britain's most prestigious public science lectures. Danielle George at Manchester University will reclaim the lost joy of tinkering in her Royal Institution Christmas Lectures and demonstrate how, with some creative thinking, common devices from lightbulbs to smartphones and electric motors can be transformed in ways that could change the world.

"I want to ask how far can we go? " said George, a professor of radio frequency engineering, who among other projects works on the Square Kilometre Array, the largest radio telescope in the world. Ellenwillss. How To Be a Polymath. Rebels on the edges. 32 Brilliant Illustrations That Show What's Wrong With Society Today. Fabric Crafts. Lessons Worth Sharing.


Videos. Intercultural understanding. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. All about flow. Teamwork. Psychology Team. Neuroscience. Explorations of the Mind: Intuition. The mathematics of being nice - life - 21 March 2011. Read full article. Team Role Theory - Belbin Team Roles. The Five Teams Every Organization Needs. Teamwork, effective work teams, and team building are popular topics in today’s organizations.

A Design Framework for Bioteams. Archive for In-depth articles. How to Make Business Model Innovation Happen July 2, 2012 | By: Marc Sniukas One of many good reasons for you to focus on your business model is that companies focusing on Business Model Innovation outperform their industry peers in terms of operating margin and total shareholder return. The Truth About The Economy In 2 Minutes. Open Culture. Open design.

Mind Map Freeware - Create mind maps (graphical representations of thought processes) for brainstorming, problem solving, rational analysis, and decision marking. Free mind map software help you build, save, share and print arbitrary mind maps absolutely free. Edraw Mind Map is a free mind map freeware with rich examples and templates which make it easy to create mind maps, brain-storming diagrams, project timeline, life planner, SWOT analysis and sketch maps. Future Possibilities. Ancient Knowledge. Open Education. FUTURE GLOBAL. Digital-Culture. Biomimicry. Future Thinking.

Future Society & Enviroment. 21st Century Fluencies. 21st Century Teachers. Public Data Sources. International Organisations Online Resources. The World Cafe Community - Hosting Conversations about Questions that Matter. Tools for innovation. Cooperation. Davidholmes. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Problem Solving... Problem-Solving Skills (and methods) in Education & Life. Ideas/sources. Site Map. Decision-making and problem-solving techniques, skills and methods. Bertrand Russell - Discover the Best of the Web. Life Hacks. Consciousness / Philosophy. Consciousness. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes. Global Consciousness. Mindfulness Meditation Audio. Temperments. The Corporation Film: Links. The Birth of the 'Fifth Estate': William Dutton on 20 Years of the World Wide Web - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International.

What Does It Mean To Be Educated? - Steve Denning - RETHINK.