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Bus I2C. Gestion du port GPIO du Raspberry Pi avec Python. Thereafter, we'll go on the assumption that we are developing on the latest model namely a Raspberry Pi B2.

Gestion du port GPIO du Raspberry Pi avec Python

There are many libraries dedicated to the Raspberry Pi. They are stored, for the most part, on Pypi. We will study here is the historical library: RPi.GPIO. To install it, so just a simple install PIP: Utilisation du bus I2C sur RaspberryPi. Raspberry Pi2 & 3 Pin Mappings. Image made with Fritzing Hardware interfaces for the Raspberry Pi 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 are exposed through the 40-pin header J8 on the board.

Raspberry Pi2 & 3 Pin Mappings

Functionality includes: 24x - GPIO pins 2x - SPI bus 1x - I2C bus 2x - 5V power pins 2x - 3.3V power pins 8x - Ground pins GPIO Pins. Using I2C with SMBus and Raspbian Linux on the Raspberry Pi. I2C bus interface. Kernel setup Probably the Kernel used on your Acme Board is already configured to have the I2C bus enabled.

I2C bus interface

To check it just type: # ls /dev/i2c* /dev/i2c-0 /dev/i2c-1 in this case two busses are already configured on your board. 4346 6 rpi i2c. Using the I2C Interface – Raspberry Pi Projects. Enabling The I2C Port The I2C port needs to be enabled in Rasbian before it can be used.

Using the I2C Interface – Raspberry Pi Projects

See here. Raspberry Pi I2C (Python) Controlling Smart Video Car for RPi on Windows - Wiki. Smart Video Car for Raspberry Pi Assembly Tutorials 01 Open Box & Basic Assembly.