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Can Wine Only be What’s in the Bottle? Imagine changing a wine on-demand to better cater to an occasion, a dish, or an allergy.

Can Wine Only be What’s in the Bottle?

Making Food Transparent, With a Little Help from Technology. If you, or someone you love, are one of the growing population of people affected by a food allergy, you will know only too well how stressful a condition this can be, particularly when dining out.

Making Food Transparent, With a Little Help from Technology

Allergies are diseases caused by a hypersensitivity of the immune system to its direct environment, and can be potentially life threatening. As a restaurant or food provider, it is always good practice to consider what measures you can be taking daily to improve your customer’s overall experience. But with an increase of 4459 hospital admissions for anaphylactic shock during 2015 in the UK alone, it becomes painfully clear that what we really need to be working at is delivering food transparency. As explored in a previous RMagazine article, a huge percent of the population (approximately 30-40%) are now seeking increased knowledge about the food they are eating; meaning this really is a topic of growing importance within this industry. So, what can be done? Legislation.

How Net Promoter Score® Makes Sense (and dollars) Out of Your Customer Feedback. Customer feedback could be your secret weapon — but how?

How Net Promoter Score® Makes Sense (and dollars) Out of Your Customer Feedback

Feedback from your customers could be one of the most valuable sources of business intelligence for your business — but most operations haven’t quite figured out how to harness this data in a way that works for them. It’s HARD to get customers to consistently leave feedback. Most attempts to generate feedback from paper comment cards and online surveys fall WAY short. Tips For Restaurant Owners To Beat The Competition. Is there a restaurant in your neighborhood that offers you a strong competition?

Tips For Restaurant Owners To Beat The Competition

Does it serve similar menu almost at the same price? The Impact of Wearing Uniforms in Restaurants. Implementing strict compliance to proper employee dress code can be daunting and expensive.

The Impact of Wearing Uniforms in Restaurants

Especially if a business is still struggling to make a profit but deemed vital since it can effectively boost sales and enhance the image of a restaurant in the long run. Uniform or No Uniform? According to the Textile Rental Service Association of America or TRSA, the majority of customers have a strong preference for employee uniforms in fine dining and fast food restaurants. It is probably because wearing a uniform signifies professionalism and competency. Moreover, it leaves a favorable impression and compensates the additional expenses like the service charge customers pay when they dine in. 5 Reasons Floor Plans Are More Complicated Than They Seem. Using a paper floor plan has been common in the restaurant industry for a long time, and many software applications have incorporated spatial floor plan concepts into their designs.

5 Reasons Floor Plans Are More Complicated Than They Seem

Floor plans are deceptively complex to use, however, and here’s some reasons you might want to consider better options. Key information is scattered in different directions. Tips For A Positive Work Culture. Behind every great business is a fantastic work culture, employees who enjoy waking up and going to work.

Tips For A Positive Work Culture

Large industries such as Google are showing us exactly how to treat employees and that there’s nothing wrong with having high expectations when it comes to staff. Teamwork and a good environment in the workplace are key aspects if you want your business to be a success. Every day we are hearing about cool places to work and how they are creating an outstanding work culture. A workplace should be exciting and engaging, this infographic is a positive work culture guide.

About the Author Corlynne O’Sullivan is a communications assistant for Market Inspector, who is interested in marketing, design and new technologies. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Future is Here: Your Pocket Laboratory That Can Give Information About Your Food. There are many reasons why we may want to know the composition of the food we eat.

Future is Here: Your Pocket Laboratory That Can Give Information About Your Food

Some of us may need to know the exact energy intake, or the macro nutrient composition of the food. In some regions of the world the presence of toxic biological or industrial materials causes health problems, and people in those areas may want to know when their food is contaminated with those harmful materials. In the safer regions, people may simply want to be sure about how clean and healthy their food is. More and more people, worldwide, are willing to pay higher prices for local food in farmers’ markets, because they can talk to the farmer and gain the trust they need on how their food is grown.

Everywhere in the world we ask ourselves questions about the food we eat: Is the food label accurate? The Best of Live Chat: How You Should Use this Customer Service Channel. Corporations moved from in-person customer service, to phone contact, to mail, then email—and now there’s live chat.

The Best of Live Chat: How You Should Use this Customer Service Channel

What’s so unique about this customer service option is its immediacy: No longer do customers have to wait (even a few hours): Within minutes they can ask questions or look for solutions. And the results show, with nearly three-fourths of customers reporting happiness with this method of contact. It’s also quickly replacing the phone as a preferred method of contact. Your Step-by-Step Guide to Crowdfunding for Brick & Mortar (Brought to you by PieShell)

Crowdfunding is a great option for restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and more – if it’s done in the right way and on the right scale.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Crowdfunding for Brick & Mortar (Brought to you by PieShell)

How Real-time Feedback Can Improve Customer Experience. Customers expect high quality food, excellent service and good facilities, and aren’t afraid to shout if they don’t get it. We’re all aware of customers who are happy to make a fuss in the middle of your restaurant. But there are also those who say nothing and don’t return, or those who go home and write an online review.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could solve issues before your customers have time to even think about a review? A lot of complaints and bad reviews are based around small issues which you could easily fix if you knew about them at the time. Twitter Could Soon Be Increasing Food Standards in Restaurants. In the past couple of years there has been a surge of foodborne illness outbreaks. From Chipotle’s E. coli shutting down restaurants to contaminated spinach outbreaks, foodborne illnesses have become increasingly more widespread. In 2013, 818 foodborne disease outbreaks were reported, resulting in 13,360 illnesses, 1,062 hospitalizations, 16 deaths and 14 food recalls. Since 2012, the amount of outbreaks related to Salmonella increased 39%, making it one of the most common types of outbreak. 4 Tips on Updating Your Gas Dispensers for Today’s Customers. Overcome the Fear of Digital To Do List Technology. Technological advances, including mobile phone applications, have created a low-overhead, high-productivity toolkit that can greatly benefit small and medium-sized businesses.

The digital technology accelerating and enhancing the way business is done is of particular significance to franchise owners, restaurants, and companies that sell retail products and consumer packaged goods. But unless owners and managers take advantage of these technologies, they’ll be left behind by competitors who are more comfortable upgrading to the new ways of doing business in the 21st century. Make the Most of Your 8 Hour Work Day - Zip Clock. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! How Efficient People Make the Most of Their 8-Hour Work Day We all know how easily the 8-hour work day can morph into the 9- or 10-hour day. It’s as inevitable as an exhausted toddler having a meltdown. It happens. United States Labor Laws Resources. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Zip Schedules Staffing App – Assistance you can count on! Without a shadow of doubt, employee planning and scheduling is an arduous and time consuming activity that requires significant time and efficient management skills.

However, with the introduction of scheduling apps and staff planners, employee scheduling has become a lot easier than it was before. With growing demand in the market, you’ll be able to find a number of staff planning apps and schedulers to help you manage your shifts making effective use of your organizational resources. Zip Schedules is one such app that has been designed to help you plan your schedules as per United States labor laws.

Zip Schedules: Find links and resources for United States Labor laws Whether you manage a small business or a big organization, you’d want to avoid any United States labor law violations that may increase your risk of being penalized by law agencies. Easy Staff Planning Minimize Scheduling Conflicts. 10 Nearly Free Ways to Boost Employee Morale. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! The 10 Simple Habits of Successful Young Entrepreneurs. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! 5 Companies With a Unique Onboarding Process And What Makes Them Successful - Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! The 10 Best Ted Talks for Young Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners - Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! TED Talks have been known to be life-changing experiences for the speakers, the viewers, and the listeners of various TED talks throughout the years.

This is especially true in the case of entrepreneurs and small business owners who can gain knowledge, inspiration, and motivation from some of the bed TED talks for entrepreneurs. 7 Questions To Consider When Coping With Depression In The Workplace - Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Feeling down or depressed is part of the human condition. Life can throw you for a loop sometimes. But there’s feeling depressed, like when your sports teams blows it or you haven’t seen the sun in two weeks, and there’s depression, which can be a serious and chronic medical condition. It is important to know the difference. If depression or feeling depressed have started affecting your job, here are seven questions to consider. Am I depressed as a result of my job? If you are struggling with feeling depressed on the job, it.

10 Tips and Tricks for Business Owners - Zip Schedules. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! No matter how big or small, every business has room to grow, and with growth comes the consistent desire to improve, thrive, and be willing to change up the pace of how things go. How to Best Manage Negative Employees. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Per a recent large, multinational Gallup Poll, a mere 13% of employees say they feel engaged at work with an enormous 22 million employees reporting being actively disengaged from their places of work, costing a whopping $350 billion dollars a year due to absenteeism and loss of productivity.

6 Warning Signs of Disgruntled Employees and How to Manage Them.