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Multimedia Essays « Transmedial Shakespeare William Shakespeare’s works have been around since the 16th century. It continues to flourish even up to now. Among other great writers, his works are most well-known and most adored by people. Multimedia Essays « Transmedial Shakespeare
hscdiscovery | BELONGING 2014
Connectivity2011 - English EnglishWith the advent of the National Curriculum it is essential that resources and ideas are shared. This space will feature links to worthwhile internet sites, assessment tasks and programs, and any other ICT resources to enrich the English classroom. . ResourcesThese resources were created by Karen Yager and the English teachers in the Northern Sydney Region and beyond!Stage 6Belonging Power point Belonging Connectivity2011 - English
Teacher - The Last Romantics
Writing Inspiration
Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 62 Ideas, Lessons and Humor for English Teachers #engchat Cool Cat Teacher Blog: 62 Ideas, Lessons and Humor for English Teachers #engchat I start back to school today for my eleventh year of teaching next door to my own high school English teacher. Mrs. Caldwell taught me to write and love literature. She's a fantastic teacher who is always innovating. Just yesterday, she showed me something new she'd created for her class.
I've heard this question many, many times! So, when I came across this excellent explanation in the newly released 2010 Senior English Syllabus in Queensland , I thought it was worth reproducing here: Purpose These techniques are used to assess the sustained application of higher order cognition of students to known and provided texts in the creation and evaluation of their own extended written and spoken/signed texts. Brief description In English, extended responses cover a number of text types and may be presented in a variety of modes. Extended Response - Ms. McGraw's English Wiki Extended Response - Ms. McGraw's English Wiki
PHOTO shows President Obama editing his inauguration address. The White House has unveiled its latest batch of behind-the-scenes photos of President Obama. I don't see any news-making photos in this particular pile—nothing on par with, say, pics of Obama shooting a gun or answering a concession phone call from Mitt Romney—but the shot that probably jumps out as most interesting is the one below, of the president holding a heavily edited draft of what would become his inaugural address. The photo shows only a portion of the first page of what was a rather lengthy speech, but what we can see nonetheless largely confirms previous anecdotes that Obama prefers to take an active role in shaping his remarks, particularly for major events like an inauguration or State of the Union address. (The photo also suggests that someone in the White House has better taste in fonts than Hillary Clinton.) The changes you can make out if you zoom in on this particular photo range from minor grammar tweaks to some relatively heavy rewrites. PHOTO shows President Obama editing his inauguration address.
Every so often, I like to blog about a lesson I have taught that week. Not because I think I am amazingly great - I am not: I still have a pile of marking to do and there is always something I haven’t done. But, because I like to share and see what others have done. Writing a blog on a lesson becomes the equivalent of throwing a pebble in the pond. Lots of waves are generated. In the past, I have described a lesson and as a result of that I have had several suggestions of how else that specific lesson could have been done. Learning from my mistakes: an English teacher's blog Learning from my mistakes: an English teacher's blog
Unit 13 - Epic Rap Battles Project - Welcome to Mr. Gipson's Classroom Website!
NewEnglish: Resource Pack: The Great Gatsby
Camerawork should be analysed in three ways: Framing - distance, angle, viewpoint of camera from subjectMovement - of the camera in relation to the subjectComposition - where the subject(s) appear within the frame of the pictureComposition Rule of Thirds - divide the shot screen into 9, the main points of interest are in the centre. Golden Mean - points of interest are balanced along the diagonal line AS Level Media: Use of The Camera, AS Level Media: Use of The Camera,

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Ms Maguire's English Space - Year 11 English-Looking For Alibrandi
Middle and High School Language Arts Middle and High School Language Arts Great literature (cyberguides) units. K-12 and bilingual Story Units from Tennessee (6-8)- See if any of the books you teach are here.
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Nabolister - Watch Movies for Free Nabolister - Watch Movies for Free This series follows the eventful lives of some high-school kids in Tree Hill, a small but not too quiet town in North Carolina, where the greatest source of pride is the high school basketball team, the Ravens, since living memory coached by old Whitey Durham. Its greatest talent ever was Dan Scott, who now runs a successful car dealership.
NCTE High School Matters: Annotating text using Google Docs by Tara Seale Recently, I wrote an article for the Google Docs Blog titled Google Docs: the tool for the 21st century classroom. The focus was how to use Google Docs and folders in an English classroom. Besides the ideas in the Google post, my students are also using Google Docs to annotate articles, short passages, or poems. NCTE High School Matters: Annotating text using Google Docs
Middle and High School Language Arts
The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender Home > English > Standard > Module A: Experience Through Language > Elective 1: Distinctive Voices > The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender By Marele Day http://www.flickr.com/photos/lukeredmond/ This material was written by Lynne Marsh Background Knowledge The Detective genre Linking the text to the Elective Setting Characters Techniques Themes Other texts Assessment practice Resources
Using Drama to Liven Up Your Lessons Why use Drama in Lessons? Drama isn’t just a subject, it’s a very powerful technique for adding interest and engagement to your lessons. But it’s often also one that some teachers steer slear of with the challenges of organising it and the potential for disruption. So I delved into our course archives and adapted this guidance written by our Lead Consultant for English and Drama Kevin Piper. Drama has a number of advantages as a tool in the classroom.
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Graphic Novels by Thomas Elley on Prezi | Graphic Novels
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English Online / English - ESOL - Literacy Online website - English - ESOL - Literacy Online
Wormworld Saga

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Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
Write an Instant Hello Spring Poem
Phil Beadle How to Teach - Teaching tips for new teachers
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Cure writer's block with writing prompts - writing tips character name generator

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Study table about Modes of writing, figures of speech, poetry terms, argument terms, etc.!!!
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