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Over 1 billion charts, maps, plots and diagrams are found in print publications each year - but only 40 million online. This huge discrepancy is a reflection of the complexity to create & publish charts online. tears down the complexity of online visualizations - offers simplicity, ubiquity and interactivity instead. upcoming features : impressive new Ajax/Flash user interface and improved data import from Excel.
Générateur de Graphiques - Générateur de Graphiques - Créez votre propre graphique et partagez-le avec les personnes que vous souhaitez en quelques clics ! Pour commencer : 1- Sélectionnez un type de graphique 2- Rentrez les données de votre graphique 3- Personnalisez 4- Mettez-le en ligne 5- Partagez-le avec vos collègues Libre : Pictovia est un service gratuit et sans publicité.
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Mind Mapping - Mindomo

Mindomo as a teaching tool in the hand of a teacher is a door opener for collaborative work with students and other teachers alike makes easy the creation of assignments for students in any area across the curriculum facilitates the management of students accounts on various mind maps enhances the development of the curriculum according to students needs Mind Mapping - Mindomo
mxGraph - JavaScript Diagramming and Graph Visualization

mxGraph - JavaScript Diagramming and Graph Visualization

mxGraph is simple, you include it as a JavaScript link in your HTML file and you instantly have access to the cleanest, most functional native browser diagramming component available. HTML 5 and full Internet Explorer Support. Imagine your application completely web based. Design workflows in a browser, manipulate a telecomms network combined with a background map. Create BPMN designer online, database schema editors, UML diagrams and organizational charts. Anything that you previously required users to install software for can now be provided as a web application with zero install on any major browser.
Slatebox :: Visualize Everything A whole bunch of awesome for your school or business. Meet SlateMind: a fun and easy mind- mapping app included in every account. Page-by-page 'surfing' is so 1990s. Go off rails and find out why it's better. The real time web is baked into EVERY app making collaboration a snap. Open Source everywhere

Slatebox :: Visualize Everything