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KAROLINA SOBECKA KAROLINA SOBECKA In Project Sky+ I develop a personal device for Thinking Like a Cloud. It is sent into the atmosphere attached to a weather balloon. Clouds condense on its mesh wings and flow into a sample container. These cloud samples are analyzed for microorganisms and ingested by experimental subjects. Thinking Like…


Not sold on the idea of going back to school? Neither was Daniel Savage. The NYC-based designer/director just released his animated short, “Helium Harvey,” a labor of love that doubled as self-directed education: Motionographer
Sixstation Workshop
New artworkNov. 25 2013 "Waiting Room". New artworkNov. 6 2013 "Big Head". BandcampOct. 23 2013 I've set up a Bandcamp page: where you will find all my records with download/store links. (… and "Covers", "Raoul Loves You", "Wxfdswxc2" and a few others are now available in various lossless formats, if it's your thing). .: Raoul Sinier :. .: Raoul Sinier :.

Sebastian Onufszak: In Graphics We Trust

Sebastian Onufszak: In Graphics We Trust SEBASTIAN ONUFSZAK Designer/Illustrator/Director Digital illustration for the Adobe "I Am The New Creative" portrait series.Digital Art, Illustration2014 Short animation for Karl Lagerfeld's 'Happy Chinese New Year' greetings.Animation, Computer Animation2014 Channel Branding for ProSieben MAXX.Branding, Motion Graphics2013 Visual conception for the Wacom Cintiq Companion commercial.Animation, Digital Art2013 Music video by Jürgen Branz and Sebastian Onufszak “Spend The Night" is featured on Daniel Bortz´ full length debut “Patchwork Memories".Film, Music2013 Visual conception (pitch) for a Ford TV commercial.

Cuban Council: Propaganda on the Agenda

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