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Rank Checker. Please bookmark this page on Delicious for your future reference.

Rank Checker

Set up your free SEO Book account, and you will get this tool + 2 other SEO tools valued at over $300 for free. Already have an account? Log in and your installation link will appear in the place of this message. Why do Over 500,000 Webmasters Use Rank Checker? Want to know where your website ranks in the search results? Introduction Video Want to learn more? Download & Installation Instructions: You have to use Firefox version 2 or higher to get this to work. Click on the words Rank Checker in the bottom of your Firefox browser to activate the tool. Off the start this tool is set up to grab data from the Google, Yahoo! The Theory... I like being able to check my rankings real quickly without worrying that some SEO company is aggregating my data and/or spying on me. Looking at the rankings of a couple of your sites that you know intimately well and tracking how they change over time allows you to Interpreting the results.

Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search Engines. Makes Getting SEO Help Easier. The Best SEO Tools. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of designing the web site in such a way that it would be able to attract search engine spiders and improve a site’s ranking. This article provides links to the best SEO Tools found on the Internet. It will help you to find out how to optimize your website, what you should use to improve the quality of backlinks, what keywords you should use on your web-pages, and how to move up your position in search engines.

Ranking Tools. A Small Business Guide to Website Promotion and Increased Search Engine Traffic. Google-Bombing Still Works - April 9th, 2007 Well - that’s a provocative title - but at least they do work sometimes.. let me explain more..

Google-Bombing Still Works -

What is Google Bombing? Some argue that the first widely known Googlebomb was created by a men’s magazine, which used the anchor text (anchor text is the words I use in a link) ‘dumb motherfu**er’ in a link to a site selling George W Bush merchandise. In fact George seems to have been the target of quite a few Google-bombs. My first experience of a Google Bomb was when I was sent an email suggesting I type the words ‘miserable failure’ in a google search back in about 2003 - the resultant page was, of course, George W. Create your Google Sitemap Online - XML Sitemaps. Ambient Findability: Findability Hacks. So, enough with balance already.

Ambient Findability: Findability Hacks

While I admit findability is not the only important element of the user experience, I’m not ready to concede its primacy online. I’m sure we can all agree with the basic truth expressed by this ancient proverb: Findability Precedes Usability In the Alphabet and on the Web You Can’t Use What You Can’t Find Seriously, findability is one of the most thorny problems in web design. This is due in part to the inherent ambiguity of semantics and structure. In fact, in most organizations, findability falls through the cracks. For all these reasons, findability merits special attention. For instance, many professionals in the design community have maintained an unhealthy distance from the practice of search engine marketing, which includes search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most important components of a successful search engine marketing campaign is the link component, also referred to as site architecture. How to Get More Search Engine Traffic With One Simple Tweak.

One of the great things about blogs is how much the search engines love them.

How to Get More Search Engine Traffic With One Simple Tweak

But is there a way to get even more love from Google by making just one small adjustment to your WordPress blog? Search engines want a frequently updated web site with good information, and that also has a solid, navigable directory structure with meaningful URLs. Oh, and it’s also a huge bonus if your XHTML markup is both valid and semantically sound. You can score outstanding code by applying the Cutline theme to your WordPress blog, and then you can learn how to create search-engine-friendly permalinks (page addresses) by watching this video! Flash video: 6:45 in duration Supercharge your blog’s earnings with Episode links: The sites of Microsoft certification as well as the free online learning sites necessitate complete support from reliable web hosting companies in order to be run properly.

HOW TO: Get Billions of Pages Indexed in Google - Pagerank Explained Correctly with Examples. Copyright Ian Rogers, 2002 onwards NB. this page was originally hosted on until I shut that company and website down.

Pagerank Explained Correctly with Examples

And then on until I lost that domain to a domain grabber. So much for permanency on the Internet Introduction Page Rank is a topic much discussed by Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts. At the heart of PageRank is a mathematical formula that seems scary to look at but is actually fairly simple to understand. Clearly explain how PageRank is calculated.Go through every example in Chris' paper, and add some more of my own, showing the correct PageRank for each diagram. Google bomb.

A Google bomb on March 31st, 2013.

Google bomb

Despite Google's intervention, some of the first search results still refer to Bush. The terms Google bomb and Googlewashing refer to the practice of causing a web page to rank highly in search engine results for unrelated or off-topic search terms by linking heavily. In contrast, search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the search engine listings of web pages for relevant search terms. How to make a Google bomb.