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The Infotention Network. MIND AMPLIFIERS. CRAP DETECTION. Kumu. HRU ALUMNI. SMART MOBS. Douglas Engelbart : The Mother of All Demos (1/9) Mind Amplifiers. HOWARD RHEINGOLD. THINK-KNOW TOOLS. Tools For Thought. 787283.Rheingold Jandric. NET SMART. Howard Rheingold - Net Smart: How to Thrive Online. We are delighted to have our own Howard Rheingold (hlr) with us to talk about his new book Net Smart: How to Thrive Online.

Howard Rheingold - Net Smart: How to Thrive Online

Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) will be leading the discussion; and a number of alumni from Howard's online class, MindAmp, through his Rheingold University ( will be chiming in. Expect this to be wide-ranging and extremely practical. Those of us who have had the good fortune to come under Howard's tutelage can all attest to his mastery of the subject. Hello, Howard! And thanks for the intro, Ted! One Conversation Begat Another: Howard Rhinegold and Henry Jenkins. Over the last two installments, I’ve shared a short exchange between myself, Mimi Ito, and danah boyd, the three authors of the newly released book, Participatory Culture in a Networked Era.

One Conversation Begat Another: Howard Rhinegold and Henry Jenkins

Today, I want to share the video of an interview I did with Howard Rhinegold about the book. The video was originally circulated via the Digital Media and Learning blog, but I thought there would be people here who had not seen it.


Man-Computer Symbiosis. Man-Computer Symbiosis J.

Man-Computer Symbiosis

C. R. Licklider IRE Transactions on Human Factors in Electronics, volume HFE-1, pages 4-11, March 1960 Summary. Engelbart: Augmenting Human Intellect (1962) As We May Think - Vannevar Bush - The Atlantic. As Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, Dr.

As We May Think - Vannevar Bush - The Atlantic

Vannevar Bush has coordinated the activities of some six thousand leading American scientists in the application of science to warfare. In this significant article he holds up an incentive for scientists when the fighting has ceased. U.


Lucerne - IKM - Events - keynote conversation with Howard Rheingold. Howard Rheingold: Knowing How to Collaborate Is Essential. I just read the Kindle edition of “Net Smart,” written by writer and critic Howard Rheingold.

Howard Rheingold: Knowing How to Collaborate Is Essential

The book provides a thoughtful analysis of some major theories and discourses about the “always on” era, while at the same time giving new insights and practical advice about the literacies we need to thrive in this environment. I’ve followed Rheingold’s posts and videos for some time now, attended presentations, and participated in some of his courses.

He’s not only an expert in virtual communities (a term he coined himself) and social media, but also teaches digital journalism. The virtual community. Ethan Zuckerman - Rewire: Rethinking Globalization in an Age of Connection. Jon, Krebs's research is really helpful stuff.

Ethan Zuckerman - Rewire: Rethinking Globalization in an Age of Connection

There's been lots of research on left/right polarization around media and US politics - I review quite a bit of it in the book. It's interesting to think about the books that he sees appealing to both left and right - some are simply very compelling and well-written, while one seems to be being bought by the right to better understand strategy from the left. Books. Tools for Thought: The History and Future of Mind-expanding Technology (1985) Full text South of San Francisco and north of Silicon Valley, near the place where the pines on the horizon give way to the live oaks and radiotelescopes, an unlikely subculture has been creating a new medium for human thought.


When mass-production models of present prototypes reach our homes, offices, and schools, our lives are going to change dramatically. The first of these mind-amplifying machines will be descendants of the devices now known as personal computers, but they will resemble today’s information processing technology no more than a television resembles a fifteenth-century printing press. Smart Mobs » Page not found. The chapters of Smart Mobs, including summaries of each chapter and weblog entries for that chapter.

Smart Mobs » Page not found

A summary of the book Links to outside evaluations of the book. See Howard Rheingold in your area discussing the book and its implications. Main Page. (Mouse over the webbrain below, click on nodes) June 19 - July 26 A six week course using asynchronous forums, blogs, wikis, mindmaps, social bookmarks, concept maps, Personal Brain, and synchronous audio, video, chat, and Twitter.

Main Page

Public Sphere In The Internet Age. Network Literacy Mini-Course. Howard Rheingold. Mind Amplifier: Howard Rheingold And The Value Of Convivial Tools. Howard rheingold's. Connect@NMC_41. DMLcentral. Net Smart: How To Thrive Online. Ted newcomb Trending. Howard Rheingold. Howard Rheingold on cooperation, technology, and social dynamics. Peeragogy Lit Review. Howard Rheingold Paragogy Links. Howard Rheingold's Public Sphere in Internet Age Widget - howardrheingold's posterous.

Haystack Group. Haystack Blog. I’ve just returned from the European Semantic Web Conference, where I gave a keynote talk on “The Semantic Web for End Users”.

Haystack Blog

My talk addressed the problem that has interested me for eighteen years: making it easier for end users to manage their information. The thesis was that The current state of tools for end users to capture, manage, and communicate their information is terrible (last week), andThe Semantic Web presents a key part of the answer to building better tools (also last week), butNot enough work is being directed toward this problem by the community (today’s post). Since I had a lot to say (217 slides) I’ve broken the summary into three separate posts aligned with these three bullets; today’s is the last. Our Story So Far. City Brights: Howard Rheingold. “Every man should have a built-in automatic crap detector operating inside him.” Ernest Hemingway, 1954 The answer to almost any question is available within seconds, courtesy of the invention that has altered how we discover knowledge – the search engine.

Mindful Infotention: Dashboards, Radars, Filters. Infotention is a word I came up with to describe the psycho-social-techno skill/tools we all need to find our way online today, a mind-machine combination of brain-powered attention skills with computer-powered information filters. The inside and outside of infotention work best together: Honing the mental ability to deploy the form of attention appropriate for each moment is an essential internal skill for people who want to find, direct, and manage streams of relevant information by using online media knowledgeably.Knowing how to put together intelligence dashboards, news radars, and information filters from online tools like persistent search and RSS is the external technical component of information literacy. Infotention Part One: Dashboards, Radars, Filters - HowardRheingold - A mini-course on infotention - howardrheingold's posterous. Life Skills for Digital Citizenship. Infotention Filters - What combination of mental and online tools can deal with information overload?

(91) The Infotention Network. The infotention network story 03132012. Infotention.