General tips to 3D modeling

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Tips and info that works for most of the popular 3D modeling programs like ZBrush , Maya , Blender etc... mirlen101 Aug 5


cloth sculpting (pant)
cloth sculpting (shirt)
3D Modeling tutorial for the human head. Focus on edge flow

KLEINMAKELEARNGOOD: the educational wing of

KLEINMAKELEARNGOOD: the educational wing of Watch the entirety of Over The Horizon here. Stills from the Short Film "Over The Horizon". All Work by Andrew Klein.
Texture mapping Texture mapping 1 = 3D model without textures 2 = 3D model with textures Texture mapping is a method for adding detail, surface texture (a bitmap or raster image), or color to a computer-generated graphic or 3D model. Its application to 3D graphics was pioneered by Edwin Catmull in 1974.
The application of a texture in the UV space related to the effect in 3D. A checkered sphere, without (left) and with (right) UV mapping (3D checkered or 2D checkered). UV mapping is the 3D modeling process of making a 2D image representation of a 3D model. UV mapping UV mapping
3D morphable model face animation
Modeling the human ear made easy
Automatic 3D models
Human Head
Fast and efficient 3D modeling tutorial for the human hand
3D Head in 8 minutes
Subdivision head modelling in lightwave
Smooth Shading
Bump And Displacement Map: Overview
how i model 3d heads
Subdivision Surfaces: Artifacts
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