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The Way Nintendo Used To Make Mario Levels. U Mad Bro? Angry Video Gamers Are Coming After Jimmy Kimmel. Last Friday Jimmy Kimmel did a small, rather innocuous segment on his show making fun of YouTube's new gaming service, in which people can watch other people play video games.

U Mad Bro? Angry Video Gamers Are Coming After Jimmy Kimmel

Yes, read that again; that does sounds ridiculous. I'm not a gamer, so I don't even find the concept of playing video games exciting in the first place (unless it's like old school Mario Party on a Nintendo 64), but I can't even begin to fathom the excitement one would get from watching other people play video games. (Do trust, I've been that person, and it's no fun.) However, this industry of people watching others play video games is a surprisingly huge one. Fact: YouTube gamer PewDiePie made $7.5 million last year just from narrating himself playing video games on his channel (whaaaat the fuck).

A Card Game That Makes Players Fight Over Pop Culture. What best represents the soul of America: The Bible, or Facebook?

A Card Game That Makes Players Fight Over Pop Culture

Which is more style over substance, a Jackson Pollack painting or Powerpoint? Sound like the kind of thing you’d enjoy fighting about with your friends? Welcome to The Metagame, a new card deck that lets you debate the most important issues of our time with just one or two people—or 2,000. Indeed, the first time someone started playing The Metagame, more than 3,000 other people joined in. It all started at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2011, when game designers Colleen Macklin, John Sharp, and Eric Zimmerman simply started handing out stacks of cards to people. “People at GDC already spend a lot of time debating and talking about games,” says Macklin.

It was so successful the Brooklyn-based trio decided to incorporate under the moniker Local No. 12 and launch a Kickstarter for the game in the midst of the conference. “And they’ve inspired us too,” adds Macklin. But there are key differences between the games, too. Primeiro DLC de This War of Mine doará todo dinheiro para crianças afetadas pela guerra. Video game version of Slender Man myth is coming to Xbox One and PS4.

Microsoft lance son burger en Chine pour promouvoir sa Xbox One. Pour promouvoir sa Xbox One en Chine, Microsoft s’est associé à la chaine de fast-food Triple-O’s pour réaliser un burger packagé aux couleurs de la console et avec le X de Xbox inscrit sur le pain.

Microsoft lance son burger en Chine pour promouvoir sa Xbox One

Le restaurant Triple-O’s de Hong-Kong a également été décoré à l’occasion de l’opération qui dure jusque fin mars. Com previsão do lançamento de Toren para maio, criadores já pensam em próximo jogo. Things get weird when an artist collective makes a video game. A game developer, a composer and a T-shirt designer walk into a bar.

Things get weird when an artist collective makes a video game

Scratch that. They walk into an artist collective in Montreal, and start making weird, endearing, innovative video games together. This is KO-OP Mode. As co-founder Saleem Dabbous puts it: "We really believe in bringing in these outside voices to help make weirder games that are outside the norm. " KO-OP Mode's biggest, perhaps weirdest project is GNOG, an unreleased yet critically acclaimed puzzle game. SimCity That I Used to Know — re:form. On the game’s 25th birthday, a devotee talks with creator Will Wright SimCity, the classic PC game that makes mayors out of middle schoolers, turned 25 last week.

SimCity That I Used to Know — re:form

Well, actually that’s a common misconception — the IBM version of SimCity was released in October of ‘89, but the original (for Mac and Amiga), came out in February. I found this out from Will Wright, the game design guru behind SimCity and the genre of games it spawned, whose mental history of the legendary game is far more accurate than the Internet’s. “I think everybody just puts too much trust in Wikipedia,” he said. Regardless of its precise birthday, SimCity was a hugely influential game. “I think that play, in a more general sense, is fundamentally one of the ways that we understand the world, the real world,” says Wright, “as is storytelling.

SimCity gives the player macro- and micro-managerial control of a voxelated urban terrarium. Every decision has a consequence in the balance of dozens of variables. Elegy for a Dead World. In Elegy for a Dead World, you travel to distant planets and create stories about the people who once lived there.

Elegy for a Dead World

Three portals have opened to uncharted worlds. Earth has sent a team of explorers to investigate them, but after an accident, you are the sole survivor. Your mission remains the same: survey these worlds and write the only accounts of them that outsiders will ever know. The game is out now on Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam. We created Elegy so that everyone can write. As you encounter these elements, Elegy will cue you with a series of writing prompts. Strafe tem o melhor vídeo de campanha do kickstarter de todos os tempos. Nada melhor do que um comercial dos anos 90 para um game dos anos 90 73 likes 8 Tweets 0 Pin it.

Strafe tem o melhor vídeo de campanha do kickstarter de todos os tempos

Empresa cria video game dedicado a deficientes visuais. Um dos maiores atrativos dos games atuais é a qualidade gráfica nas telas.

Empresa cria video game dedicado a deficientes visuais

Mas como explicar o sucesso de um jogo que não utiliza gráfico nenhum? Equipe profissional de e-sports abriu um grande centro de treinamento na China. Fifa no videogame tem feito americanos gostarem mais de futebol. FIFA é uma das séries de games mais famosas do mundo.

Fifa no videogame tem feito americanos gostarem mais de futebol

A franquia da EA Sports é lançada anualmente e causa furor entre os fãs de futebol e videogames. A versão mais recente, Fifa 15, foi lançada em outubro. Sistema tira sangue de jogadores a cada tiro levado nos games. Physics Special Topics. [Review] Never Alone é um jogo simples com um conteúdo rico. Há uma história entre o povo Iñupiaq, do Alasca, que conta a lenda de Kunuuksaayuka.

[Review] Never Alone é um jogo simples com um conteúdo rico

Um garoto que sai em uma jornada para descobrir o que (ou quem) estava provocando uma incessante nevasca. Essa foi a base para a criação de Never Alone, um game que, como já falamos por aqui, foi feito com uma ajuda da comunidade nativa do isolado Estado americano e que tem como objetivo principal espalhar o folclore do povo Iñupiaq.

Por essa característica, Never Alone (ou Kisima Innitchuna, na língua nativa) é um jogo bem peculiar. Ele é curto em sua duração, mas consegue ser uma experiência prazerosa e cultural. Hacker Turns His Living Room into Mario Kart. Woo! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ I think the most impressive part— because I've seen nothing like it before, even in commercial stuff —is that dynamically-generated track. I mean, wow! I can't wait for him to release the source code so those of us without iOS devices (or Romos) can go wild adapting it work with whatever! Warriors - 2014 World Championship (Imagine Dragons) Bioshock. Sunset Overdrive - E3 Stage Presentation.