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Funbilder auf der Welt

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12 of the World’s Most Mysterious Monuments & Ruins. 12 of the World’s Most Mysterious Monuments & Ruins Article by Steph, filed under Abandoned Places in the Architecture category.

12 of the World’s Most Mysterious Monuments & Ruins

Around the world, in places as diverse as Homestead, Florida and Yonaguni, Japan stand monuments and ruins whose origins are shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows exactly why Stonehenge was built, how a set of manmade ruins came to be submerged deep in the ocean or who commissioned a giant carved granite set of post-apocalyptic instructions for rebuilding society on a remote hill in Georgia.

Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse (images via: Wired) On a barren knoll in northeastern Georgia stands one of the world’s most bizarre and mysterious monuments. Lake Michigan Stonehenge (image via: io9) A group of researchers using sonar to look for shipwrecks at the bottom of Lake Michigan got quite a surprise when they found what appears to be an ancient Stonehenge-like structure 40 feet beneath the surface of the water. Underwater Ruins in Japan (images via: Hottnez) 65 verrückte Bilder auf Google Street View (Update) - Witzig & skurril - Online. Wenn Google mit seinen Autos für Google Street View durch die Straßen fährt, fangen die Kameras auch oft witzige oder skurrile Szenen ein.

65 verrückte Bilder auf Google Street View (Update) - Witzig & skurril - Online

Wir haben die witzigsten Fundstücke gesammelt. In diesem Fun-Special stellen wir Ihnen die witzigsten Situationen, die die Kameras der Google-Street-View-Autos weltweit eingefangen haben. Google Maps, Google Earth und Google Street View laden gerade dazu ein, auf der Welt virtuell auf Entdeckungstour zu gehen. Dabei stoßen die Anwender immer wieder auf kuriose Aufnahmen der Google-Autos. Update: Aktuell haben wir die Google Street View Galerie um weitere irre Momentaufnahmen erweitert. witzige Google Street View Impressionen. The Big Picture. Your city.

The Big Picture

Your stories. Your Globe. Yours FREE for two weeks. Enjoy free unlimited access to for the next two weeks. Limited time only - No credit card required! complimentary digital access has been provided to you, without a subscription, for free starting today and ending in 14 days. Tag Galaxy. Fotos aus aller Welt. Picasa 3: Free download from Google.

Weltbilder Community. Bizarre Google Streetview findings. Flickrvision. Ten Strange Places. At the summit of Mount Teide, one of the largest Island volcanoes in the World is the Las Cañadas caldera.

Ten Strange Places

The crater, which is an enourmous sixteen kilometres across, is a picture of what Hell might look like if it cooled a little. Sheer walls that formed when the caldera first collapsed encircle this dry and alien place. And, with an arrogance than can only be accepted as typical, humanity has built roads and observatories across this no mans land that is little more than a plug over a sleeping yet still active and very large volcano. When we visited it some years ago we were standing in the viewing gallery when the ground beneath our feet trembled and several windows suddenly cracked. The sleeping giant was grumbling in its sleep.

Without borders... The 100 most beautiful places in the world. The 100 most beautiful places in the world (click a screenshot to enlarge it) - 1 - The inca city of Machu Picchu country : Peru place : near Cuzco - 2 - The Iguazu waterfalls country : Argentina - Brazil place : borders between the two countries - 3 - The Tadj Mahall country : India place : Agra, south-west of Delhi.

Without borders... The 100 most beautiful places in the world

LiteFlick. Underground New York Public Library. A Daily Dose of Interesting Photographic Inspiration from Flickr. Earth album alpha - a slicker google maps + flickr mash-up. Home Jump to or earth album - earth album earth album is a simpler, slicker Flickr mash-up that allows armchair tourists to explore some of the most stunning photos in the world courtesy of Google maps and Flickr.

earth album alpha - a slicker google maps + flickr mash-up

To begin your journey, just click anywhere on the map, e.g. "India". Since the top Flickr images are used, the images change every few weeks; bookmark this site and check back for a different experience in a month! Time Magazine Top 10 Website of 2006 ∞ PC Magazine Top 100 Undiscovered Websites ∞ front page of digg Jump to. Bilder zeigen und anschauen. MyPicsMap - Photos of the World.

Pictures of the World