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Neil DeGrasse Tyson comments on the scarcity of women in science disciplines. LabRat #sciencegirlthing #scienceitsagirlthing. Science: It's a girl thing! Science: It's a girl thing! - Official teaser DELETED almost instantly. (mirror) Science: It's a Girl Thing ! original EU promo was deleted - WOW mirror is nu ook foetsie! 18mei2015. Pfft found another mirror Science It's a Girl Thing! But not like this...

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Small blogs reception. Big blogs reception. Forums. Press coverage. University media reception. Commission launches "Science: it's a girl thing!" campaign. European Commission Brussels, 21 June 2012 Commission launches "Science: it's a girl thing! " campaign Why is the Commission launching this campaign? Women continue to be under-represented in research at a time when Europe needs more researchers to foster innovation and bolster its economy.

There is a growing pool of female talent in Europe from which research and innovation should benefit. Why are you directing the campaign at girls? Young people typically make critical career decisions between the ages of 13 and 17. How big is the problem? Since the 1990s the majority of university graduates have been women but the proportion of women in top positions in European science is still very low 3 .

Furthermore, EU-wide, women make up only about 32% of career researchers. Proportion of female PhDs (2007) What is the role of FP7 in relation to female scientists? There are several initiatives in FP7 to encourage the participation of women in research and innovation. (pdf)about-science-girl-thing-en.

Who designed the campaign ? in stead of who is responsible

Curtrice : @skepticmedic @DrPetra I w... In Defense of #sciencegirlthing « Ben Young Landis. My follows on Twitter are mostly people in the science blogging circles, and when I was scrolling through my Twitter feed last Friday morning, I noticed a lot of people talking about the hashtag #sciencegirlthing.

In Defense of #sciencegirlthing « Ben Young Landis

Well, that’s not quite right — it sounded like women and men all over the Twittersphere had found the New Great Evil Against Science and were halfway through a public stoning. So I clicked the link and watched the video: My immediate reaction was a little laughter — especially when I saw the E.U. logo pop up in the end. I thought to myself, “Ha! Of course this had to be European.” Those Awkward Teenage Years Over the past few days, the video has been slammed throughout the web for fostering stereotypes, sexist clichés, Hollywood glitz, et cetera. But you know what I was worried about when I was 13 years old? Girls, and whether they liked me. TheYoungTurks: Science: It's A Girl Thing! >> BBC iPlayer - Evening Extra: 26/07/2012. Science Is A Girl Thing: Chris Hardwick, Cara Santa Maria Talk Women In STEM On G4's 'Attack Of The Show'

Waarom ‘Science, it’s a girl thing’ zo intens fout is dat de campagne toch werkt. Brainstorm at the European Commission:

Waarom ‘Science, it’s a girl thing’ zo intens fout is dat de campagne toch werkt

How universities can close the gender gap. “Data not only measures progress; it inspires it.”

How universities can close the gender gap

And, indeed, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nerdy view of innovation did excite those sitting around me recently at “Evidence and Impact: Closing the gender data gap”. Clinton’s speech was both an analysis of the need for better data about women and their lives, and a challenge to researchers and university leaders. “Data only becomes valuable when it is organised and put to work. And before we make big decisions – in business, in government, in life – we should do the research, run the numbers. Curtrice : Science: It’s a girl thi...

#sciencegirlthing contest

Project responces on negative feedback. Surfing the wave of attention. Simular strangeness in the proportion projects. NewScientist: Overtly 'girly' scientists alienate potential students. Liz Else, associate editor It probably sounded like a good idea late at night in a Brussels basement where some desperate folk from the European Union's Research and Innovation promo team were holed up on a mission to "get more girls into science".

NewScientist: Overtly 'girly' scientists alienate potential students

Why not create a glitzy website for 13 to 17 year old girls that's right out of a teen magazine? Yes, cried the promo people, and why not add a teaser video of three junior Charlie's Angels complete with killer stilettos and lab coats? But in the cold light of day, the EU really should have done their homework before launching Science: It's a girl thing! We believe them when they say they are worried about women being under-represented in science at a time when Europe needs more researchers to foster innovation and bolster its economy. But the team really should have done some background before launching the teaser video for the initiative (above). So there you have it.

My Fair Physicist? Feminine Math and Science Role Models Demotivate Young Girls. Women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are labeled unfeminine, a costly social label that may discourage female students from pursuing these fields.

My Fair Physicist? Feminine Math and Science Role Models Demotivate Young Girls

Challenges to this stereotype include feminine STEM role models, but their counterstereotypic-yet-feminine success may actually be demotivating, particularly to young girls. Study 1 showed that feminine STEM role models reduced middle school girls’ current math interest, self-rated ability, and success expectations relative to gender-neutral STEM role models and depressed future plans to study math among STEM-disidentified girls. These results did not extend to feminine role models displaying general (not STEM-specific) school success, indicating that feminine cues were not driving negative outcomes. Study 2 suggested that feminine STEM role models’ combination of femininity and success seemed particularly unattainable to STEM-disidentified girls. Science: What The Girls Think! « Geek IS the new Chic. I am sure many of you have seen Science: It’s A Girl’s Thing, produced by the European Commission in order to encourage young girls into science.

Science: What The Girls Think! « Geek IS the new Chic

The negative reaction to this video has been covered by The Telegraph. Many have described it as degrading and patronizing, and that it sexualizes science. However, a majority of those making these claims are not the target audience for this video. As a researcher, I find it very uncomfortable to assume how young people will react to certain things: we need to ask them.

So I did! I devised a small, non-academic, questionnaire about the video, which was given out at the end of a Stagecoach performing arts club session. Before Viewing 13 out of 38 girls stated that they enjoy science lessons at school.11 out of 38 girls stated that they want a career in science. Girlie scientist role models could do more harm than good. The lack of women in science, maths and engineering (STEM) careers continues to raise concerns.

Girlie scientist role models could do more harm than good

One cause of the anomaly is thought to be beliefs among schoolchildren that these subjects are somehow inherently "masculine" and not for girls. So what's needed to inspire schoolgirls, you might think, is sciencey female role models who show that you can be successful in STEM subjects and at the same time be feminine. Some attempts have already been made in that direction - the toy company Mattel brought out a "Computer Engineer Barbie" (complete with pink laptop) and mathematician Danica McKellar (pictured, right) has written a book aimed at inspiring girls: "Math Doesn't Suck: How To Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind Or Breaking A Nail". Feminism. Newest Miss Representation Trailer (2011 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection)

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Misc. Science: It’s a girl thing!@ NEMO. Miss America crowns 2014 winner. Miss America returned to Atlantic City for the first time in six years to crown a new 2014 winner.

Miss America crowns 2014 winner

"Atlantic City has survived Hurricane Sandy! " said Good Morning America's Lara Spencer, who co-hosted the ABC show with Chris Harrison. And now it has survived the mother of all beauty pageants. After a night of big numbers, long evening gowns, tight swimsuit strutting, dancing, singing and, yes, answering those tough judges' questions (including ones about Miley Cyrus and Syria!) , the 53 Miss America contestants (50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Miss New York Nina Davuluri, 24, from Syracuse, sashayed off with the tiara and the $50,000 scholarship cash. @NinaDavuluri sur Twitter. @MissAmerica sur Twitter. Miss America : Press Releases. On Monday, April 21st, Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri will be part of the White House's largest annual event, The White House Easter Egg Roll, a 136-year old tradition.

Miss America : Press Releases

This year more than 30,000 people are expected to attend and the theme is "Hop into Healthy, Swing into Shape" in support of First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign. The day-long event will feature egg-rolling, live music, sports, cooking stations and storytelling, where Nina will be one of the featured readers on the Storytime Stage. There she will join other celebrity readers Jim Carrey, former NFL player and NASA astronaut Leland Melvin, DJ Lance Rock, Debby Ryan from the Disney Channel's JESSIE and Sesame Street's Mando, Rosita, Abby Cadabby and Cookie Monster. Other highlights of the day will include yoga sessions, healthy eating demonstrations as well as appearances by numerous celebrities, world renowned chefs and athletes and of course President Obama and the First Family. Stemedcoalition.

STEM Ed Coalition (StemEdCoalition) sur Twitter.