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Facebook Twitter - Une nouvelle génération de manuels scolaires. Presentazione Porto. Sala Consiglio di Facoltà 13 maggio 2011 entriamo in… PORTO dal 13 maggio con “PORTO” (Publications Open Repository TOrino) inizieranno ad essere accessibili liberamente a tutti gli articoli scientifici prodotti dalla comunità accademica del Politecnico Programma ore 16.00: saluti del Rettore, Prof.

Presentazione Porto

Francesco Profumo ore 16.10: introduzione del Prof. Ore 16.25: lezione del prof. Ore 17.00: presentazione tecnica a cura di Maddalena Morando e Paolo Tealdi ore 17.20: tavola rotonda. Modera il Prof. Ore 18.00: conclusione. Public Domain Calculator - Button-Based Calculator. This page showcases the button-based version of the public domain calculator.

Public Domain Calculator - Button-Based Calculator

After choosing a jurisdiction you will be guided through to several questions that help you to determine the copyright status of a work under review. These calculators are of the most basic kind, only using buttons to guide the user through the process. See the description of the software for more information on the various types of calculators. It should be noted that multiple layers of rights (whether of copyright, neighbouring or related rights or sui generis rights) might apply to the same information product. Please make sure that you correctly identify and apply the Public Domain Calculators to all subject matter that qualifies for protection.

It is recommended that all information boxes be carefully read prior to answering a question in the calculators. Please note that the Outofcopyright Calculators reflect the state of the law in the featured jurisdictions only up until May 2011. Lawrence Lessig & Friends - Free Culture Audiobook. TEDx Brussels: Michel Bauwens on Open Everything.

Lois Naturelles Et Lois Civiles Dans Les Mondes Numériques (4/5) - Etherciel. SCOOP MOSAIQUE - 107.4 FM TUBIZE. CreationMix: Share & Get Paid. Video syndication network. Guillaume deziel – Fondée en 2010 par les cinq musiciens de Misteur Valaire et leurs trois associés, le département d’éditions de Mr.

Label avait comme objectif initial de représenter activement les œuvres de Misteur Valaire, de Qualité Motel ainsi que des musiciens individuels de chaque formation. Depuis, d’autres artistes se sont ajoutés au rang des créateurs que représente Mr. Label. En plus d’orchestrer la création de musiques conçues sur mesure pour le compte de différents clients, Mr. Mr. Voir le portefolio video Découvrez toute l’étendue du catalogue de musiques représentées par Mr.

MR. La soirée de remise de prix du 18e concours Boomerang 2012 a eu lieu le 29 novembre dernier, à la TOHU (Montréal). Entre deux nouvelles compos, les gars de Misteur Valaire se sont posés quelques jours pour prendre part au projet Montréal signe Ode à la vie. FCForum. Téléchargement du documentaire "Copier n'est pas voler" 10 juin 2011 : Rencontre exeptionnelle entre Richard Stallman et Albert Jacquard - Libre.Accès. "L’association LIBRE ACCES et Jacques Boutault, le Maire du 2 arrondissement organisent le 10 juin 2011 une rencontre entre Richard Stallman et Albert Jacquard autour de la préservation des biens communs cognitifs, de 19h00 à 21h00, en Mairie du 2ème arrondissement de Paris, au 8 rue de la banque 75002.

10 juin 2011 : Rencontre exeptionnelle entre Richard Stallman et Albert Jacquard - Libre.Accès.

La rencontre est publique, et n’exige pas de réservation préalable. Accueil par Jérémie Nestel, président de LIBRE ACCES" et Jacques Boutault , le Maire. Audio. CC Malaysia, where are we now?


A mixtape, open data and more CC Malaysia Mixtape 2015 by Muid Latif under CC BY NC ND A guest post by CC Malaysia Lead, Muid Latif. Main Page. — Découvrez de la nouvelle musique. The Free Speech Critique of Copyright Mistake. Did you hear that Florida just outlawed sex? This was pointed out by Southern Fried Scientist, after reading of a Florida bill that prohibits “knowing sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal.”

Humans are, after all, animals, so by definition, Florida has just made normal sexual relations a crime. Obviously, that’s not what happened. As Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog points out, “A court facing a question of interpreting the statute would almost certainly read the statute’s use of the term ‘animals’ as ‘non-human animals,’ both to avoid absurdity and to conform with (1) the intent of the drafters; (2) the purpose of the statute; and (3) a commonly used (if scientifically inaccurate) understanding of the term ‘animal’ to exclude humans.” VODO - free-to-share films available through bittorrent. ClearBits™ - BitTorrent Distribution of Open Licensed Media. MLibrary Launches Project to Identify Orphan Works. The Quiet Revolution in Open Learning - Commentary.

By Kevin Carey In the late days of March 2010, Congressional negotiators dealt President Obama's community-college reform agenda what seemed like a fatal blow.

The Quiet Revolution in Open Learning - Commentary

A year later, it appears that, remarkably, the administration has fashioned the ashes of that defeat into one of the most innovative federal higher-education programs ever conceived. Hardly anyone has noticed. Obama originally called for $12-billion in new spending on community-college infrastructure and degree completion. 2011: Programme. » Blog Archives » 10 Minute Blog #5: Openness and Interoperability. May 14th, 2011 by Naomi Korn Further to a dialogue (chat, emails and tweets) with Amber Thomas (@ambrouk) and some head spinning time spent on logic – some interesting thoughts on openness and interoperability of CC licences (not what you would expect!) 1. To Culture With Love. Management.

Wiki Loves Monuments. Open Beelden. TED-ED - TED-ED Front Page. Creative Barcode and Creative Commons: complementary bedfellows. Just six months after its launch, and five months after the IPKat posted this little piece, Creative Barcode has attracted a good deal of attention, not least on account of a question which many folk have asked the IPKat and others: “How does Creative Barcode differ from Creative Commons?”

Creative Barcode and Creative Commons: complementary bedfellows

Maxine Horn, CEO of Creative Barcode, has kindly accepted the Kat's invitation to explain: "The shortest answer is that Creative Barcode and Creative Commons they are complementary. However, they do have a few pertinent points of difference. Let’s start with what both organisations have in common. They are both not for profit organizations. The major point of difference between Creative Commons and Creative Barcode is one system is far more suited to works in the public domain and the other is predominantly suited to concepts not in the public domain. Creative Commons is best used on open source work and source credits for works in the public domain. PressPausePlay. Erreur de chargement de la page. Rêveurs, marchands et pirates - Joël Faucilhon - liseuse Lekti. Culture Libre & CC. Untitled. Pangaia. Census – The Ada Initiative. We ran the first Ada Initiative Census of open technology and culture in March 2011.

Census – The Ada Initiative

We aimed to find out where the women are, and how they perceive their community. We're ready to share the results of this, our first project under the Ada Initiative banner. In this post, we'll set the scene with a simple set of response breakdowns. Number of participants The total number of respondents was not quite 3000 people: 2844. The total number of people who completed the census was 1799 (63.3%), but SurveyMonkey's "completed" statistic means that they answered every question, including optional ones. [Biblio du Libre] Supporting tools for decentralized metadata - Creative Commons. The use of decentralized metadata to drive discovery allows creators and curators to publish information about works without relying on a central authority, and allows developers to utilize that data with seeking permission from a gate keeper.

Supporting tools for decentralized metadata - Creative Commons

However, self publishing requires a certain degree of technical expertise from creators and curators. Two tools can help ease this burden and aid deployment of the necessary metadata. A Validator would help publishers and curators understand how their resources are ingested and processed by DiscoverEd (and other tools). A Curation Tool would allow users to identify resources — individually, as an ad hoc group, or as part of an institutional team — and label them with quality, review, or other metadata.

The Validator tool would allow users to enter a URL to be checked, and return details of what information DiscoverEd or other software could extract. The Validation tool would also be integrated with DiscoverEd. Accueil - Intercoop. Free Music Archive. Fabricatorz. Sharism 分享主义 - default. Get It Louder Sharism exhibition in Shanghai.

Sharism 分享主义 - default

Sharism is a term for the motivation and philosophy behind the collaborative building of value that results from sharing content and ideas. Inspired by user-generated content, Sharism states that the act of sharing something within a community produces a proper value for each of its participants: "the more you share, the more you receive".[1] As knowledge is produced through crowdsourcing, this new kind of shared ownership leads to the production of goods and services where value is distributed through the contributions of everyone involved. Aiki framework. Open Font Library - Open Font Library.

WikiArtLibre:PagePrincipale. Libre Accès : " Ni SACEM, Ni Jamendo ! " À l'heure où certaines menaces planent sur la neutralité d'internet, des modèles économiques de rémunération de la création commencent à s'affronter. Récemment, l'entreprise luxembourgeoise Jamendo a lancé un pavé dans la mare en annonçant son projet de sonoriser des lieux commerciaux avec de la musique provenant de sa plateforme.

Ce projet entre directement en conflit avec la SACEM, qui jusqu'ici, en France était la seule interlocutrice de ces lieux. ¡Copiad, malditos! derechos de autor en la era digital - elegant mob films. Licence Edition Equitable : vers des archives ouvertes de la création. Open Window. Par Tom Haymes. LibriVox. Definition - Definition of Free Cultural Works. Home - AcaWiki. SOL: Semana de Obras Libres.