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Dehydrated Citrus Wheels. Ron del Barrilito - Recipes to better enjoy Ron del Barrilito. Caribbean Mule Cocktails – Bacardi. Infuse Vodka with Bacon. Bacon Infused Vodka. Dartmouth highball. 1 1/2 oz Pimm's No. 1 3/4 oz Plymouth Gin 3/4 oz Lemon Juice 3/4 oz Simple Syrup 5-7 Mint Leaves Shake everything including the mint with ice.

dartmouth highball

Double strain into a Highball glass filled with fresh ice cubes. Top with ~2 oz Barritts Ginger Beer and gently stir. Add a straw and garnish with a mint sprig. For the next stage on the Camper English bar crawl, we headed from Eastern Standard next door to the Hawthorne. The mint garnish played heavily in the Highball's aroma. Classic cocktail recipes, Classic cocktails, Negroni recipe. The Barkeep's Companion. Classic Tom Collins Recipe. Cocktail : cinq recettes d’experts à faire chez soi avec de vieux alcools français. “Le Grand Cours de cocktails” est le livre idéal pour jouer du shaker à la maison en défendant les produits français.

Cocktail : cinq recettes d’experts à faire chez soi avec de vieux alcools français

Quatre cents recettes classées par niveau de difficulté, des plus classiques aux plus complexes, une petite histoire sur leur origine, un index par ingrédients, les typologies, le matériel… : Le Grand Cours de cocktails est un beau livre signé par l’équipe Liquid Liquid (organisateurs de la Paris Cocktail Week), avec des photos assoiffantes de Philippe Lévy. Les auteurs y donnent tous les trucs de barman avec conseils et astuces indispensables : comment faire son propre sirop ; comment shaker sans shaker ; quelle verrerie choisir ; où trouver l’équilibre entre acidité, douceur et alcool. Sans oublier un topo sur les glaçons, la dilution étant la première clé pour réussir un cocktail à la maison. Bières et cocktails à emporter à Paris : nos 24 bars préférés classés par arrondissement Sortir Laurent Jézéquel 1 minute à lire Rob Roy French 75 Michelada Zero Proof Green Beast. Negróni Gréko. How to Make an Actually Delicious Green Old Fashioned.

Yes, the new-fangled Old Fashioned is indeed bright green, and it’s ideal for sipping around St.

How to Make an Actually Delicious Green Old Fashioned

Patrick’s Day. It was developed by iconic bartender Dale DeGroff for a cocktail-pairing dinner hosted by NYC’s Wine and Food Society at Keens Steakhouse in January 2016. In addition to libations to accompany each course, DeGroff surprised participants by offering a choice of three cocktails with the main course, depending on what each person had ordered.

A crisp Martini variation to pair with the fish entrée; a classic Old Fashioned for a steak filet; and for those lucky enough to have ordered Keens’ famous lamb, a startling but delicious mint-green Old Fashioned. The delectable house-made mint jelly served alongside the lamb inspired the drink, says DeGroff. Sidecar recipe - Google Search. Beyond Gin and Tonic. Whisky NIKKA Pure Malt Black 43% - Maison du Whisky. Black Cow - pure milk vodka. Classic Sidecar Recipe. Soupe angevine. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season around the corner, here’s a crisp, citrus-flavored apéritif from the Loire Valley to add sparkle to the festivities.

Soupe angevine

Soupe angevine, literally soup from the Anjou region, combines sparking white wine with lemon juice, sugar syrup and Cointreau. It is traditionally mixed by pouring the bubbly into a large bowl and adding a soup ladle of each of the other ingredients — hence, perhaps, its name. Soupe angevine / Sparkly Loire cocktail I owe this recipe to my friend Nancy, who was served soupe angevine during a festive occasion with relatives outside the Loire city of Nantes.

When she returned to Paris raving about it, I had to try it. The bubbly used in the region is Crémant de Loire, crémant being the name for Champagne-style French sparkling wines produced outside the Champagne area. The ‘angevine’ part of this cocktail’s name derives from the city of Angers, the capital of historic Anjou, which is renowned for its fine cuisine. Happy cooking. Simple Syrup. Food, Ethnic recipes, Food drink. Black Cow. Pisco Sour with Egg Whites and Sugar ** Ouzito , the Greek Mojito ** What happens when a well know cocktail recipe is mixed with Greek temperament?

Ouzito , the Greek Mojito **

A special drink with a unique spin… Ouzito, as you may have imagined is a coctail with ouzo. The Greek answer to mojito – as many call it- is a mix of mint, lemon, soda water, sugar and ouzo. Making the coctail you can also use Coke instead of soda water in case you want it to be more sweet and have a less liquerish taste.

Ouzito is moreof an after food drink, rather than a drink to accompany your food. Basic Ingredients 1 ounce simple syrup or 1 TBSP. sugar3 fresh strawberries cut into pieces5 fresh sprigs of mint1 ounce fresh lime juice2 ounces ouzo2 ounces club soda Instructions In a shaker, place the mint, strawberries and simple syrup. Add ice, the lime juice, the ouzo and shake a few times. Pour all of it (don’t strain) into a highball or taller rocks glass. Top with club soda and garnish with a mint sprig or sliced strawberry. Like this: Like Loading... Portuguese Daisy Cocktail *