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European Union. Russia. Network of the Heads of Environment Protection Agencies. European Forest Institute - Frontpage. We carry out, strengthen and mobilise forest research and expertise to address policy-relevant needs with regard to forests and their governance.

European Forest Institute - Frontpage

Read more.. We provide support for decision-takers, policy makers and institutions, acting as the voice of European forest science and providing policy-relevant research and advice. Read more.. We facilitate and stimulate forest-related networking, via our network of over 120 Associate and Affiliate Member organisations, spread across 36 countries. Read more.. Our publications bring you the latest scientific research results, analyse current forest policy questions and challenges, and outline courses of action to resolve them.

Regional Institutions

UITP - International Association of Public Transport. European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes. European Sustainable Development Network. European Systemic Risk Board. European Environment Agency — EEA. European Centre for Minority Issues: Enriched Links. Europeana pensez culture. France. ECDPM Linking policy and practice. The best of the European press. Euro-African Cooperation on ICT Research. Join-MED. " Be Part of the Innovation Revolution " Accueil - CIEP.

Entitypedia - Coming soon... EULARINET (7FP) Project (European Union - Latin American Research and Innovation NETworks) LarKC: the Large Knowledge Collider. European Judicial Network (EJN)


Ireland. Lithuania. Macedonia. The Netherlands. Norway. Serbia. Spain. Turkey. ICST: Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering. BILAT-USA & Link2US. Living Knowledge : Home. European - South African scientific and technological (S&T) cooperation. United Kingdom. Fondazione Europea Dragan. Connecting People With Information. Istituto di Chimica e Tecnologia dei Polimeri. Health insurance. Human Rights Brief - Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law - Washington College of Law.



Hungary. Greece. Denmark. Finland. Italy. Sweden. Portugal. Czeck Republic. Germany. Austria. Switzerland. Projects INCO-NET - International Cooperation - Research & Innovation. INCO-NET projects aim at supporting bi-regional dialogues in order to : Promote and structure the participation of third countries in the activities of FP7.

Projects INCO-NET - International Cooperation - Research & Innovation

Promote regional integration as well as identification and the prioritisation of common research areas of mutual interest and benefit. Facilitate the uptake and use of common identified research areas and the monitoring of performance and impacts of international S&T cooperation across the Specific Programmes of FP7. The INCO-NET projects establish balanced partnerships, regrouping multiple international stakeholders (partners from research, industry, government and civil society) for research actions. NCO-NET projects. European project about mitigation and management of the water stress problem in Mediterranean areas. Home - EDCTP. Caast Net.

  1. stenomast May 13 2011
    Enjoy the West coast then and if you are interested in social media issues linked to development give a look to the KM4dev site you can find a lot of interesting resources best Stefano
  2. europa May 11 2011
    Excellent, thanks for your reply. I was myself working in the European Parliament before I decided to travel the world with my girlfriend. I think about coming back in the next months in Brussels and I'd like to shift my activity from politics to Social medias. It is why I'm gaining an interest in Pearltrees. So hope we can build a big network of bookmarks on the topic :-) PS: I like Brussels a lot also, but I am now in San Francisco and I cannot imagine coming back in the rainy weather of the european capital :-) Ciao
  3. stenomast May 11 2011
    Hi Charlelie. I saw you just registered to Peartrees few days ago. Benvenuta. My name is Stefano and I work in a small international organization in Rome. I really like Brussels. I just have been there in December...Happy to share and develop with you the collection of websites salut à +
  4. europa May 10 2011
    hi, I saw your work on the European Union. I will be keen on developing it more with you. I was working previously in the domain and I would like to aggregate as much datas as possible and curate it in a user-friendly way. Btw my name is Charlelie, I am french and I can speak english and spanish. Thanks Hope to work with you