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English Teaching Resources

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Understand what you read. Low ks3/High ability ks2 poetry worksheets. FREE Rhyming Dictionary: Find Rhyming Words in Seconds. Examples of Performance Poetry. Folktales. Folk Tales for kids. Legends and FolkTales. The Literacy Shed - The Literacy Shed Home. Folktales for children - video. Are you still there?

folktales for children - video

If so, please click the button below to continue watching the playlist. This video is currently unavailable. Sorry, this video is not available on this device. by $author. 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer. When George Plimpton asked Ernest Hemingway what the best training for an aspiring writer would be in a 1954 interview, Hem replied, “Let’s say that he should go out and hang himself because he finds that writing well is impossibly difficult.

25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer

Then he should be cut down without mercy and forced by his own self to write as well as he can for the rest of his life. At least he will have the story of the hanging to commence with.” Today, writing well is more important than ever. Far from being the province of a select few as it was in Hemingway’s day, writing is a daily occupation for all of us — in email, on blogs, and through social media. It is also a primary means for documenting, communicating, and refining our ideas.

Dust Echoes: Ancient Stories, New Voices. Advertisements - Key Stage 2 Literacy. Examples of Performance Poetry. Magic Pen Story Starters. This page contains a number of story starters which can be used for the Magic Pen activity (or as a stimulus for creative writing). 1) Paul was bored.

Magic Pen Story Starters

It was halfway through the summer holidays and he was fed up, so he decided to go exploring. He climbed up to the top of the stairs, when he saw a door which had never been there before. Communication4All. List Of Adjectives. Click here for a list of over 1,100 adjectives.

List Of Adjectives

The list of adjectives is something of wonder. Behold the modest adjective. It can leap tall buildings in a single bound. It makes the average citizen smarter and kinder. Sentence structure. Simple sentences: A simple sentence has only one clause: The children were laughing.

sentence structure

John wanted a new bicycle. All the girls are learning English. English teaching resources for KS2, KS3, Common Entrance and Scholarship. Spellwell. Skillswise - English.