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Energy healing

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Geobiology+Intro to Stephan Cardineaux -also New Films Online+Events.. Introduction to the (Clairvoyant) GEOBIOLOGY of Stephane Cardinaux - > Clairvoyance meets Physics in New Spirit of Fractal GRID Making - see Nature Spirits- Images Drawn with real claivoyance. from Dan Winter - published by Implosion Group - April 25 , 06- web link with graphics: , index: or goldenmean.infoTo Subscribe send email to: , To unsubscribe email to First -Announcements -New Films Online - New Events - New April 06- additions to : Implosion Group Web Video Main Index- Introduction to the (Clairvoyant) GEOBIOLOGY of Stephane Cardinaux - > from Dan Winter - published by ImplosionGroupMore info on Stephane Cardinaux's work, and group, and books (mostly in French) : www.geniedulieu.chnote - all pics here (except the last 2 rows-orion cones) are from Stephane- Stephane is a very well known teacher of geobiology (especially Swiss and French) .

Geobiology+Intro to Stephan Cardineaux -also New Films Online+Events..

Measuring life force / vital energy. 3. Gold, Silver and copper… And it's spiritual not financial! :) Food for thought Ref white powder gold from the Keylontic Dictionary Quote (Celestalline - Stardust Blue - White Powder Gold) (See also: Celesmiac) A natural transient (very short life) element.

Gold, Silver and copper… And it's spiritual not financial! :)

The ancient Egyptians try to find them in the substance called white gold powder, and also tried to manufacture it. The substance only appears during the process of natural biological Star Gate passage Ascension when the body transmutes temporarily into light and rides in the Celesteline wave and then it re-manifest on the other side. When the process of natural biological Star Gate passage happens the body leaves a powder (pale blue) residue - Celesteline - that was eagerly tried to collect in the ancient days in Egypt and also tried to chemically create it as a white or gold powder. unquote Love. Nicolai Levashov. We all live at a very interesting time when pseudo-scientific modern conceptions cannot conceal the ignorance hidden behind them.

Nicolai Levashov

What ignorance, – someone may exclaim surprisingly, – it is impossible to talk about any kind of ignorance when our world is practically "overloaded" with the information of new discoveries, phenomena, hypotheses and theories and their practical realization. First of all, let us define, what the terms "information" and "knowledge" mean. A lot of people believe there is no difference between them.

Apparent likeness of these two concepts may delude, but if we take a little time to think about these two words, as well as many other words used daily, we will be amazed. We forget that each word has its own distinct meaning as well as its own sound. Information is a message about events happening around and inside us received through the organs of sense. Knowledge is a reflection and understanding of events happening around and inside us. Wands of Horus - Product Information. Wands of Horus Selection Guide There are 10 different types of wands available.

Wands of Horus - Product Information

You can read the detailed Selection Guide here and there is a summary of the types here: Summary of Types Biostimulator Insoles You can read about the insoles with copper and zinc inserts that act as a biostimulator of the first energy centre and organs having energy projections on the soles of the feet here: Insoles Published Information. Egyptian Healing Rods. Based on Russian studies and translated from Russian The technology used to produce the Rods and other elements of the complex took into account the pyramid's ability to affect certain characteristics of materials.

Egyptian Healing Rods

It was precisely for that reason that the Rods were made inside the pyramid. The bodies of the rods were cast in moulds of the appropriate shape and as the metal solidified (crystallized) its crystal lattice acquired special qualities under the influence of the pyramid. The structural field of the pyramid is believe to have a correcting effect on the distances between the atoms, as a result of which the lattice becomes more perfect. This process is meant to ensure that even the material from which the rods were made possessed aligning qualities. As was already stated, at the beginning of the process of self-perfection the hierophant or pharaoh used a special sort of white sand.

Donna Eden - Introduction to Energy Medicine.