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Gadgets Market: Unlocked cell phones, Cell phone unlocked, New gadget. Gadget Rumours. MORFES. Adafruit Industries, Unique. Electronic. Hardware Insight. Cool gifts, gadgets and gift ideas. MSN Tech & Gadgets. low prices in Electronics, Books, Music, DVDs & more. RFID & Printed Electronics Research. Electronics World Magazine. Radio News was started by Hugo Gernsback in 1919, he lost control of it in early 1929 and immediately started Radio Craft.

Electronics World Magazine

The magazine was then published by Radio-Science Publications and Trek Publications In March 1938 Ziff-Davis Publications acquired Radio News. Radio News was changed to Radio & Television News in July 1948. and to Radio & TV News in May 1957. The magazine became Electronics World in May 1959. William B. Ziff Sr. was the publisher and Bernard G. In October 1957 Ziff-Davis started a new hobbyist magazine named Popular Electronics. Radio & Television News January 1949 Radio & Television News October 1955 Electronics World September 1959 Electronics World April 1963. Electronics World, Home theaters and whole Home automation in Gainesville, FL. Millimeter wave scanner. Active millimeter wave unit A millimeter wave scanner is a whole–body imaging device used for detecting objects concealed underneath a person’s clothing using a form of electromagnetic radiation.

Millimeter wave scanner

Typical uses for this technology include detection of items for commercial loss prevention, smuggling and screening at government buildings and airport security checkpoints. Several countries employ the scanners for security screening.[1] It is one of the common technologies of full body scanner used for body imaging; a competing technology is backscatter X-ray. Millimeter wave scanners themselves come in two varieties: active and passive. Technical details[edit] Web providers must limit internet's carbon footprint, say experts. The internet's increasing appetite for electricity poses a major threat to companies such as Google, according to scientists and industry executives.

Web providers must limit internet's carbon footprint, say experts

Leading figures have told the Guardian that many internet companies are struggling to manage the costs of delivering billions of web pages, videos and files online – in a "perfect storm" that could even threaten the future of the internet itself. "In an energy-constrained world, we cannot continue to grow the footprint of the internet … we need to rein in the energy consumption," said Subodh Bapat, vice-president at Sun Microsystems, one of the world's largest manufacturers of web servers. Bapat said the network of web servers and data centres that store online information is becoming more expensive, while profits come under pressure as a result of the recession.

"We need more data centres, we need more servers. Each server burns more watts than the previous generation and each watt costs more," he said. Tesla Coils. Electric Cars News and Reviews of Electric Vehicles - All Cars Electric. Bildr. Chips manufacturers. EEVblog #112 - GSM vs The Fluke 87V Multimeter. Home automation server with router. Install the Linux based OpenWRT firmware on the router.

Home automation server with router

The TL-WR741ND instructions can be found here: If you are stuck, start here: After you have a working SSH connection you can proceed. Because of the router (by default) runs the web admin page on the port 80, we need to add a secondary port to serve our custom web site. For that, we need to configure the uhttpd (web server application) configuration file. Roofus' Kit. MiFi. A Novatel MiFi 2372 "Intelligent Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot" A MiFi device can be connected to a cellular network and provide internet access for up to ten devices.


The MiFi works at a distance up to 10 m (30 ft) and will provide internet or network access to any Wi-Fi-enabled peripheral device. The first MiFi device was introduced in the U.S. in May 2009 by Novatel Wireless,[2] and Novatel owns a registered trademark on the "MiFi" brand name in the United States.[3] The Novatel MiFi is also marketed as such in the Netherlands, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Germany, India, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Ghana, Canada, and Mexico.[4][5][6][7] 3' "MiFi" is a similar line from Huawei under the name.[4][8] Devices[edit] Novatel MiFi 2200[edit] Novatel MiFi 23xx series[edit] Wireless projects instructables. Greenpeace USA. An ARM Linux box for $25. Take a byte! Light-pack - USB content-driving ambient lighting system.

UPD 12 December 2013: Since Google is about to close binaries uploads, new releases are available for download at Github This is an English version of Russian open-hardware Lightpack project.

light-pack - USB content-driving ambient lighting system

Lightpack is a monitor light device used for presence effect strengthening. The software analyses the image on your monitor and transfers its data by USB to the Ligthpack board. This board lights the surface behind a monitor, TV or laptop by means of RGB LEDs of the corresponded colors. The effect reminds the illumination of Phillips Ambilight TVs most of all. In the project Wiki you will find the operation principal description, the device assembly instructions (not up to date) and the software description. MobileWill. Elektor.