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EdWebet111 - The Ultimate Research Guide for All Learners (including YOU!)

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Credibility Assessment Toolkit. Global Collaboration/Connection Ideas. Gamifying Instruction. Anchor Charts. Choice Boards. Facebook Groups of interest to School Librarians. School Library Instagrammers, TikTok and beyond. Video/Film/Documentary Resources. Library Vendors, Publishers, Consortia. OER Portals. Book/Media Reviews. Library Vendors. Week 7: Managing the Collection/Access (Weeding readings below) (* = Key Reading)

Cataloging Tools. School Libraries: Professional Journals, Magazines, and other reading. - Save, curate and share the things you love. Collection Development Archives. On Equity and Community. School Libraries & the Needs of All Learners. Week 7: Toolkit: Inclusive collections and diversity audits. Doing a YA Collection Diversity Audit: Understanding Your Local Community (Part 1) - Teen Librarian Toolbox.

Tomorrow as part of the Library Journal/School Library Journal training on diversity Diversity and Cultural Competency Training: Collections & RA (which you should do), I will be doing a presentation on doing a diversity audit.

Doing a YA Collection Diversity Audit: Understanding Your Local Community (Part 1) - Teen Librarian Toolbox

I will outline what a diversity audit is, how to do one, and what I learned doing mine. I will be sharing parts of that presentation with you here tomorrow. As part of doing a diversity audit, I tried to develop an understanding of what a diverse/inclusive book collection might look like: I tried to develop target goals. This task was harder to conceptualize than I imagined; we all talk about the need for diverse YA collections but there isn’t a lot of discussion about what, exactly, that should look like in concrete terms. So as part of my research process I decided to do some community needs and assessment research.

We can all tell you, informally and anecdotally, a lot about the local communities we serve. 1. Comprehensive Population Profile Political Leanings. A custom solution: Creating a Google Custom Search Engine - NeverEndingSearch. How do we keep our kids focused in their free Web searches while we ensure their discovery of the stuff we know is worthy of discovering?

A custom solution: Creating a Google Custom Search Engine - NeverEndingSearch

A Google Custom Search Engine could be the answer. A Google Custom search (or CSE) allows you to guide searchers to the sites you want them to search or sites they most need to search. This may be especially useful for younger learners who may truly benefit from a filtered, noise-free search experience. You select specific sites that your search engine will search. And you continue to refine the search as you make discoveries and watch users interact.

Generally, you create a CSE for two reasons. 1. 2. Your CSE could lead: Here’s a little tutorial I created to help you get started: Here are the simple directions from Google’s Custom Search Help page: On the Google Custom Search home page, click New search engine.In the Sites to search section, add the pages you want to include in your search engine. Read-alouds for kids! Creativity Tools for Kids! ABC-CLIO. Resources for School Librarians. WA Digital TeachKit - Guides. Educators Guide to Student Data Privacy Like their guide to creativity and copyright, this resource from provides an accessible FAQ about how, why, and when student privacy considerations must be made when using digital tools and online services in the classroom.

WA Digital TeachKit - Guides

Common Sense Education Educational Technology Reviews Common Sense Education provides independent reviews and guidance in the use of digital learning tools. When available, the Common Sense Education review is included with tools included in the TeachKit resource. Home - Virtual School Librarian - LibGuides at Massachusetts Library System, Inc. Providing support for students and teachers during school closures.

Home - Virtual School Librarian - LibGuides at Massachusetts Library System, Inc.

Dear Massachusetts Students & Educators, The Massachusetts School Library Association (MSLA) and Massachusetts Library System (MLS) are collaborating to ensure all students and teachers have the services of a school librarian to find high-quality information, tools, and strategies to continue developing media literacy and research skills. On this page are digital resources available to each person in Massachusetts either through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners or through the Boston Public Library with an e-card. WA Digital TeachKit - Tools. Designed by and for Washington State educators, the tools selected for this guide represent commonly-used apps, services, and software already in use in many schools and classrooms.

WA Digital TeachKit - Tools

The guides may include tools not currently adopted or approved in your district. Some tools require purchase, enrollment, or subscription. WA Digital TeachKit. WA Digital TeachKit. Home - NYCDOE Department of Library Services - New York City School Library System at NYC DOE Office of Library Services. INFOhio. SchoolLibraryNJ Feedback and Suggestions. Search Tools for Kids. Introducing the Universal School Library, a new Internet Archive collection - NeverEndingSearch. Last week, the Internet Archive announced the opening of the Universal School Library (USL), “a growing collection of digitized books within the Internet Archive’s larger holdings, made available through controlled digital lending, and curated by a national advisory group of school librarians, librarian educators and researchers.”

Introducing the Universal School Library, a new Internet Archive collection - NeverEndingSearch

Currently in an early phase of its development, USL’s ultimate goal is to increase equitable access to education through the availability of a set of diverse and inclusive books for all learners. The plan is to make available a curated collection of 15,000 high-quality books, especially for students in schools who no longer have access to school libraries. The collection is organized around three pillars of literacy: academic literacy, cultural literacy, and college/career literacy. And, in addition, the collection is designed using principles of diversity, equity and inclusion as central to the curatorial approach.

The library currently contains 2300 items.

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Government Regulations, Legislation, Statements. Free Music/Audio Portals. CC0 Image Portals (and liberally licenced image portals) Meme Generators. Presentation Tools. Screencasting / Instructional Video Tools. Interactive conversations/BackChannels/Exit Tickets. App Reviews and Best Lists. School Leadership Blog, Podcasts, Newsletters. Searching Beyond Google. Google Search Tools Tour. Current Events & Debate. News Magazines. Curated News Options. Free YA Reads! Audiobooks. Open Digital Libraries. Book and Media Awards and Lists (YALSA & other YA picks)

Reading and Viewing Apps from your LIBRARY! (Check to see if your school or public library system subscribes.) Infographic: Top Reasons to Use Databases. News & Magazines for Kids. Educational Games. Read-alouds for kids! Joyce's Blog Post about SchoolLibraryNJ (and some models beyond) - NeverEndingSearch. We’re excited to launch SchoolLibraryNJ, a evolving project designed to address inequitable access to resources for K12 schools and libraries and to present the value of librarians in digitally curating resources for teaching and learning.

Joyce's Blog Post about SchoolLibraryNJ (and some models beyond) - NeverEndingSearch

Led by a small team of NJASL volunteers, a few of whom just happen to be Rutgers LIS alumni and students, with the generous support of Springshare and the blessing of the New Jersey State Library, we are building a network of LibGuides to support our learning community statewide and beyond. Why? On a personal level, I know that ever since 1996 my own virtual libraries ensured that my instructional voice as a librarian reached my community 24/7, wherever they were. It dramatically extended the ROI of my collection investments. But, perhaps even more importantly, a robust digital presence introduced me as a professional. During the pandemic we’ve seen value in the efforts of so many librarians whose online presence bridges their school communities. 1. 2. eBooks for kids! News and Magazines for Kids. Create a Customized Google Search Box. Grace McCusker - Wakelet. Joyce Valenza - Wakelet. SchooLibraryNJ.