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Edutopia Group Discussions by and for Educators. 11/10/11 Update: We have an additional 30 plus tools, references, and resources submitted by community members.

Edutopia Group Discussions by and for Educators

We all know that teachers are always looking for tools, references, and resources for classrooms. Well, here's 80 "must see" trial, free, and paid websites recommended by Edutopia community members. Keep this list in your back pocket! It might come in handy. (The list is not ranked and listed in any order.) =) What other websites do you think are missing from this list? 1. Web 2.0 scientific calculator. TED Talks Demystified for Teachers. SuperKids Educational Software Review. EduTechieGal. Moviemaker. Make digital movies online. Formerly Dfilm. Home. Stuff for Classroom Teachers.

Communication Stuff Teachers.Net Chatboards Great teacher resource for all grades, curricula, & interests CreateSurvey Create your own surveys Zoomerang Create your own surveys IncrediMail For fun - FREE download program to spice up your email with backgrounds, sounds, animations, etc.

Stuff for Classroom Teachers

Calendar.Net Create your classroom online calendar Assign-A-Day Create your own online calendar LoCalendar Add a free calendar to your website LetterPop Free online newsletter with background templates, click & drag images, copy & paste text. Register (FREE) to save and upload own images. Keyboarding for Kids Dance Mat Typing Free online keyboarding program - great fun!

Learn2Type for schools Register your class. Keyboarding Practice for Kids Online Bubbles Game Type the letters as they float upward. Free Keyboarding Downloads KeyBlaze Typing Tutor TuxTyping TypeFaster Typing Tutor. ProQuest K-12 - Online Research Tools for Schools & Libraries. My eCoach Pre-K-12 Technology Scope and Sequence. Generic version developed by My eCoach and aligned to ISTE Standards and Performance Indicators for Students For resources that support these topics see the Resources Index Key Each topic includes a Pre-K-12 table that is color coded.

My eCoach Pre-K-12 Technology Scope and Sequence

Each scope and sequence can be used as a generic guide and may be adapted to your students' needs. Each topic has links to General Resources (My eCoach Guides and Opportunities) and Grade Level Resources (curriculum resources). Please check often as new resources will be added to the site on a regular basis.