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6 Storytelling Apps That Get English Language Learners Talking. For English language learners (ELLs) in the classroom, speaking English in front of others — particularly native speakers — can cause tremendous anxiety.

6 Storytelling Apps That Get English Language Learners Talking

In fact, the dread of speaking can actually interfere with students’ ability to learn. Even with the most well-planned, immersive, real-world learning opportunities, the brains of students with high anxiety won’t be receptive to learning, according to Stephen Krashen’s “Affective Filter Hypothesis” (and the brain research that supports it). So how can we design speaking activities that don’t make our students’ hearts race and palms sweat?

Digital storytelling can be an effective way for ELLs to practice speaking English without the stress of being “on stage.” Apps and tech tools allow students to practice in the comfort of their own home by themselves or with a caregiver. Here are a few digital storytelling tools to help get your ELLs talking. Great Websites for Read Aloud Books & Read to Me Stories. Kids love to hear stories - ask any child and I'll bet they tell you that one of their favorite parts of their day is read-aloud and storytime!

Great Websites for Read Aloud Books & Read to Me Stories

Listening to a book helps kids to develop better concentration and listening skills, engages their imagination, increases their vocabulary and enhances their desire to be a reader as they grow. I love to encourage parents to read to their child each day. That 15 minutes of storytime has so many wonderful benefits!

In addition to parent/child read-aloud time, families can also include online read alouds and audio books as part of their child's literacy activities. These online books can really help to increase the time your kids spend reading and being read to -- use them in the car when your running errands or in the evening while while you're preparing dinner. We've found some wonderful websites that offer stellar books which are read aloud to your child. And a BIG bonus is that they are all FREE!

, A Bad Case of Stripes , and The Polar Express. Writers Plot Twist Generator - take your story in a new direction. Plot Generator. 8 Excellent Free Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers. 1-TikiToki TikiToki is a great application for multimedia timelines making .

8 Excellent Free Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers

It allows its users to create stunning animated timelines. TikiToKi is very easy to use and above all its basic version is completely free . 2- Time Glider This is a web tool that lets you create, collaborate on, and publish zooming/planning interactive timelines for free.It is like Google Maps but for time. 3- OurStory Ourstory enables you to write stories, tag friends, and add media to collaborative timelines either privately or in public. 4- Capzles Capzles is a web tool I have reviewed here a couple of times.

3 Powerful Web Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos for Your Class. October 23, 2014 Whiteboard animation videos are videos that draw themselves.

3 Powerful Web Tools to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos for Your Class

They involve an animated use of images, shapes, characters, sounds and voice-overs to create a clip. This form of video production has been very popular recently and is widely used by some leading educational YouTube channels such as TED Ed and RSA Animate. Creating a whiteboard animation video is no longer a graphic designer's job. There are actually several web tools that allow you to easily put together an animated video with as simple tools as drag and drop.

As a teacher, you can use these animations to create and share tutorials, presentations, step by tsp guides, and many more. 1- GoAnimate Go Animate allows you to produce your own professional whiteboard animation-style video using your mouse and your favorite internet browser on GoAnimate! Watch this video to learn more about GoAnimate. Online Stories - Kids Stories Online. Free Online Kids Stories & Children Books. 30+ Stories for Children. Online Stories Ages 1-9. Read a Story Online with a Great Story Book & Learn to Read! Storyline Online. Children's Storybooks Online - Stories for Kids of All Ages. Children's stories online. Your Brain On Storytelling: Foreign Language Learning Through Stories. “The universe is made of stories, not atoms,” the poet Muriel Rukeyser once stated.

Your Brain On Storytelling: Foreign Language Learning Through Stories

Human beings are storytelling creatures. We use stories to make sense of both ancient history and daily experience. While stories are often specific to a certain culture or language, the power of storytelling is universal. The art of storytelling is much older than formalized language. Even 40,000 years ago human beings told their stories in the form of cave paintings, portraying their own experience to themselves and transmitting it through the ages. Precisely because the principle of storytelling is so much older than language and much more ingrained in our being, we can use it as a pleasant and effective boost for language learning. 1. Human minds yield helplessly to the suction of story. In the 1980s and 1990s, scientists at the University of Parma Italy made an interesting discovery by monitoring the brain activity of monkeys. Storytelling Changes Our Brain 3. Img: CC by K. Get Homework Help with CliffsNotes Study Guides.

The Psychology of Storytelling: 10 Proven Ways to Create Better Stories (and Why Stories Sell) Lemelson Center’s Invention at Play: Invention Playhouse. Online Audio Stories » Online Audio Stories.